SAP Smart Forms

Technical Information

Package SMART
Short Text SAP Smart Forms
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SMART is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SMART contains 17 function groups.

STXB Form Builder
STXBC Smart Forms: Smart Composer
STXBCT SAP Smart Forms: Trace Administration
STXBCU SAP Smart Forms Composer: UC Specials
STXBE SAP Smart Forms: Form Call
STXBG SAP Smart Forms: General Functions
STXBH SAP Smart Forms: Help functions
STXBM Smart Forms: Maintenance Dialogs
STXBR SAP Smart Forms: Runtime Routines
STXBS SAP Smart Styles
STXBT Smart Forms: Translation
STXBW Smart Forms: OTF output to screen
STXBX SAP Smart Forms: Ex/Import/Enqueue
STXBXDEMO Demo Function Group for Smart Forms
STXBXDF XDF Data Interface
STXFPO Form Painter: Settings
STXTPO Table Painter: Settings


The package SMART contains 6 transactions.

SFTRACE SAP Smart Forms: Trace
SM30_STXSFREPL Smart Styles: Replace Font
SMARTFORM_CODE SAP Smart Forms: Target Coding

Database Tables

The package SMART contains 37 database tables.

SSFOBJSCR SAP Smart Forms: Object/Screen Fields Assignment
SSFSET SAP Smart Forms: Settings
SSFXSFBMP Smart Forms: BMP Cache (for XSF Output, for Example)
SSFXSFCSS Smart Forms: CSS Cache (for XSF Output, for Example)
STXFADM Smart Forms: Administration
STXFADMI Smart Forms: Administration - Interal Information
STXFADMT Smart Forms: Administration - Textual Description
STXFCONT Smart Forms: Form Subobjects (Active)
STXFCONTR Smart Forms: Runtime Objects
STXFCONTS Smart Forms: Form Subobjects (Saved)
STXFCONTV Smart Forms: Form Subobjects - Versions
STXFIMP Smart Forms: Generate at Upgrade
STXFOBJT Smart Forms: Subobject Long Texts
STXFPCUST Smart Forms: Switch the Runtime
STXFSTDPAR Smart Forms: Default Parameters
STXFTXT SAP Smart Forms: Texts
STXFTXTA SAP Smart Forms: Texts - Administration
STXFTXTV SAP Smart Forms: Texts - Versions
STXFVAR Smart Forms: Variants
STXFVARI Smart Forms: Variants - Internal Information
STXFVART Smart Forms: Variants - Textual Description
STXSADM Smart Styles: Administration
STXSADMT Smart Styles: Admimstration - Description of Styles
STXSCHAR Smart Styles: Character Formats
STXSFPATT Smart Forms: Pattern for Tables
STXSFREPL Smart Styles: Replace Font
STXSHEAD Smart Styles: Style Header
STXSOBJT Smart Styles: Texts for Paragraph and Character Formats
STXSPARA Smart Styles: Paragraph Formats
STXSTAB Smart Styles: Tabs
STXSVAR Smart Styles: Variants
STXSVARL Smart Styles: Language Assignment of Variants
STXSVART Smart Styles: Variants - Textual Description
STXTRACE Smart Forms: Trace (Data)
STXTRACEHD SAP Smart Forms: Trace (Administration)
STXTRCUSR SAP Smart Forms: User-dependent Trace Settings
TSFDEVTY Smart Forms: Device Types for Languages


The package SMART contains 203 structures.

