SAP Package SLGN

Post-Upgrade Generation Tools

Technical Information

Package SLGN
Short Text Post-Upgrade Generation Tools
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SLGN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SLGN contains 3 function groups.

SUGP Modules for Parallel Load Gen. (Upgrade)
SUGP_46B Module for Parallel Load Generator 4.6B
SUGPEWA Upgrade Analysis and Early Watch Alert


The package SLGN contains 1 transactions.

SGEN SAP Load Generator

Database Tables

The package SLGN contains 4 database tables.

GEN_HISTORY History of Number of Objects Generated by RSGENINVLAS
GENSETC Generation Set for ABAP Objects and BSP Applications
RSJOBTAB Table for Background Job Control Data (Auto Rescheduling)
SERVTYPE Application Servers Selected for Parallel Generation


The package SLGN contains 7 programs.

RSDEVCL2ACOMP Delivers Application Component from Given Package
RSGENINVL Determine Invalidated loads and Start SGEN
RSGENINVLAS Regenerate Invalidated Loads
RSPARAGENER8 Parallel Processing of the Generation of ABAP Loads
RSPARAGENJOB SAP Load Generator: Job Control and Display Progress
RSPARAGENLOD SAP Load Generator - Determine Generation Set
RSPARAGENPXA Defines invalid. loads in PXA buffer and writes them in GENSETC table

Message Classes

The package SLGN contains 1 message classes.

TSGEN Nachrichten der Transaktion SGEN