SAP Package SPAM

OCS - Installation/Implementation Tools

Technical Information

Package SPAM
Short Text OCS - Installation/Implementation Tools
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SPAM is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPAM contains 22 function groups.

OCS_ALM OCS - CCMS Alert Monitoring
OCS_ALV_UI SPAM: User Interface
OCS_API Schnittstellen zur Steuerung von aussen
OCS_BATCH OCS Batch Processing Interface
OCS_CONFLICTS Conflict Calculation for OCS
OCS_CORE Central FBs for OCS Transactions
OCS_CRM Interfaces for CRM SP_Manager
OCS_EXTIF OCS External Interfaces
OCS_FILEMGMT Central FM for file management
OCS_LOG Central FB for Logging in OCS
OCS_MODADJUST Functions for modification adjustment
OCS_QUEUE_OPTIMIZATION Optimierung von Import-Queues
OCS_SEMAPHORE Sempahoren Behandlung im OCS
OCS_SYSTEM_RESTART Funktionen zum Restarten des Systems
OCS_UI Central FBs for User Interfaces of OCS
OCS_UI_CONTROLS FB fuer Oberflaechen mit OO Controls
OCS_UPG OCS Upgrade FBs (After Switch)
OCS_XML Handling der Stack XML
SAINT_UI SAINT: User Interface
SPAM SAP Package Manager (OCS for customer)
SPAM_UI SPAM: User Interface


The package SPAM contains 2 transactions.

SAINT Add-On Installation Tool
SPAM Support Package Manager

Database Tables

The package SPAM contains 51 database tables.

AVERS_EXT Additional Information for Software components (in AVERS)
CLNT_CVERS Information on installing templates
CLNT_CVRS2 Informationen über die Installation von PCS
CVERS_SUB Beziehung Masterkomponenten <-> Subkomponenten
OCS_TESTFREE_INF Table for testing CHECK_FREESPACE under Informix
OCSCCOMPAT Kompatible Komponentenversionsen
OCSCMPLOBJ Complete Information for Objects (with TADIR and Lock Key)
OCSPATNTCI Buffer for Support Package Attributes for Note Admin.
OCSSPCOMPR In kompatibler Komponentenversion enthaltene SPs
PAT00 Patch Steps
PAT01 Patch Status
PAT02 Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons
PAT03 Patch Directory
PAT03_PRE OCS-Package Verzeichnis - Eingespielte Pre-Packages
PAT05 SAP Patch Manager Settings
PAT06 Component-Specific Patches
PAT07 Support Package Prerequisites
PAT07_ACP Einsp.-Voraussetzungen für Pakete die vom ACP refer. werden
PAT08 Extended Support Package Attributes
PAT08_ACP Erw. Attribute für Pakete die vom ACP referenziert werden
PAT09 Patch History
PAT10 OCS Semaphore
PAT10B OCS Semaphore Extension for Batch Operation
PAT11 Linking Master and Sub-Support Packages (Compound Sup. Pkgs)
PAT13 Description of OCS File Sections
PATACP Liste der Pakete deren Attribute vom ACP geändert werden
PATCHECK (Anwendungsspezifische) Prüfungen in SPAM/SAINT
PATCONFL Conflicts Between OCS Packages and Add-Ons (with Objects)
PATCONT Breakpoint Activities when Importing using SPAM/SAINT
PATEXCPT Exception Objects for Conflict Check
PATHISTORY Historie der eingespielten SPAM/SAINT Queues
PATHISTQ Historie der SPAM/SAINT Queues
PATLOG Logging Table for Transaction SPAM/SAINT
PATLOG3 Logging Table for Transaction SPAM/SAINT
PATPRDVRS Mit SPAM/SAINT Queues installierte Produktversionen
PATRTCONF OCS Runtime Analysis: Konfigurationsdaten
PATRTPHASE OCS Runtime Analysis: Einspielphasen
PATRTVERS OCS Runtime Analysis: Komponentenversionen
PATRTVERS2 OCS Runtime Analysis: Komponentenversionen
PATSTOP Buffer of Breakpoints During Import with SPAM/SAINT
PATSWFEATR Mit SPAM/SAINT Queue installierte SW Features / Instanzen
PATSWFTINC Mit SPAM/SAINT Queue installierte inkludierte SW Features
PRDVERS Informationen über installierte Produktversionen
STACKCOMPS Im Software- (SP-) Stack enthaltene Softwarekomponenten
STACKHEADR Informationen über eingespielte Software-(SP-) Stacks
SWFEATURE Informationen zu installierten Software-Features (Instanzen)
SWFEATUREINC Informationen zu inkludierten Software-Features (Instanzen)
TECHUSAGES Informationen zu installierten Technical Usages
TFDIR_INIM Function Module
TRBAT3 tp/R3trans Communication Table for Transport Control


The package SPAM contains 3 views.

