SAP Package SIWL

AsseT Learningscape (PEW) / Knowledge Warehouse

Technical Information

Package SIWL
Short Text AsseT Learningscape (PEW) / Knowledge Warehouse
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SIWL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SIWL contains 16 function groups.

SLS0 PAW - Miscelaneous (MISC)
SLS1 PAW - Comment (COM)
SLS2 PAW - Booking & TEM I/F (BOOK)
SLS3 PAW - IO Assignment (IOA)
SLS4 PAW - Person Test Results (PR)
SLS5 PAW - Assess. Event Info (AEI)
SLS6 PAW - Learner Account (LA)
SLS7 PAW - Survey (SRV)
SLS8 PAW - Customizing (CUST)
SLS9 PAW - Test Description (TST)
SLSB PAW - BAPIs for booking data download
SLSE PAW - Enhancement function modules
SLSH PAW - HR related function modules
SLSI PAW - Result import function modules
SLSM PAW - Table Maintenance Dialogs
SLSR PAW - Reporting Functions


The package SIWL contains 32 transactions.

SL02 PAW - Main Menu
SL102 Results by tests and locations
SL104 PAW - Deleting Results
SL31 PAW - Test type definitions
SL32 PAW - Location Definitions
SL60 PAW - Test Results Overview
SL61 PAW - Test Results Transfer to HR
SL62 PAW - Lookup Definition Tree
SL63 PAW - Location Test-Catalog
SL64 PAW - Statistical Evaluations
SL65 PAW - Export Test Results
SL66 PAW - Download Certification Details
SL67 PAW - Download Test-Catalog for Loc.
SL69 PAW - Qualification Transfer Log.
SL70 PAW - Person Results Overview
SL71 PAW - Initial Data Generator
SL72 PAW - Enjoy Desktop
SL73 PAW - Batch Qualification Generation
SL74 PAW - Batch Q.- Generation Protocol
SL75 PAW - Item Results Overview
SL76 PAW - Test Structure Display
SL77 PAW - Show comments for test items
SL79 PAW - Location Profile Maintenance
SL80 PAW - Item Statistics
SL90 PAW - Cert Printing Information
SL91 PAW - Maintain location profile
SL92 PAW - Maintain test type profil
SL93 PAW - Maintain Settings
SL94 PAW - Maintain test IO profile
SL95 PAW - Maintain User Profiles
SL96 PAW - Release Control Settings
SL99 PAW - Display authorization profiles

Database Tables

The package SIWL contains 63 database tables.

SLS_BLOG PAW - logging table for BAPIs
SLS_CEMAIL PAW - Result Evaluation: Pre-settings of the email flags
SLS_CEVENT PAW - Comments for an event
SLS_CONTAC PAW - Contact Data of Location
SLS_CPET PAW -Comments for an event / test / participant assignment
SLS_CRITEM PAW - Comments for an item from a participant
SLS_CSIGN PAW - Result Evaluation: Pre-settings of the signals
SLS_CXET PAW - Comments for an event / test assignment
SLS_EVENT PAW - Testing Events (related to TEM Events)
SLS_IESS1 PAW - Item Essay 1
SLS_IESS2 PAW - Item Essay 2
SLS_IEVAL PAW - Item Evaluation
SLS_IFILL PAW - Item Fillin
SLS_IMC PAW - Item Multiple Choice
SLS_IOASGN PAW - testtype - infoobjects
SLS_IOASGT PAW - testtype - infoobjects
SLS_ITEM PAW - Item Description
SLS_LOC PAW - Locations
SLS_LOCT PAW - Locations temp
SLS_LOCTTY PAW - Location - Test Type
SLS_LOG PAW - Logging Table (remake)
SLS_LOG2 PAW - Logging Table (remake)
SLS_LOGL PAW - logging error
SLS_LOOKU PAW - Lookup Types
SLS_LOOKV PAW - Lookup Values
SLS_PARTIC PAW - Participants
SLS_PAWMEN PAW - Menu entries
SLS_PET PAW - Person/Event/Test Relationship Table
SLS_PRES PAW - Person Results Structure
SLS_PRINT PAW - Print Information
SLS_PROLOC PAW - Access Profile: Location
SLS_PROTES PAW - Access Profile: Test IDs
SLS_PROTTY PAW - Access Profile: Test Type
SLS_PTYPES PAW - Person Types related to HR Object-Types
SLS_PU PAW - Performance Unit
SLS_PUTEST PAW - Performance Unit of a test
SLS_QLOG PAW - Qualification Generation Log
SLS_QPROT PAW - Batch Qualification Generation Protocol
SLS_RCTRL PAW - Results Release Control
SLS_RESS1 PAW - Result for Item Essay 1
SLS_RESS2 PAW - Result for Item Essay 2
SLS_RESS3 PAW - Text table for results from essay's
SLS_RFILL PAW - Result Item Fillin
SLS_RITEM PAW - Result on Item
SLS_RLC PAW - Result for Item Listchoice
SLS_RMC PAW - Result for Item Multiple Choice
SLS_RRATE PAW - Result for Item RATE
SLS_RTEST PAW - Participant's Aggregated Test Results
SLS_TEST PAW - Test Description
SLS_TEXT PAW - Text Table
SLS_TSTRU PAW - Test Structure
SLS_TTYIO PAW - Info Objects of Test Type
SLS_TTYPE PAW - Test Types
SLS_TTYPET PAW - test types temp
SLS_TTYQU PAW - Test Type Qualifications
SLS_TTYQUT PAW - Test Type Qualifications (temp)
SLS_USRPR PAW - User Access Profiles on data-level
SLS_UTIL PAW - utility table
SLS_XET PAW - Tests per Event


The package SIWL contains 10 views.

