SAP Package SMUM

SAP Markets User Management

Technical Information

Package SMUM
Short Text SAP Markets User Management
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SMUM is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SMUM contains 2 function groups.

SMUM SAPMarket User Management
SMUM_V SAPMarket User Management Views


The package SMUM contains 1 transactions.

SROLE Export User Roles to XML doc.

Database Tables

The package SMUM contains 7 database tables.

SMUM_ACL Valid sender information
SMUM_BSAPP Business Service ID mapping to BADi
SMUM_ERDEC SMUM error description
SMUM_ERNUM Error code mapping between R/3 and SMUM
SMUM_MAP SAP-C1 mapping table
SMUM_TPADD Address link TP - CAM
SMUM_XMAP Mapping table between XML and BAPI structures


The package SMUM contains 3 structures.

SMUM_XMLIN Line of 255 characters
SMUM_XMLTB XML Table structure used for retreive and output XML doc
SMUM_XMLTX XML Table structure used for retreive and output XML doc


The package SMUM contains 5 programs.

SMUM_EXPORT_ROLES Export role program
SMUM_LOAD_CONFIG Load XML mapping configuration data
SMUM_RESPONSES_SHOW Show UM response document log
SMUM_TEST_TPUSER test smum_init_shell