SAP Package SOCS

OCS: RFC Functions for Registering Support Packages

Technical Information

Package SOCS
Short Text OCS: RFC Functions for Registering Support Packages
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SOCS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SOCS contains 3 function groups.

OCSB OCS: Basic RFC Functions
OCSI OCS Information Tools
OEWA EarlyWatch Alert: Hardware Information


The package SOCS contains 20 structures.

DBGLOBINFO Global Information from Database
DBSAPINFO Statistical Information from Database and SAP Components
NEU_HIST EarlyWatch Alert: SNAP Histogram
NEU_LONG EarlyWatch Alert: Long SNAP Structure
NEU_SHORT EarlyWatch Alert: Short SNAP Structure
OCS_C100 Interface Structure for OCS Modules (Length 100)
OCS_C200 Interface Structure for OCS Modules (Length 200)
OCS_C300 Interface Structure for OCS Modules (Length 300)
OCS_CLIST Structure for a Component List
OCS_FILE Reads attributes of a file from file system
OCS_PLIST Structure for a Support Package List
OCS_TABLE Table with 6 info fields
OCS_TADIR Tadir Key for Transport Object
OCSI_AGR EarlyWatch Alert: Statistics Over Roles
OCSI_MOD Histogram: Modified Objects
PAT_E070 Old E070 Structure (10 Character Request Number)
PAT_E071 Old E071 Structure (10 Character Request Number)
PAT_E07T Old E07T Structure (10 Character Request Number)
PAT_PATCH 10 Character Long Patch
VEU_SHORT EarlyWatch Alert: Short VBHDR Structure