SAP Package SMAC

R/3 Matchcode Development

Technical Information

Package SMAC
Short Text R/3 Matchcode Development
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SMAC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SMAC contains 9 function groups.

SDM0 Generate matchcode selection routines
SDM4 View/MC interfaces
SMC0 Generate matchcode maintenance reports
SMC1 Basic operations for matchcode object/ID
SMC2 Activate, delete MC object and ID
SMC3 Check functions for matchcode object/ID
SMC4 Maintain runtime obj.,datab. obj. for MC
SMC5 Function module for matchcode conversion
SSMC Synchronous matchcode maintenance switch

Database Tables

The package SMAC contains 14 database tables.

DD20L Matchcode objects
DD20T AS400-T_MCOBJECT: MC Object Texts
DD21S S-MCIDTABLE: Tables for a MC ID
DD23L Matchcode ID
DD23T AS400_L-MCID: Matchcode ID Texts
DD24S Fields of a matchcode ID
MACID Run-time Object 'Matchcode ID'
MACOB Run-Time Object 'Matchcode Object'
MCDEFID Default matchcode Ids per user
MCUSREXITS User exits in the matchcode area
TMCDF Assignment Table for Default Matchcodes
TMCIR Table Contains Run-Time Values for MC IDs Processed Asynchr.
TMCOG Selection of MC Object IDs for Setting Up Again
TMCOL Root Table Keys for Asynchronous MC Set-Up


The package SMAC contains 7 views.

DD23H Help System View of MC IDs
DD23V Active matchcode IDs with short texts
DD24A Active fields of MC IDs
DD25V Views with text
DD26I Tables used in aggregates (views, MCs, etc.)
DD27I Aggregate fields (for Info System)
M_FUSEB View Generated for Matchcode ID FUSE-B


The package SMAC contains 28 structures.

DCMCIDGET Control structure for DD_MCID_GET
DCMCIDPUT Control string for function module DD_MCID_PUT
DCMCOBGET Control structure for DD_MCOB_GET
DCMCOBPUT Control string for function module DD_MCOB_PUT
DD21V V-MCIDTABLE: View of Tables for a MC ID
DD21V_VAR1 Special View on DD21V Tailored to Matchcode ID Generation
DD24H Help System View on Fields of a MC ID
DD24V S-MCIDFIELD: View of MC ID Fields
MACFD Matchcode Run-Time Object: Inverted Field String
MCIDSEL Internal table for selection of matchcode IDs
MCMACO Input Parameters for Matchcode Maintenance Programs
MCOUTFLD Structure for matchcode output fields
MCOUTFLDS Interface structure for funct. mod. for matchcode selection
MCTBAT Internal Structure for Matchcode Handling
RSD23 Local Fields for Module Pool SAPMSD23
RSMBL Link List for Matchcode Selection Criteria
RSMDY Interface Between Screen and MC Selection Report
RSMDY2 Interface between screen and matchcode selection report
RSMFL Field Parameter List in Matchcode Selection Condition
RSMIF Matchcode ID Fields (MCTAB Generation)
RSMIH Matchcode ID Header (MCTAB Generation)
RSMIT Matchcode ID Tables (MCTAB Generation)
RSMOF Matchcode Object Fields (MCTAB Generation)
RSMOH Matchcode Object Header (MCTAB Generation)
RSMOT Matchcode Object Tables (MCTAB Generation)
RSMRL (Partial) Fields in Matchcode Restriction (MCTAB Generation)
RSMVA Interface Between Matchcode and Classification System
RSMVL Value List in Matchcode Selection Condition


The package SMAC contains 21 programs.

RCLASSMCID MC: Select not migrated SHLP for classification MCID
RDD20KON Activate R/3 Table
RDD23KON Activate R/3 Table
RDDCACNV Aux. program call of sapmaco_i due to ABAP-buffer log. pooled table
RDDGENMC Post-activation of runtime objects for synchronous matchcodes
RDDMCMRG Merge of matchcodes for repository switch
RDDVU001 Utilities
RSMCBTCH Asynchronous matchcode handling for an MC object
SAPDELMP Delete superfluous physical matchcode pools
SAPMACO Matchcode Utility
SAPMACOL Matchcode Utility
SAPMACOP Asynchronous matchcode handling for an MC object
SAPMACOU Build matchcode data during upgrade
SAPMSD20 Matchcode Object: Attribute
SAPMSD23 Matchcode ID: Attribute
SAPMSD24 ABAP Dictionary: Aggregate: Fields for Matchcode ID
SAPMSD27 ABAP Dictionary: Aggregates: Fields for View, Entity View, MC Object
SAPMSD28 DD: Aggregate: Sel. cond. for MC ID
SAPODMCP Delete superfluous physical matchcode pools
TWTOOL01 Scan Tool for Matchcodes
TWXPRA12 Delete matchcode selection programs