V_SH_PATCH Help View for the Search Help SH_SPAM_PATCH
V_SH_RFCD Help view for (R/3) RFC Destinations (for SH_SPAM_RFCDEST)
VE071LOCKFLAG SL intern: View auf E071-Lockflag für Massen-Update


The package SPAM contains 91 structures.

ADDON_ATTR Attributes for Add-On Patches and CRTs
ADDON_CONF Structure of Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons
BAD_PATCH Description of Patch that Makes Queue Inconsistent
COMP_PROPS Software Komponente mit Eigenschaften / Attributen
EQUIV_CONJ Voraussetzungs-Set einer EQUIVALENCE Voraussetzung
HOTPACKETS Hot Package Structure for Function Modules
INCLSWFEAT Informationen zu inkludierten Software-Features (Instanzen)
INCLSWFEAT2 Informationen zu inkludierten Software-Features (Instanzen)
INSTSWFEAT Informationen zu installierten Software-Features (Instanzen)
INSTSWFEAT2 Informationen zu installierten Software-Features (Instanzen)
INSTSWPROD Informationen über installierte Software Produkte
INSTSWPROD2 Informationen über installierte Software Produkte
INSTTU Informationen zu installierten Technical Usages
INSTTU_EXT Informationen zu installierten Technical Usages
LAY0700 Layout of screen SAPOCS_UI 0700
LAY108 Layout of Screen SAPLSPAM 0108
LAY150MDRQ Layout of the modification adjustment table control
LAY300COMP Layout of the Package Auswahl Table Control
LAY300PACK Layout of the Package Queue Table Control
OCS_API_NAME_VALUE_CHAR Name-Value Paare (als Character Felder)
OCS_API_STDOUT Standard Output
OCS_API_SYSTEM_INFORMATION System informationen (Release, Patchlevel, Version, etc.)
OCS_APIMSG Nachrichtenbeschreibung
OCS_BTCCTL Control Data for Scheduling OCS Batch Jobs
OCS_CCRSLT Resultat der Komponentenprüfung (Kopie von CCRESULT)
OCS_CONFL Conflicts Between Object Lists (Including Conflict Objects)
OCS_DB_SPACES_TO_BE_EXTENDED Required DB Space Extensions for Freespace Check
OCS_DVDSET Beschreibung eines Upgrade DVD Set
OCS_F_DATA Data row of a file
OCS_F_INFO Information about a file
OCS_F_MGMT Data element for file management
OCS_IMPMSG Importfehlermeldungen für OCS Packages
OCS_KEYCHK Übergabestruktur für die Hinweis - Kennwort Prüfung
OCS_LOGFILE SPAM: Name des Log files mit vollem Pfad
OCS_MSGARG Nachrichtenparameter (Name-Wert Paar)
OCS_NEW_TABLE_ENTRIES New table entries that are probably imported by OCS queue
OCS_NNOTES Übergabestruktur für nötige Hinweiskorrekturen
OCS_PACKAGE Struktur für OCS Package Beschreibung
OCS_PACKCCRSLT Package mit Komponentencheckresultat
OCS_RNOTES Empfohlene Hinweise
OCS_S_MSG Meldungen
OCS_UPGINFO Informationen zum Upgrade/Update einer Komponente
OCSALEPAT Delivery Event for a Support Package
OCSAPI_PA Parameterbeschreibungen zu FUGR OCS_API
OCSCOMPLVL Software Components with Support Package Level
OCSCOMPLVL2 Softwarekomponenten mit SP Level und SP Patch Level
OCSNTCI Note Data from Support Packages
OCSOBJINFO Additional Information on Transport Object (TADIR, Lock Key)
OCSSFWCOMP Struktur mit dem Layout der Tabelle SFW_COMPONENT (ab 7.00)
OCSSTCKLST Struktur einer SP Stack Liste
OCSSWFSTAT Softwarekomponente mit Switch-Framework Status
PAT_31ATTR Patch Attributes (Release 3.1)
PAT_ATTLAY PAT03 ATTribute LAYout of the EPS Parcel Attribute Record
PAT_OBJ Help Table for Patch Object List
PAT_OBJECT Object of a Patch with Origin
PAT_OBJLST VRSO Structure with Patch
PAT_PARLAY EPS Parcel Attribute Record Layout (SPAM)
PAT_Q Line Structure for PAT_QTAB
PAT_Q_TRC Zeilentyp für die Trace-Tabelle bei der Queue Berechnung
PAT_Q2 Struktur der OCS Package Queue bei der Queue-Berechnung
PAT_QUEUE Layout of Patch Queue
PAT_RREQ Cross-system Support Package requirements
PAT_SPROT Log Interface to OCS Log
PAT_TASKS List of Command File Pairs for Conflict Check
PAT_UPLOAD Structure of Uploaded EPS Parcels
PAT03_ATTR Patch Attributes (Release, Operating System, Database...)
PAT100 I/O Fields for Screen SAPMSPAM 0100
PAT100_F4 Help Table for F4 on Field SAPMSPAM 0100 Patch
PAT106 I/O Fields for Screen SAPLSPAM 0106
PAT206 I/O Fields for Screen SAPLSPAM 0106
POPUP_TEXT Texts for General Dialog Box
SAPRL_SEL Selektionsstruktur für SY-SAPRL
SPAM_CLAYR Structure of the Table of Component Layers
SPAM_CVERS Compat. Structure CVERS + Add. Info (See CVERS_SDU from 4.6)
SPAM_CVRS2 SPAM_CVERS+Hierarchy (OCS internal only!)
SPAM_FPDEF Function Parameter Layout (Development Class SPAM)
SPAM_PARCL Structure of an EPS Parcel (.PAT)
SPAM_PHEAD Structure of the Block Header in an EPS Package
SPAM_PRECB Structure of the Binary Data Record in an EPS Package
SPAM_PRECC Structure of Character-Type Data Records in EPS Package
SPAM_UPDATETYPE Aktualisierung der Softwarekomponente im System
SPAM_UVERS Release-independent UVERS for SPAM
TABINFOS Table Information from Patch (tp getspacerequirements )
VALID_CONJ Gültiges Voraussetzungs-Set