FPIPROPS Form Painter Table Property (Internal)
FPOPTIONS Form Painter Options
FPPROPS Form Painter Table Property
INTSFSY SAP Smart Forms: Internal System Fields
ISFSY Smart Forms: Internal System Fields
SEDLOFIELD SAP Smart Forms: Logical Field Names in Editor Control
SFSY SAP Smart Forms: System Fields
SSF_XSF_GR SAP Smart Forms: XSF Graphics
SSF4OPD longtext for field description
SSFADRCTRL Smart Forms: Control Parameter for Address Output
SSFARCOP SAP Smart Forms: Archiving options
SSFBORDER Smart Forms: Frames
SSFBUTOP Smart Forms: Options for print preview and dialog
SSFBUTTIDS Smart Forms: Attributes Button IDs for Toolbars/Comboboxes
SSFBUTTONS Smart Forms: Attributes for Buttons of Toolbars/Comboboxes
SSFCALC Smart Forms: Calculations
SSFCAT Smart Forms: Catalog Entry
SSFCATALOG Smart Forms: Text Catalog for Smart Composer
SSFCATS Smart Styles: Catalog Entry
SSFCOLINFO Output tables: Column information
SSFCOLOR Smart Forms: Color
SSFCOMP Smart Forms: Comparison
SSFCOMPBOR Smart Forms: Frames (composer, internal)
SSFCOMPBOT Footer Output section Composer
SSFCOMPCOL Smart Forms: Composer color
SSFCOMPIN SAP Smart Forms: Smart Composer input parameters
SSFCOMPLIN Smart Forms Composer: Line Definition
SSFCOMPOP SAP Smart Forms: Smart Composer (transfer) options
SSFCOMPPAR Smart Forms: Paragraph Formats (Runtime)
SSFCOMPPP SAP Smart Forms: Options Smart Composer (Transfer) -> SSFPP
SSFCOMPRES Smart Forms: Smart Composer Results
SSFCOMPSEC Smart Forms: Output area
SSFCOMPSTR Smart Forms: Character formats (runtime)
SSFCOMPTAB Smart Forms: Tabs (Runtime)
SSFCOMTEXT Smart Forms: Short texts of entries in combobox
SSFCRESCL Smart Forms: Return value at end of form printing
SSFCRESOP Smart Forms: Return value at start of form printing
SSFCRESPD Smart Forms: Return Document Information
SSFCSSDCL Smart Forms: CSS Declaration
SSFCSSMAP Smart Forms: Mapping for XSF DOM <-> Inline CSS
SSFCSSOO Smart Forms XSF Output: CSS Control Data
SSFCSSSEL SAP Smart Forms XSF Output: CSS Selectors
SSFCSTAT Smart Forms: Composer Status
SSFCTABA Smart Forms: Table Cells (Attributes for Composer)
SSFCTRLOP Smart Forms: Control structure
SSFCURR Smart Forms: Reference Fields for Currencies/Quantities
SSFDFIELD Smart Form Field Definition
SSFDISL Smart Forms XSF: HTML With CSS and XML Data Islands
SSFDOCOUT Smart Forms: Document (Output)
SSFDOCSTRC Smart Forms: Document structure
SSFDYNFONT Smart Forms: Dynamic Font
SSFERROR SAP Smart Forms: Runtime error
SSFF4STRUC SAP Smart Forms: Structure description for field list
SSFFAXOP Smart Forms: Fax output options
SSFFBCNTAD SF Form Builder: Counter for Addresses
SSFFBCNTCD SF Form Builder: Counter for Conditions
SSFFBCNTCM SF Form Builder: Counter for Commands
SSFFBCNTCO SF Form Builder: Counter for Coding
SSFFBCNTEV SF Form Builder: Counter for Events
SSFFBCNTGR SF Form Builder: Counter for Graphics
SSFFBCNTNO SF Form Builder: Counter for Nodes
SSFFBCNTOA SF Form Builder: Counter for Output Attributes
SSFFBCNTPA SF Form Builder: Counter for Pages
SSFFBCNTSE SF Form Builder: Counter for Sections
SSFFBCNTTI SF Form Builder: Counter for Texts
SSFFBCNTWI SF Form Builder: Counter for Windows
SSFFBERR Smart Forms: FB Error Message (Screen Fields)
SSFFBTNODE SAP Smart Forms: Node Name and Type
SSFFIELDS SAP Smart Forms: Field name, value, texts, and type
SSFFORMHD Smart Forms: Form header for transfer Composer
SSFGDATA Smart Forms: Global Data
SSFGKEYBDL Smart Forms: Graphic Key (BDS) (Long)
SSFGKEYBDS Smart Forms: Graphic Key (BDS)
SSFGNODE Smart Forms: Form Builder g_nodes[]
SSFHEAD Smart Forms: Header Data
SSFIADDR Smart Forms: Address (Buffer)
SSFICODE Smart Forms: Code (Buffer)
SSFICOMM Smart Forms: Command (Buffer)
SSFICOND Smart Forms: Condition (Buffer)
SSFIEVENT Smart Forms: Event (Buffer)
SSFINODE Smart Forms: Tree Node (Buffer)
SSFINPUT SAP Smart Forms: Attributes of Input Fields
SSFIOFLD Smart Forms: Interface
SSFIOPAR Smart Forms: Interface
SSFIOUT Smart Forms: Output Attributes (Buffer)
SSFIPAGE Smart Forms: Pages (Buffer)
SSFISECT Smart Forms: Output Area (Buffer)
SSFITCDP SAP Smart Forms: Paragraph formats SAPscript + color
SSFITCDS SAP Smart Forms: Character formats SAPscript + color
SSFIVHD Smart Forms: Variant Header (Buffer)
SSFIVHEAD Smart Forms: Header Data Variant (Buffer)
SSFIWIND Smart Forms: Window (Buffer)
SSFJOBOUT Smart Forms: Job Output
SSFLOADTAB SAP Smart Forms: Load Table
SSFLTYPASS Line type assignment
SSFLTYPE Display tables line type
SSFMAILOP Smart Forms: Mail options for Smart Composer
