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The package is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Embedded Packages

The package contains 124 embedded packages.

ABA Structure Package: Application Basis (SAP_ABA)
ABA_AUTFLD Package for Moved or New Authorization Fields
ABA_PLUS Extensions to the Application Basis
AGS_BPCA_TEST_OBJECTS_EN BPCA Test Objects - related to Dev Class E2E_TESTING
AGS_SEA_STPI Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA)
AI_SMUD_PI_MAIN Main Package for SMUD Plugin
APPL Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting
APPL_NU Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting Unicode Exceptions
APPL_TOOLS Structure Package: APPL Tools for HR
BASIS BASIS Structure Package
BCSC R/3 Customizing Tools
BFIL Platform-independent File Names
BSTPI_STRUCTURE Structure package for ST-PI
BW_CONTENT Structure Package for BW Extractors
BW_SAPI Structure Package for Service API
BZAL R/3 Central Basis Development: Action Log
BZC R/3 Central Basis Development: Factory Calendar
CNV_AS_DELIVERY SLO analytic services 3.0 delivery
CNV_EINA Copying Purchasing-Info records
CRM_BSP_PCF People-Centric Framework (BSP)
DDICOBJS_STPI Dictionary Objects for ST-PI
DVM_BASIC Basic Package for DVM (4.x)
EA-CP Consumer Products
EA-DFPS SAP R/3 Enterprise Defense Forces & Public Security
EA-FERC FERC: Regulatory Reporting
EA-FIN Structure Package for R/3 Enterprise Financials Extension
EA-FINSERV Structure Package: R/3 Enterprise - Financial Services
EA-GLTRADE Structure Package R/3 Enterprise Global Trade
EA-HR Structure Package R/3 Enterprise HR Extension
EA-ICM Structure Package Incentives and Commission Management
EA-IPPE iPPE Structure Package
EA-ISSE Industry-Specific Sales Enhancements
EA-JVA Structure package R/3 Enterprise Joint Venture Accounting
EA-PLM Structure Package R/3 Enterprise PLM Extension
EA-PS Structure Package R/3 Enterprise Public Services
EA-RETAIL Structure Package R/3 Enterprise RETAIL
EA-SCM Structure Package for R/3 Enterprise Addon SCM
EA-TRAVEL Structure Package R/3 Enterprise Travel Extension
ECC_COMMON_OBJECTS Strukturpaket Common Objekts
ECC_FINANCIALS Financials Structure Package
FKB_MANDATE Mandate Management
GMCONTRACTING_E Grants management (contracting)
GRCAC GRC Access Control Component
HR Structure Package 'Human Resources' (SAP_HR)
HR-VADM Strukturpaket HR-VADM
ID-CC-AT-E Customizing Austria (Original Language EN)
ID-CC-FI-U Customizing Finland (Finish)
ID-CC-FR-E Customizing France (Original Language EN)
ID-CC-NO-O Customizing Norwegen (Norwegisch)
ID-CC-SE-V Customizing Schweden (Schwedisch)
ID-FI-CH Localization Switzerland
ID-FI-SK FI Localization (Slovakia)
J1PL Development of Polish Version of standard R/3
J1PR Development of Polish Version of standard R/3 - Reports
J1XD Document Distribution Director
J6NG DocuLink 6x, Objects in old name space
KEG1 Profitability analysis: Customer-generated, non-transp.objs.
LSO SAP Learning Solution
MDM_DISTR_ILTC MDM : Initial Load for Trusted Client
PI PI Structure Package (Plug-In)
PI_OBSOLET_SX7I Obsolete PlugIn objects, releaseindependent as of 4.6B
PI-CPE-BASIS Structure Package for CPE
PI-CRM-BASIS CRM Plug-In: Middleware/Basis
PI-FC-BASIS FC Plug-In: Basis [Structure Package]
PI-FIN-BASIS FIN Plug-In: Basis [Structure Package]
PI-KMC-BASIS Structure Package for KMC (PI_BASIS)
PI-MDM-DX Structure Package for MDM-DX (PI_BASIS)
PI-XAP-BASIS xAPP Plug-In: Basis [Structure Package]
QSLS_FS_TABLEENTRIES Package for FINSERV Table Entries (Translation)
RS_BW_STRUPAK Structure Package BW Technology
RSCON_EW Early Watch Reporting for BI Content
RSDL_EXTRACT Package to contain the generated UDC objects.
RSDRU Data Manger Utilities
RSORA BW: Oracle Porting
S_ACC_CHECK Structure ID for Lists & WinGUI Checker
S_DBMON_ORA_COCKPIT Database Monitor for Oracle in Cockpit Framework
S_GAKH Complete ACH and Assignments - Basis Functions
S_ITSP_TEST ITS-Related Test Programs and Transactions
S_OSP_CORE Office Suite Program - core functionality
S_OSP_MAIN Office Suite Program - main package
S_WEBGUI WebGUI: Templates & Mimes
SABP_LIST_TOOLS Utilities for ABAP Lists
SAPPINT APPINT Structure Package
SBCS BC Development
SBSC BASIS Customizing
SBSP_PRGN_NODES BSP Functions for Profile Generator
SBSP_URL_GENERATION URL Generation for Business Server Pages in Roles
SCCMS_SLD CCMS Functions for Accessing the SLD
SCMG_BAPI Case Management: BAPIs
SDV0 Document Viewing
SECE_FOR_SPAM Customer Exit Behandlung im OCS Import
SEEF_BASE Extensions
SGDMA_PRINT_SERVICE Print Service for GDMA Interface
SHYP Basis Hypertext Documentation
SI18N I18N Funktionality
SI18N_ICU Wrapping of ICU Functions
SITS_ABAP_TEST Test Objects for Package SITS_ABAP
SIWA OBSOLET: IWB: Administration
SMIGR Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous DB System Migration
SOAP_FT_TOOLS SOAP RT Fast Track Development
SPCPC Central Printer Configuration
SPOADR Spool: ABAP based PDL drivers
SQLTACC Accessible Performance Trace
SRAL Release Notes 4.0A
SSF_FRAMEWORK_STARTING_POINTS Service Software Framework: Starting transactions&report
STRALAN_FOR_SPAM STRALAN Objekte für OCS Auslieferung
SUSR_KRN User Administration Tables Used Kernel-Side
SUWL Implementation and enhancement for UWL connection
SVET Transaktion SVER und verwandte Programme, keine Veris
SWF_BAM Workflow: Business Activity Monitoring
SWF_TRC_DEMO Demo for Reusing the Workflow Trace
SWF_TSI Business Workflow: Transaction and Service Infrastructure
SWFC SAP Business Workflow: Customizing
SWN_UWL Business Workflow: Notifications for UWL
SWW_UI Business Workflow: Work Items (UI Elements)
SXI_PF_GUI GUI objekte für performance monitoring der XI
SXMSAEAUD XI: Adapter-Framework Laufzeitdaten
WP-PI Structure Package for Workplace Plug-In


The package contains 4 structures.

TPBARGAIN_FINDER_PLUS_OUTPUT34 Specifies the origin and destination of the traveler.
TPOTA_AIR_PRICE_INPUT_AIR_ITIN Specifies the origin and destination of the traveler.
TPOTA_AIR_PRICE_INPUT_AIR_TRAV Information on the person traveling
TPOTA_AIR_PRICE_OUTPUT_AIR_IT1 Specifies the origin and destination of the traveler.