SAP Package SPFL


Technical Information

Package SPFL
Short Text Profiles
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SPFL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPFL contains 5 function groups.

SPF1 CC control station runtime admin.
SPF2 System parametrization, profile
SPF3 Profile utilities
SPFC Profile maintenance, check routines
SPFL API for profile maintenance


The package SPFL contains 3 transactions.

RZ03 Presentation, Control SAP Instances
RZ10 Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ11 Profile Parameter Maintenance

Database Tables

The package SPFL contains 9 database tables.

TPF02 Profile Table Parameter Names from sapparam.c
TPFBA SAP System operation mode
TPFES Prototype: Table for profile parameters
TPFET Table of profile parameters
TPFHS Prototype: Profile header, administration data for profiles
TPFHT Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB
TPFID Description of SAP instance
TPFYDOC Parameter documentation
TPFYPROPTY Parameter attributes


The package SPFL contains 56 structures.

EASY_HELP DDIC fields for EASY maintenance
EASY_STRUC Table structure for parameter maintenance
HTAB Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB
MSPFD Internal Profile Maintenance Data
PARMVALUES Structure for substituted/unsubstituted parameter values
PFECHKPROT Line in log of profile parameter check
PFEPARSTRU Structure for parameter description
PFFILEHTBL PF4 Help 'Profiles in global profile directory'
PFLCPHTBL Help structure for F4 Help code pages (profile maintenance)
PFLLNGHTBL F4 Help 'Logon language'
PFLSRVHTBL PF4 Help 'Reference host' for shared memory pools
PFLSRVTBL Server table for functions within profile maintenance
PFLVRSHTBL PF4 Help 'Version numbers of a profile'
PFNAMEHTBL PF4 Help: 'Name of a profile'
PROFHLPTBL Help table for F4, profiles (Screen 2000)
SALOSFL Structure of OS Collector Records for File System
SALOSLD Structure of OS Collector Records for CPU-LOAD
SALOSPG Structure of OS Collector Records for Paging
SALOSSW Structure of OS Collectore Records for SWAP Space
SPF00 General Reference Fields for FM Parameters
SPFBA SAP System operation mode
SPFDTAB Table of profile parameters
SPFGENPUR Multi-purpose fields for Computing Ctr. Mgmt. Syst./Admin.
SPFHD Profile header, administration data for profiles in DB
SPFID Static description of SAP instance
SPFIS Runtime status of SAP instance
SPFL1010 Screen 1010: Basic screen of editor for profile maintenance
SPFL1020 Screen 1020: Header data of a profile
SPFL1030 Screen 1030: Easy mode maintenance, WPs and buffer
SPFL1040 Screen 1040: Easy mode maintenance, directories
SPFL1050 Screen 1050: Easy mode maintenance, default profiles
SPFL1060 Screen 1060: Easy mode maintenance, start profiles
SPFL1070 Screen 1070: Import profiles
SPFL1090 Screen 1090: Copying a system profile
SPFL1100 Screen 1100: Easymode values languages
SPFL1120 Screen 1120: Memory management 'Extended memory' - Part 1
SPFL1130 Screen 1130: Memory management 'Extended memory' - Part 2
SPFL1140 Screen 1140: Memory management 'Conventional roll'
SPFLIST Result list for remote program start
SPFNAMVAL Name and value of profile parameter
SPFPARLIST List of profile parameters
SPFPFLPAR List of profile parameters
SPFYTAB System parameters: Buffer, memory, processes
TPFCKPROT Log entry for profile parameter check
TPFRDPROT Error log (reading of a profile by file)
TPFYDFL Easy mode values for default profile of an SAP instance
TPFYDIR Easy mode values for work directories of SAP System
TPFYINDEX Index of profile parameters within a TPFET table
TPFYLANGU Easy mode values for language configuration instance prof.
TPFYPAR Structure for C_SAPGPARAM parameter
TPFYROLL Easy mode values for 'old' roll or extended memory
TPFYSTRT Easy mode values for start profile of an SAP instance
TPFYSTRUCT Structure of a profile parameter
TPFYVALUE Structure for parameter values
TPFYWPBUF Easy mode values for profile of an SAP instance
TSM02 Configuration of Semaphore Recording


The package SPFL contains 7 programs.

PFLCHECK Comparison Of Active Profile With Database Version
RSFKTEST List Size of Factory Calendar Area (Test)
RSPFLDOC Report for Maintaining Parameter Attributes and Documentation
RSPFLTST Checking the internal tables of all servers
RSRZLST0 CC Control Station: Automatic Operation Mode Setting
RSRZLST1 CCMS Control Panel: Display Server Statuses and Alerts
RSRZLST2 CCMS: Maintain Operation Modes and Instances

Message Classes

The package SPFL contains 1 message classes.

PF Meldungen der System-Parametrisierung im RZ-Leitstand