SAP Package SMYO


Technical Information

Package SMYO
Short Text My_Objects
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SMYO is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SMYO contains 5 function groups.

SMYO_SM30 Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SMYO1 MyObjects Node Management
SMYO2 API for MyObjects
SMYO3 MyObjects (MyObjects Itself)
SMYO5 MyObjects: API in the Workplace


The package SMYO contains 1 transactions.

SMY1 Maintenance of nodes for MyObjects

Database Tables

The package SMYO contains 5 database tables.

SMYONODEE Nodes for MyObjects
SMYONODES Nodes for MyObjects
SMYONODET Nodes for MyObjects (Text)
SMYOTREE MyObjects Together with Hierarchy
SMYOWP MyObjects Hierarchy in WP (Cluster)


The package SMYO contains 2 views.

SMYONODEV View of Nodes in MyObjects
SMYONODEV1 Allowed Object Types for Nodes in MyObjects


The package SMYO contains 5 structures.

SMYO_NDST Structure in Table Control
SMYO_S_OBJ Transfer Structure for MyObjects
SMYOTREEC Transfer Structure for MyObjects from old Systems
SMYOTREED Tree for ALV (MyObjects)
SMYOTREES smyotree with rfcdest


The package SMYO contains 1 programs.


Search Helps

The package SMYO contains 1 search helps.

SMYO_NDSH Search Help for Nodes in MyObjects

Message Classes

The package SMYO contains 1 message classes.

SMYO Nachrichten für MyObjects