SAP Package SPDA

Standalone Patch Disassembler

Technical Information

Package SPDA
Short Text Standalone Patch Disassembler
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SPDA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPDA contains 1 function groups.

SPDA Support Package Disassembler

Database Tables

The package SPDA contains 5 database tables.

PAT03_SDA PAT03 for standalone Disassembler
PAT07_SDA Support Package Prerequisites
PAT08_SDA Extended Support Package Attributes
PAT11_SDA PAT11 for Stand-Alone Support Package Disassembler
PAT13_SDA Description of OCS File Sections - TOOLIMPORT


The package SPDA contains 5 structures.

PARCL_HDR SPAM Parcel Header (First 25 Characters)
PAT_PARL4 Parameter Structure for Release 4 (Copy of PAT_PARLAY)
PAT_Q_SDA Copy of PAT_Q for Upgrade Tool Import
PAT_UL_SDA Description of uploaded EPS parcels (copy of PAT_UPLOAD)
SPAM_PRCL4 SAPM parcel in Release 4 (copy of SPAM_PARCL)


The package SPDA contains 1 programs.

RSSPDASS Support Package Disassembler