SAP Package SKWF

SAP Knowledge Warehouse Framework

Technical Information

Package SKWF
Short Text SAP Knowledge Warehouse Framework
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SKWF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SKWF contains 18 function groups.

SKWF_APPLICATION KW Framework: Applications
SKWF_AUTHORITY KW Framework: Authorization Checks
SKWF_CACHING KW Framework: Cache Control
SKWF_CONTENT KW Framework: Access to Contents
SKWF_CONTEXT KW Framework: Context Treatment
SKWF_DISPLAY KW Framework: Display Help Functions
SKWF_FOLDER KW Framework: Access to Directories
SKWF_IO KW Framework: Access to Info Objects
SKWF_MODEL KW Framework: Enhanced Access Model
SKWF_NAMESPACE KW Framework: Name Space
SKWF_PACKAGE KW Framework: Package Handling
SKWF_PROPERTY KW Framework: Access to Properties
SKWF_RETRIEVAL KW Framework:Search, Classification etc.
SKWF_SPECIAL Special: DO NOT USE! Only Consult!
SKWF_TEMPLATE KW Framework: Access to Templates
SKWF_TRANSPORT KW Framework: Transport Link
SKWF_TRAVERSAL KW Framework: Traversing Instances
SKWF_UTIL KW Framework: Utility Functions


The package SKWF contains 1 transactions.

SKWFIVC Invalidate all SKWF Caches

Database Tables

The package SKWF contains 19 database tables.

SKWF_APPLS KW Framework: Application Table
SKWF_APPLT KW Framework: Text Table for Applications
SKWF_CHPRS Cache Parameters
SKWF_CTX KW Framework: Contexts
SKWF_EPROP KW Framework: External Attributes of Info Objects
SKWF_ISEL KW Framework: Context Settings
SKWF_LOG Logging Table
SKWF_PDYN KW Framework: Dynamic Package Handler Table
SKWF_PIO KW Framework: Info Objects of a Package
SKWF_PKG KW Framework: Packages
SKWF_PKGPR KW Framework: Package Properties
SKWF_QUAL KW Framework: Query Settings
SKWF_QUERY KW Framework: Queries
SKWF_ROOT KW Framework: Root Directories
SKWF_SHBUF Table for SKWF Cache
SKWF_TRANS Shadow Table for Namespace Transport
SKWF_URL_IO_CH KW Framework: URL Segment Map Onto IO
SKWF_URLIO KW Framework: URL Segment Map Onto IO
SKWFIO SKWF: Lock Table for IOs


The package SKWF contains 56 structures.

SKWF_CHINF KW Framework: Cache Information
SKWF_CHPAR KW Framework: Cache Parameters
SKWF_CLASS KW Framework: Class of Info Object
SKWF_CLERR KW Framework: Error Info for Classes
SKWF_CLNT KW Framework: Client
SKWF_CPACI KW Framework: Phio Component Info
SKWF_CPCHI KW Framework: Component Information
SKWF_CPCHO KW Framework: Component Information
SKWF_CPI KW Framework: Component Information
SKWF_CPPRP KW Framework: Component Information
SKWF_CPUPD KW Framework: Component Information
SKWF_CSPCS KW Framework: Link Area as Structure Element
SKWF_CSRES KW Framework: Document Hit List of Index Search
SKWF_CXCLS KW Framework: Context Classes as Structure Element
SKWF_DBLIO KW Framework: Structure with Two IOs
SKWF_DESC KW Framework: Description
SKWF_DLSRC KW Framework: Source Object for Move Operation
SKWF_DSPN Structure with IOs, Their Display Names and Description
SKWF_ERROR KW Framework: Error Object
SKWF_FOTI KW Framework: Sort Information Order
SKWF_INHPR Parent IO for Inheritance Operation
SKWF_INPOS KW Framework: IO Insert Position
SKWF_IO KW Framework: Object Key
SKWF_IOATT KW Framework: Class, Attribute and Storage Type
SKWF_IOCPY KW Framework: Structure with IO and IO Copy
SKWF_IOERR KW Framework: Error Info for an Info Object
SKWF_IOFLD KW Framework: IO with Corresponding Folder Object
SKWF_IOLNK KW Framework: IO and Link Name
SKWF_IONAM Structure with IOs and Their Display Names
SKWF_IOSFL IO and System Flags Structure
SKWF_IOUID IO and Unique ID for Copy
SKWF_IOURL KW Framework: IO and URL
SKWF_KEY KW Framework: Key as Character String
SKWF_LPIO KW Framework: Logical and Physical Object
SKWF_MSG KW Framework: Message String as Structure Component
SKWF_MVSRC KW Framework: Source Object for Move Operation
SKWF_OBERR *** Obsolete ***: Error Info for an Info Object
SKWF_OBJDP KW Framework: Object with Display Information
SKWF_OBSTR KW Framework: Object and structure attribute
SKWF_OBTYP *** Obsolete ***: Object with Type Information
SKWF_PAINF KW Framework: IO Parent Information
SKWF_PAPOS KW Framework: IO Parent Position
SKWF_PATYP *** Obsolete ***: Partner with Type Information
SKWF_PRIO IO and Attribute Values
SKWF_PRTN KW Framework: Info Object and Relation
SKWF_RANGE KW Framework: Value Ranges
SKWF_REFST KW Framework: Reference structure for 'Like' and DMWB attr.
SKWF_SFHLP Help Structure for SKWF_SFLGS with Data Element Reference
SKWF_SFLGS Structure with Boolean System Flags (Initial: Undef.)
SKWF_SPROP KW Framework: Description pf Structure Layer
SKWF_STRCT KW Framework: Structure
SKWF_STRIR KW Framework: Reference Structure for Structure ID
SKWF_TPLOB KW Framework: Template Object
SKWF_URLPS KW Framework: URL Part as Structure
SKWF_URLS KW Framework: URL as Structure
SKWFCTXID KW Framework: Structure with Context ID


The package SKWF contains 2 programs.


Search Helps

The package SKWF contains 1 search helps.

SKWF_APPL Search Help for Applications

Message Classes

The package SKWF contains 11 message classes.

SKWF_APPLICATION Meldungen des Applikationslayers
SKWF_AUTH Meldungen der Berechtigungsprüfung
SKWF_CONTEXT Nachrichten der Kontextbehandlung
SKWF_FOLDER Meldungen der Verzeichnisse
SKWF_NAMESPACE Meldungen des Namesraumlayers
SKWF_PACKAGE Meldungen des Paketlayers
SKWF_PROVIDER Meldungen der Providers
SKWF_SDOKERRS Meldungen des KPro Kerns
SKWF_TRANSPORT Meldungen des Transportlayers
SKWF_UTIL Meldungen des Werkeugkastens

Authorization Objects

The package SKWF contains 1 authorization objects.

S_KWF KW Framework: Authorization check