SSFMSGERR SF Form Builder: Check, Error Message
SSFNAME SAP Smart Forms: Internal object name
SSFNEWBRD Smart Forms: Frames (new)
SSFNEWCOL Smart Forms: Color (Without USED Flag)
SSFNEWLINE Smart Forms: Line (new)
SSFOCOND Smart Forms: Output Conditions
SSFOTABA Smart Forms: Table Cells (Attributes)
SSFOTABC Smart Forms: Table Cell
SSFOTABD Smart Forms: Dynamic Table Line
SSFOTABLE Smart Forms: Output Table Definition
SSFOTABS Smart Forms: Static Table Line
SSFOUTTAB Table for display field tree of the SMARTFORMS
SSFPAGOUT Smart Forms: Page output
SSFPARAM Smart Forms: Parameter for Code
SSFPARAS Smart Styles: Paragraph entry
SSFPATT Smart Forms: Output Table Pattern
SSFPATTERN Output table pattern
SSFPP Smart Forms: Smart Composer options (internal)
SSFRDIOP Smart Forms: RDI options
SSFREF SAP Smart Forms: Reference fields
SSFRLANG Smart Forms: Languages at Runtime
SSFSCREEN SAP Smart Forms: Screen fields
SSFSCREENS Smart Styles: Screen Fields
SSFSCRMACT Migration Properties Screen Fields
SSFSECFOOT Smart Forms: Output area Header
SSFSECHEAD Smart Forms: Output area Header
SSFSECTINF SF Form Builder: Section Information
SSFSECTION Smart Forms: Output area
SSFSORT Smart Forms: Sort Fields
SSFSPCOVOP Smart Forms: Cover sheet options
SSFSPCTLOP Smart Forms: Spool control options
SSFSPOUTOP Smart Forms: Page Selection and Copies
SSFSPREQOP Smart Forms: Texts for Output Request
SSFSTRINGS Smart Styles: Character Format Entry
SSFSTYLE Smart Forms: Style for Transfer to Smart Composer
SSFSTYLHD Smart Forms: Style Header for Transfer to Composer
SSFSTYLHDR SAP Smart Forms: Style Header (Name and Variant)
SSFSTYLS SAP Smart Forms: XSF Layout Information
SSFTABDEF Output Table Definition
SSFTABIND Smart Forms: Table Index (Buffer)
SSFTABKEY Smart Forms: DB Key (Simple)
SSFTABKEYL Smart Forms: DB Key (Long Texts)
SSFTABKEYT Smart Forms: DB Key (Table)
SSFTABKEYX Smart Forms: DB Key (Texts)
SSFTBUFF SAP Smart Forms: Text Buffer for Composer
SSFTKEY SAP Smart Forms: Key of Include Text
SSFTKEYL SAP Smart Forms: Text key (long)
SSFTMKEY SAP Smart Forms: Text Module Key
SSFTOTALS Smart Forms: Totaling Fields
SSFTRACE Smart Forms: Trace Information
SSFTREEIT Smart Forms: Items for Tree Structure
SSFTREEITC Smart Forms: Changed Items in Tree Structure
SSFTREEITU Smart Forms: Items to be Changed for Tree Structur
SSFTRFPRG SAP Smart Forms: Transformation Program (XSF->HTML)
SSFTXTAREA SAP Smart Forms: Web Attributes of a Text Node
SSFTXTL Smart Forms: Text Line
SSFURLOP SAP Smart Forms: Options for URL Evaluation
SSFVARHDR SAP Smart Forms: Variant Header (Public)
SSFVCAT Smart Forms: Variant Catalog Entry
SSFVDEF Smart Forms: Variable Definition
SSFVHINCL Smart Forms: Variant Header (Except Tree Reference)
SSFWCFTREE SAP Smart Forms: Tree Structure
SSFWINBOX Smart Forms: Window Border
SSFWINDOWS Smart Forms: Window Description
SSFWINOUT Smart Forms: Window Output (with OTF)
SSFWLTINFO SAP Smart Forms: Window Info to be Processed at the End
SSFWOTTSTR Smart Forms: Transfer GenFM to Smart Composer
SSFWSIZE SAP Smart Forms: Window Size
SSFXDF2OP Smart Forms: Options XDF2
SSFXDFOP Smart Forms: Options XDF
SSFXMLOUT Smart Forms: XML Output Structure
SSFXOBJID SAP Smart Forms: IDs for Objects
SSFXRDI Smart Forms: XSF string
SSFXSFOO Smart Forms: XSF Options
SSFXSFOP Smart Forms: XSF Options
SSFXSFP Smart Forms: XSF Parameter
SSFXSFPGID SAP Smart Forms XSF Output: Pages and IDs
STXFSTDFLD Smart Forms: Default Parameters
STXSFONT Smart Forms: Font
TABCOMPCOL Smart Forms: Colors for Table Lines
TDSFBGREXT Smart Forms: Background Image Enhancement
TPATTR Table Painter Attributes
TPCOL Table Painter Column
TPCOLA Table Painter Column with Attributes
TPCOLAC Tbale Painter Column With Attributes and Colors
TPCOLORS Table Painter Attribute 2
TPCOLS Table Painter Colors
TPIATTR Table Painter Attributes (Internal)
TPICOL Table Painter Column (Internal)
TPICOLA Table Painter Column with Attributes (Internal)
TPICOLAC Table Painter Columns With Attributes and Colors (Internal)
TPICOLORS Tabel Painter Colors (internal)
TPICOLS Tabel Painter Colors (internal)
TPIPROPS Table Painter Table Property (Internal)
TPIROW Table Painter Line (Internal)
TPIROWA Table Painter Line with Attributes (Internal)
TPITROWA Table Painter line with attributes (int. for templates)
TPOPTIONS Table Painter Options
TPPROPS Table Painter Table Property
TPROW Table Painter Line
TPROWA Table Painter Line with Attributes
TPTROWA Table Painter line with attributes (for templates)
TRFRESULT SAP Smart Forms: Result of XSF Transformation


