SAP Package SOLE


Technical Information

Package SOLE
Short Text OLE
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SOLE is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SOLE contains 2 function groups.

0OLE Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
OLEA OLE Automation


The package SOLE contains 2 transactions.

OLE OLE demo transaction
SOLE OLE Applications

Database Tables

The package SOLE contains 3 database tables.

OLELOAD OLE type Information load
TOLE OLE Applications
TOLET Workflow Object Types: Texts OLE Applications


The package SOLE contains 2 views.

SWOTCOLE Workflow Object Types: Customizing View for OLE Applications
V_TOLE Maintenance view for OLE applications


The package SOLE contains 9 structures.

CALLSTACK structure for abap callstack (do not use as include in dbtb)
OBJ_RECORD Structure of types OLE2_OBJECT
OLE_OBJECT Structure for collecting active OLE objects
OLE_PA Parameter table of an OLE call
OLE_PARAM Structur of an OLE parameter
OLE_TINFOL Load form of OLE type information
OLE_VERBS Verb table in OLE call
PARCONT Parameter container
TYPEINFO OLE type information


The package SOLE contains 8 programs.

RSOLEDOC Document list
RSOLEIN0 OLE Load Type Information
RSOLEINT Type Info Loaded
RSOLETI0 OLE Object Browser
RSOLETI1 OLE Object Browser
RSOLETI2 OLE Object Browser
RSOLETI3 F4 Help For OLE Objects
RSOLETT1 OLE 2.0 Automation Demo Program