The package SPAM contains 32 programs.

RSSET_PREPACK_4_CUV Pre package usage during customer validations
RSSHOW_INACTIVE_OBJECTS Display Inactive Objects
RSSPAM_CREATE_SUBCOMPS Creation of SubComponents
RSSPAM_SHOW_ACTION_LOGS Action logs for an OCS Package
RSSPAM00 Classify Transport Objects for Support Package Systems
RSSPAM02 SPAM: Find Support Package Overshooters in Add-On Upgrade/Installation
RSSPAM03 SPAM: Uploading OCS Packages from file system
RSSPAM05 Support Package Directory
RSSPAM07 SPAM: Queue Status
RSSPAM08 SPAM: Displaying errors during test import
RSSPAM09 SPAM: Display objects locked in requests
RSSPAM10 SPAM/SAINT: List Import phases by scenario
RSSPAM12 SPAM: Determine Conflicts Between Support Packages and Add-Ons
RSSPAM13 SPAM: loading Support Packages into upgrade directory
RSSPAM14 SPAM: Generating Conflict Resolution Transports
RSSPAM15 SPAM: XPRA for Clearing during SPAM update
RSSPAM17 Reset of processed object lists of the OCS conflict check
RSSPAM18 Displaying Open Conversion Requests in the Data Dictionary
RSSPAM19 Display the Open V3 Update and Data Extraction Requests
RSSPAM22 Display required note corrections
RSSPAM23 Display the TMS transport requests which should be imported before
RSSPAM30 Execution of OCS Package Import
RSUMOD10_SP Determine Modification Class After Import
RSUMOD11 Creating versions after import for SPAM
RSUMOD20_SP Special Handling of IS Tables
RSUMODSP Modification analysis SPAM/SAINT
SAPMSPAM Module Pool for Transaction SPAM
SPAM_DISPLAY_COLUMN OCS Package Directory Viewer

Search Helps

The package SPAM contains 2 search helps.

SH_SPAM_PATCH Search Help for Support Package Names (for OCS Tools)
SH_SPAM_RFCDEST Search Help for Support Package Names (for OCS Tools)

Message Classes

The package SPAM contains 2 message classes.

TN Support Package Manager (SPAM) Meldungen
TN_LUP Nachrichten fuer Verwendung im LiveUpdate

Authorization Objects

The package SPAM contains 1 authorization objects.

S_PTCH_ADM Administrating Component-Specific Patches (Configuration)