Function modules for Object Types in Packages Interfaces

Technical Information

Short Text Function modules for Object Types in Packages Interfaces
Parent Package SPAK

Package Contents

The package SPAK_OBJECTS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SPAK_OBJECTS contains 42 function groups.

PAK_GENERAL_UTILS Service for Package Interface Objects
PAK_UTILS_FOR_ACID Utilities for Object Type ACID
PAK_UTILS_FOR_CLAS Utilities for CLAS Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_CUS0 Utilities for Object Type CUS0
PAK_UTILS_FOR_CUS1 Utilities for Object Type CUS1
PAK_UTILS_FOR_CUS2 Utilities for Object Type CUS2
PAK_UTILS_FOR_DIAL Utilities for DIAL Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_DOMA Utilities for DOMA Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_DSYS Utilities for Object Type DSYS
PAK_UTILS_FOR_DTEL Utilities for DTEL Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_ENQU Utilities for ENQU Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_FUNC Utilities for FUNC Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_IAML Utilities for Object Typ IAML (MIME)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_IAMU Utilities for Object Typ IAMU (MIME)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_IARP Utilities for Object Typ IARP
PAK_UTILS_FOR_IASP Utilities for Object Typ IASP
PAK_UTILS_FOR_IATL Utilities for Object Typ IATP (Template)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_IATU Utilities for Object Typ IATU (Template)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_INTF Utilities for INTF Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_LDBA Utilities for LDBA Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_METH Utilities for METH Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_MSAG Utilities for MSAGObject Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_PARA Utilities for PARA Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_PCHK Utilities for Obj. Type PCHK(Filter Obj)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_PINF Utilities for Object Type PINF
PAK_UTILS_FOR_PROG Utilities for PROG Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_REPS Utilities for Object Type REPS
PAK_UTILS_FOR_SHI3 Utilities for Object Type SHI3
PAK_UTILS_FOR_SHI5 Utilities for Object Type SHI5
PAK_UTILS_FOR_SHLP Utilities for SHLP Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_SOTR Utilities for Object Type SOTR
PAK_UTILS_FOR_STRU STRU Object Type Utilities (Structure)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_SUSO SUSO Object Type Utilites (Authorizatn)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_SXSD Utilities for Object Type SXSD
PAK_UTILS_FOR_TABL TABL Object Type Utilites (DB table)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_TOBJ Utilities for Object Type TOBJ
PAK_UTILS_FOR_TRAN Utilities for TRAN Object Type
PAK_UTILS_FOR_TTYP TTYP Object Type Utilities (Table Type)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_TYPE TYPE Object Type Utilities (Type Group)
PAK_UTILS_FOR_VIEW VIEW Object Type Utilities (DB View)
PAK_UTLIS_FOR_FUGR Utilities for FUGR Object Type