mySAP Application Server Pages: Database Layer

Technical Information

Short Text mySAP Application Server Pages: Database Layer
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SO2_DBLAYER is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SO2_DBLAYER contains 3 function groups.

O2_CTS_SERVICES BSP Application: API for CTS
O2_SUPPORT O2: Help Functions
O2_WB_SERVICES Workbench Services for Pages

Database Tables

The package SO2_DBLAYER contains 12 database tables.

O2APPL O2: BSP Applications
O2APPLT O2: BSP Application Texts
O2PAGCON INDX File for Oxygen Pages
O2PAGDIR Oxygen: Page Directory
O2PAGDIRI Oxygen: Page Directory (Inactive)
O2PAGDIRT Short Text for Oxygen Pages
O2PAGEVH OXYGEN: Event Handler
O2PAGINC Where-Used Table for Page Includes
O2PAGPAR Oxygen: Parameter (for Page/Prolog)
O2PAGPART Oxygen: Parameter (for Page/Prolog)
O2PAGRT Oxygen: INDX File for Static HTML Pool (Runtime)
O2PAGTLIB Use Tables for Tag Libraries in BSP Pages


The package SO2_DBLAYER contains 18 structures.

BSP_MESS_REC Error Messages in Generation API for BSPs
O2APPLATTR 02: BSP Application Attributes
O2APPLGRAP O2: Transfer Fields in Navigation Modeler of BSP Application
O2APPLNODE O2: Transfer Fields for BSP Application Nodes
O2CHANGE Change Data for O2 Objects
O2MIME O2: Content Line
O2MIMEATTR O2: MIME Object Attributes
O2OPTIONS BSP Options at Runtime
O2PAGATTR O2: Page Attributes
O2PAGELINE O2: Oxygen Page Line
O2PAGENAME O2: Complete Name of Page (with External Name)
O2PAGEVHS O2: Event Handler with Source
O2PAGKEY Key Structure for Name of Oxygen Page
O2PAGPARS O2: Page Parameters with Text
O2PAGTYPES O2: Local Types of a Page
O2PCONKEY Key Structure for Oxygen Page (Content)
O2XMLATTR XML Attributes (Changed by....)

Message Classes

The package SO2_DBLAYER contains 2 message classes.

SO2_API O2: Fehlermeldungen zu Objektprüfungen
WBO2_API Nachrichten zur Oxygen-API