SAP Package SM38

ABAP Reporting

Technical Information

Package SM38
Short Text ABAP Reporting
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SM38 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SM38 contains 11 function groups.

RTAB Maintain interface for table RTAB (SC38)
S38R Reporting Tree, Session Manager
S38S Reporting prog. dev. search functions
SABE ABAP/4 Execute authorizations
SCAU After-Imp_meth. Report Authorizations
SEU4 Customizing HR Reporting tree
SLIS Reporting: Find lists
SRPS Table maintenance interface SRPSO, SRPST
SRTR Reporting tree: General utilities
SRTS Report tree <--> Session Manager
TPGP Maintenance Interface


The package SM38 contains 4 transactions.

SA38 ABAP Reporting
SA39 SA38 for Parameter Transaction
SC38 Start Report (Remote)
SRCN Delete Country-Specific Reports

Database Tables

The package SM38 contains 27 database tables.

RTAB Remote Submit: Programs for Generating Secondary Lists
SERPATTR Tree attributes
SERPENTR Reporting: Initial Position and Sub-trees (User-specific)
SERPENVAR Reporting: Intial screen variants (user-dependent)
SERPLISTS Reporting: Lists
SERPT Reporting: Texts for Tree Structure
SERPTREE Reporting: Tree Structure
SERPTUSER Reporting: User trees
SLSSO Sort criteria for form tree structure
SLSST Texts of sort criteria for form tree structure
SREPOATH Authorization groups
SREPOCNTR Reporting: Country-specific HR reports
SREPOLIST Reporting: Lists
SREPORTEXT Texts in Report Tree
SREPOTTYPE Reporting: Report Type Texts
SREPOTYPES Reporting: Report Types
SREPOUSER Reporting: Visible Reports and Variants (User-specific)
SREPOVARI Reporting: Reports and Variants
SRPSO Sort Criterion for Tree Structure
SRPST Sort Criteria Texts for Tree Structure
TAPLP Applications Directory for Programs, Function Modules, DBs
TAPLT Program Application Long Texts
TPERF Run-time trace data
TPGP ABAP/4 Authorization Groups
TPGPT Long Texts for ABAP/4 Program Groups
TRCL ABAP/4 program classes
TRCLT ABAP Program Class Text


The package SM38 contains 2 views.

H_TRCL Help view for ABAP program class
V_TPGP Maintain tables TPGP and TPGPT


The package SM38 contains 22 structures.

DATTR Dummy Structure for Locking Program Attributes
ESSERPNODE Structure for lock object ESSERPNODE
FDOKS Field Documentation Short
FLINE Structure of Format Line in %_FMBS (ABAP/4 Internal)
LLINE Structure of List Line in %_LINE (ABAP/4 Internal)
NLINE Structure of Field Information for List (ABAP/4 Internal)
RS38C Screen Fields SC38
RS38M Screen fields Text elements
RSCAN Help Structure for Search Report RSRSCAN1
RSERP Screen Fields SERP: Reporting (Tree Structure)
RSREP Screen Fields for Function Group SREP
RSSERPSEL Screen Fields for Selection Screen RSSERP00
RSTREE_ID Reporting tree: Screen fields
S010A Dummy Structure for Locking Program Attributes
SKEYLISTS Reporting: Keys for Saved Lists (SREPOLIST)
SKEYREPORT Reporting: Keys for Node Entry
SLIS_OPT FG SLIS: Radio button group status on screen 100
SSCR ABAP/4: Structure of SSCR for Selection Screens
VARCATR2 Structure of RVARC from R/2 (Variant Catalog)
VARCATTR2 Structure of RVART from R/2 (Variant Texts)


The package SM38 contains 33 programs.

RSABAD38 Program Directory
RSABADAB ABAP Program Directory
RSABADIR RSABADIR: Internal Transfer to RSABADAB or RSABAD38 Catalogs
RSABAUTH Transfer Authorization Groups from TRDIR to TPGP
RSABTPGP Authorization groups
RSCONV00 Type conversion in program
RSCSAUTH Maintain/Restore Authorization Groups
RSINCL00 ABAP Program Reference List
RSRCLT00 Program Classes
RSRPCNTR Delete Country-Specific Reports in Report Trees
RSRSCAN1 ABAP/4 Find String in Program Source Code
RSRSDEST Output System Overview for Remote Submit
RSRSDOCU Output Documentation (List) for Remote Submit
RSRSLIST Output Program List for Remote Submit
RSRSNODE Save List: Node in Report Tree with/without Report
RSRSPDIR Output Program Directory for Remote Submit
RSRSSLIS Overview of Saved Lists
RSRSVARI Output Variant Overview for Remote Submit
RSSERP00 Generate Reporting Tree Structure
RSSERP10 Possible Entries for Report Name
RSSERP20 Find Report
RSSERP22 Find forms
RSSERP30 Compare Report Trees at Release Upgrade
RSSERP31 Comparison of Report Trees at Release Upgrade
RSSERP32 Reporting trees: Copy node contents
RSSERP40 Report trees: List and export the authorizations for a tree
RSSERP50 Report trees: List and import the authorizations for a tree
RSSERP60 Create form tree structure
RSSERP61 Classify forms
RSSERP70 Report trees: Conversion of nodes with exactly one report
RSSERPAT Fill SERPATTR (tree attributes)
SAPMS38M ABAP program development - Reporting (SE38, SA38, SC38)
SAPMSERP Report Tree

Search Helps

The package SM38 contains 3 search helps.

H_TRCL Help view for ABAP program class
PROGNAME Program Name
REPORT_TYPE Report type in report tree

Authorization Objects

The package SM38 contains 1 authorization objects.

S_PROGRAM ABAP: Program Flow Checks