Package Builder: Tools

Technical Information

Short Text Package Builder: Tools
Parent Package SPAK

Package Contents

The package SPAK_TOOL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPAK_TOOL contains 4 function groups.

PB_ENTRY Package Builder: Initial Screen
PB_INTERFACE PB: Interface Maintenance Tool
PB_PACKAGE Package Builder:Package Maintenance Tool
PB_SERVICE Package Builder: Help Functions


The package SPAK_TOOL contains 3 transactions.

SE21 Package Builder
SPACKAGE Package Builder
SPAK Package Builder

Database Tables

The package SPAK_TOOL contains 2 database tables.

PBELEMTYPS Package Builder: Element Typs for Visible Elements
PBELEMTYPT Package Builder: Text Visible Elements in Tree


The package SPAK_TOOL contains 1 views.

PBDEVC_T Package Builder: Packages with Description


The package SPAK_TOOL contains 21 structures.

MARKVINTF Package Interface Data with Selection Column
PAKDOMAVAL Structure for Fixed Values for Domains
PAKELKYLIN Structure for TADIR Key Without Program ID/Object Type
PAKPERMCRE Package User Permission Data for Screen
PBCURSOR Package Builder: Cursor Position
PBELEMNODE Package Builder: Node Structure for Visible Elements
PBELSTTXT Package Builder: Texts for Element Stability
PBENSCREEN Package Builder: Screen Fields for Initial Screen
PBETITEM Package Builder: Display Fields for Visible Elements (Tree)
PBINSCAL Package Builder Interfaces: ACL Table Control Fields
PBINSCEL Package Builder Interfaces: Screen Fields for Elements
PBINSCREEN Package Builder: Interface Screen Fields
PBPACKDATA Copy of SCOMPKDTLN for Displaying Package Data
PBPASCCP PB Package Tool: Screen fields for Packages Included
PBPASCIF PB: Screen Fields for Package Maintenance - Interfaces
PBPASCUP PB: Screen Fields for Package Maintenance - Use Access
PBSRVSCR Package Builder: Screen Fields for Service Functions
PBTOOLFLAG Indicators used in Package Builder Tools
PBTRELLI Package Builder: Line Type for Node Element Table
PBTRNODELI Package Builder: Line Type for Node Element Table


The package SPAK_TOOL contains 2 programs.

PACKAGE_BUILDER_START Program: Start the Package Builder

Search Helps

The package SPAK_TOOL contains 19 search helps.

H_PARENTPACK Search Help for Directly Surrounding Package
PB_CLASS_KEY Search by Class
PB_DEV_ELEM_COLLECTIVE_SHLP Collective Search Help for Development Element Key
PB_DEV_ELEM_TYPE Development Element Types (Selection)
PB_DEV_ELEMENT_KEY Development Element Key
PB_DLVUNIT Package Builder: Software Components
PB_DLVUNIT_ALL Package Builder: Software Components
PB_DOMA_KEY Search for Domains
PB_DTEL_KEY Search for Data Elements
PB_FUNC_KEY Search by Function Module
PB_INTERFACE_NAME Package Builder: Interface Name
PB_INTERFACE_NAME_ASK_PACKAGE Package Builder: Find Interface with or Without Package Name
PB_INTERFACE_NAME_IN_PACKAGE Package Builder: Interface in a Package
PB_INTF_KEY Search by Interface
PB_PACKAGE_NAME Package Builder: Packages with Most Serious Errors
PB_SHLP_KEY Search by Search Help
PB_STRUC_KEY Search for Structures
PB_TABL_KEY Search by Table and Structure
PB_VIEW_KEY Search by View

Message Classes

The package SPAK_TOOL contains 1 message classes.

PACKAGE_BUILDER01 Messages für Package Builder