SAP Package SOTR

Online Text Repository

Technical Information

Package SOTR
Short Text Online Text Repository
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SOTR is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SOTR contains 24 function groups.

SOTR_ANALYZE_TEXT Linguistical Analysis of Texts
SOTR_API_GTADIR API to GTADIR for Unique Aliases
SOTR_API_REVIEW Interface for Reviewing New Entries
SOTR_API_TRANSLATION Interface to Translation Tools
SOTR_API_WBO Interface to WBO and R3TRANS
SOTR_API_WORKBENCH Interface with ABAP Workbench
SOTR_CONVERSION_EXIT Conversion Exits in the OTR
SOTR_DB Low-Level Interfaces to Database
SOTR_DB_DELETE Database Functions for Deleting
SOTR_DB_READ Database Functions for Reading OTR
SOTR_DB_SEARCH Search Functions in Database
SOTR_DIALOG Dialog Modules in the OTR
SOTR_DIALOG_SERVICE Dialog Modules in the OTR Environment
SOTR_EDIT OTR: Maintenance of Texts and Strings
SOTR_F4_HELP Interfaces to F4 Help for OTR Texts
SOTR_F4_SEARCH_HELP Search Help Exits in the OTR
SOTR_LINK Concatenation of OTR Concepts
SOTR_SEL_SCREENS Sel. Screen(s) (Short Texts and Strings)
SOTR_SERVICES Used by short texts and strings
SOTR_SYSTEM_SETTINGS System Settings for OTR Maint./Search
SOTR_USAGE Maintenance of SOTR Where-Used List


The package SOTR contains 1 transactions.

SOTR_EDIT Editor for OTR Texts

Database Tables

The package SOTR contains 9 database tables.

SOTR_ALIA Global Alias Name Management in the OTR
SOTR_CATEG List of Semantic Categories in the OTR
SOTR_HEAD Header Table for OTR Texts
SOTR_INDEX Index of OTR Entries for Terminology
SOTR_LINK Concaneted OTR Texts
SOTR_SYS System Settings for the OTR
SOTR_TEXT Text Table in the OTR
SOTR_USE Where-Used List for OTR Texts
SOTR_USER Translation Environment Presettings: Editor


The package SOTR contains 1 views.

SOTR_TEXTA Projection View of SOTR_TEXT for C-API


The package SOTR contains 39 structures.

OTR_STATS Statistical Information on the OTR
OTR_STATT Statistical Information on the OTR (for ALV Grid)
SEL_DATES Selection by date
SEL_NAM Selection According to User
SEL_OBJNAM Selection According to Object Name
SEL_PACK Selection According to Package
SEL_SYSTEM Range Table for System IDs
SEL_TRALA Selection According to OTR Translation Level
SEL_TSTUT Selection According to Time Stamp
SOTR_ADMIN Administrative Data in the OTR
SOTR_ANALY Results of the Linguistical Analysis
SOTR_CNTXT Kontext for the OTR
SOTR_EDITV Transfer Structure for Toolbox Container
SOTR_ENTRY Transfer Structure for OTR Entries
SOTR_FNCT Transfer Structure for Additional Functions in OTR Editor
SOTR_IFEXC Transfer Structure for Maintenance of OTR References
SOTR_IFTX Extended Transfer Structure for Texts
SOTR_INDXD Transfer Structure for OTR Indexing
SOTR_KEY Key for Accessing OTR Texts
SOTR_PACK Packages Allowed in the OTR
SOTR_PARAM Transfer Table for Parameters in OTR Texts
SOTR_PGO OTR IDs (LIMU, R3TR) and Object Types
SOTR_PROP Structure for Displaying OTR Attributes
SOTR_RPLC Transfer Structure for Term Replacement
SOTR_SFLGS Special Indicator for Text Editing
SOTR_STSTC Statistical Information on the OTR
SOTR_TADIR Transfer Structure for Checking Uniqueness of Alias Names
SOTR_TERM Transfer Structure for Texts at Runtime
SOTR_TERMT Transfer Structure for OTR Text Maintenance
SOTR_TEVI View of Texts with Special Attributes
SOTR_TREE Transfer Structure for OTR Hierarchy Display
SOTR_TXFLG Include for Text Indicators
SOTR_USEKY Key of Where-Used List
SOTR_WRKLS Worklist of OTR Objects for Translation
SOTR_XREL Enhancement and Release in the OTR
SOTRATTR Document attributes
SOTRQUERY Search request for SOTR_IDX Function
SOTRQUERYN Search request for SOTR_IDX Function


The package SOTR contains 14 programs.

SOTR_DEFAULT_CONTEXT_FLAG_SET Short texts and strings: Set context indicator for system context
SOTR_DELETE_01 Multiple entries with the same key in SOTR_TEXTU
SOTR_DELETE_ALIAS_FROM_GTADIR Internal use only! Delete an alias on the GTADIR server
SOTR_DELETE_MULTIPLE_KEYS OTR texts with the same concept and language with context flag = 'X'
SOTR_FUZZY_DELETE_CATEGORY OTR: Delete fuzzy index category
SOTR_FUZZY_INSTALLATION Transfer All Entries in One Language to Fuzzy Index
SOTR_FUZZY_UPDATE_INDEX OTR: Update fuzzy index for short texts of specified language
SOTR_PROGRAM_01 Compare OTR texts in different systems
SOTR_PROGRAM_10 Set Consecutive Number
SOTR_PROGRAM_12 Translation Test

Search Helps

The package SOTR contains 2 search helps.

SOTR_F4_EXTENSION_RELEASE Search Help for Enhancement and Release in the OTR
SOTR_F4_OBJECTS Object Types in the OTR

Message Classes

The package SOTR contains 2 message classes.

SOTR_BV Grundwortschatz
SOTR_MESS Nachrichten in und um das Online Text Repository

Authorization Objects

The package SOTR contains 2 authorization objects.

S_OTR_ACTV OTR Activities
S_OTR_LANG Authorization to Change Objects: Language-Dependent