SAP Package SO2_TOOL

mySAP Application Server Pages: Tool

Technical Information

Package SO2_TOOL
Short Text mySAP Application Server Pages: Tool
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SO2_TOOL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SO2_TOOL contains 8 function groups.

O2_APPLICATION O2: Applications
O2_CROSS_SERVICES Where-Used List for Pages
O2_NAVIGATION_EDITOR O2: Graphical Navigation Editor
O2_OBJECT_TREE O2: Hierarchy Display for O2 Application
O2_PAGE Oxygen Tool (Pages)
O2_UTILITIES O2: Help Functions
O2_VERSION_MANAGEMENT O2: Version Management
O2_XMLDESC (!)WCF: XML Description: Editor

Database Tables

The package SO2_TOOL contains 1 database tables.

O2XMLDESC XML Description


The package SO2_TOOL contains 12 structures.

O2APSUBOBJ O2: Selection Indicator for BSP Application Subobjects
O2BRPOINTS O2: Breakpoints
O2CTLSTATE WCF: Flags for Maintenance Status
O2CURSOR O2: Cursor Position
O2DYNPFIEL O2: Screen Fields for Oxygen Tools
O2EUMOD O2: User Settings in RSEUMOD
O2FLAGS O2: Flags for Maintenance Status
O2PAGEPARD O2: Screen Field for Page Parameter
O2PARAVALU O2: Parameter Value Combination
O2SOURPOS O2: Position in Source
O2SRCPOS O2: Position in Source
O2VRSHEAD Header Line for Comparing Versions of Temporar. Saved Pages


The package SO2_TOOL contains 11 programs.

O2_SHOW_PAGE_STRUCTURE 02: Display Page Structure (DO NOT USE)
O2_WAPD_COMPARE_VERSION 02: Program to Compare Two Versions
O2_WAPD_RECOVER_VERSION O2: Program to Reload Version
O2_WAPP_COMPARE_VERSION 02: Program to Compare Two Versions
O2_WAPP_DISPLAY_VERSION 02: Program to Display Version
O2_WAPP_RECOVER_VERSION O2: Program to Reload Version
RS_DELETE_ALL_O2_CLASSES Delete All Generated Classes for BSP Pages
RS_DELETE_O2_LOAD Delete all loads (incl. gen. classes) for BSP pages
RS_O2_DUMMY_PROG Dummy Frame for Locally Generated Classes for BSP Pages
WB_XML_EDITOR XML Description: Editor

Search Helps

The package SO2_TOOL contains 3 search helps.

O2PAGEPAR_PARATYPE Page Parameter Types
O2PAGEPAR_TYPTYPE Page Parameter Typing
O2USERNAME Find User Name

Message Classes

The package SO2_TOOL contains 2 message classes.

SO2_TOOL Nachrichten für OXYGEN Seiten Editor