The package SMART contains 25 programs.

RSREFORM Smart Forms: Find Ghost Forms
RSTXSFGENERATEWRITES Generate report with WRITE macros
RSTXSFPREVIEW Smart Forms: Preview (for internal use)
RSTXSFWRITEMACROS WRITE macros for formatting Smart Forms symbols
SAPBORDERPAINTER_DEMO Test program for Smart Forms Border Painter control
SAPFORMPAINTER_DEMO Test program for Smart Forms Form Painter control
SAPMSSFO SAP Smart Forms: Maintenance Tool
SAPMSSFS SAP Smart Forms: Maintenance Tool for Smart Styles
SAPTABLEPAINTER_DEMO Test Program for Smart Forms Table Painter Control
SF_BATCH_GENERATE Program for Generating SMART FORMS in Batch
SF_DUPLICATES_DELETE Smart Forms: Delete STXFADMI Entries with Duplicate Number
SF_EXAMPLE_01 Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms
SF_EXAMPLE_01_BACKUP Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms
SF_EXAMPLE_02 Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms
SF_EXAMPLE_02_BACKUP Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms
SF_EXAMPLE_03 Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms
SF_EXAMPLE_03_BACKUP Sample Program for Form Printing Using Smart Forms
SF_MIGRATE Report for migrating SAPscript forms
SF_TOTALS Examples for Totalling Different Currencies
SF_XSF_DEMO Smart Forms: XSF Output - Demo Program
SF_XSF_DEMO_MAIL Send Form and Graphics by E-Mail
SFDUMMY01 Dummy Program (Will be Filled by Support Packages)
SFDUMMY02 Dummy Program (Will be Filled by Support Packages)
SFDUMMY03 Dummy Program (Will be Filled by Support Packages)

Search Helps

The package SMART contains 4 search helps.

SH_PAGEFORMAT SAP Smart Forms: Search Help for Page Format
SH_STXFADM SAP Smart Forms: Search Help
SH_STXSADM SAP Smart Styles: Search Help
SSF_PAGEFORMAT SAP Smart Forms: Page Formats

Message Classes

The package SMART contains 3 message classes.

FORMPAINTER Form Painter: Nachrichten
SMARTFORMS Smart Forms - Form Builder
SSFCOMPOSER Smart Forms: Composer Messages