SL_LVVIEW Help view for SAVE ID in SLS_SCENAR table
SLS_VTSTR PAW - Test Structure
SV_IOASGN PAW -View info object assignment (SLS_IOASGN, SLS_LOC, SLS_T
SV_IOASGN1 PAW - View info object assignment (SLS_IOASGN, SLS_TTYPE)
SV_LOC PAW - View for table SLS_loc
SV_LOCTTY PAW -View location - test type assignment (SLS_LOCTTY, SLS_T
SV_TSTRU PAW - Test structure with context attributes


The package SIWL contains 91 structures.

BAPIBOOKI PAW - Booking data
SLS_AUTHRE PAW - Authorization Module return values
SLS_BAPIBK PAW - Booking data
SLS_BAPIBO PAW - Booking and person information
SLS_BAPILO PAW - Location list
SLS_BAPIRE PAW - return parameter
SLS_BAPITT PAW - test type structure
SLS_BCONN PAW - Import structure to read connection from HR TEM (1001)
SLS_BOOK PAW - Booking data
SLS_BOPAR PAW - Booking and person information
SLS_BPART PAW - Import structure to read bookings
SLS_COPY PAW - copy function
SLS_DLRES PAW - Structure to download Test Results data
SLS_ESS1 PAW - Item Essay
SLS_ESS2 PAW - Item Essay
SLS_EVAL PAW - Item Evaluation
SLS_EVKEY PAW - Event Key Structure
SLS_EVTE PAW - Structure for Event / Test
SLS_FILL PAW - Item Fillin
SLS_FNAMES PAW - Fieldname Structure
SLS_FUNC PAW - Function information
SLS_HRPART PAW - Business event attendee table
SLS_HRRHV1 PAW - Parameter structure for HR
SLS_INAMES PAW - InfoObject ID & Names
SLS_IOVER PAW - Item Results Overview Structure
SLS_IRES PAW - Item Results with answer- and solution-vector
SLS_IRES2 PAW - Item Results with answer- and solution-vector
SLS_LANG PAW - Language Codes & Texts
SLS_LC1 PAW - Item List Choice
SLS_LC2 PAW - Item List Choice
SLS_LGUIDS PAW - Structure to hold key for logical Info-Object
SLS_LKEY PAW - Structure to hold a key to a person in SLS_PARTIC
SLS_LOKEY PAW - Location Key Structure
SLS_LVAL PAW Structure for Lookup Values
SLS_MC PAW - Item Multiple Choice
SLS_MSGS PAW - Messages of length 72
SLS_NUMS PAW - Structure to simply hold a list of numbers
SLS_OBJID PAW - Event Key Structure
SLS_PAD25 PAW - Additional Data for Relationship 'Takes Part In'
SLS_PETEXT PAW -SLS_PET related structure (incl. dependent information)
SLS_PETID PAW - Structure to hold PET IDs
SLS_PETID1 PAW -Structure to select from PET table with key EventID & T
SLS_PGUIDS PAW - Structure to hold key for physical Info-Object
SLS_PIDS PAW - List of IDs for Participants
SLS_PRI_ST PAW - Structure for Printing Certificates
SLS_QCAT PAW - Qualitiy structure
SLS_QGEN PAW - Structure to hold participant details to generate Q.
SLS_QPROF PAW - Structure: Quality proficiency
SLS_RATE PAW - Item Rating
SLS_RESI PAW - Structure to hold PETid - TForm - ItemID
SLS_RESOVR PAW - Structure to hold all needed details for test-results
SLS_RETURN PAW - return parameter
SLS_RPAR PAW - Person / Event / Test
SLS_SCEVE PAW - Structure: Comments for an event
SLS_SCPET PAW -Structure: Comments for an event / test / participant a
SLS_SCRITE PAW -Structure: Comments for an event / test / participant a
SLS_SCXET PAW - Structure: Comments for an event / test assignment
SLS_SF PAW - Structure for Smart form
SLS_SITEM PAW - Structure import Item
SLS_SLOCTT PAW - Structure for location - test type assignment
SLS_SPU PAW - Structure Performance Unit
SLS_SPUTST PAW - Structure Performance Unit from test
SLS_SRAGG PAW - Aggregate Results
SLS_SRCTRL PAW - Structure for Result - Release Control
SLS_SRES1 PAW - Result for Item Essay 1
SLS_SRES2 PAW - Result for Item Essay 1
SLS_SRFIL PAW - Result for Item Fillin
SLS_SRITE PAW - Result for Item
SLS_SRLC PAW - Result for Item List Choice
SLS_SRMC PAW - Result for Item Multiple Choice
SLS_SRRAT PAW - Result for Item Rate
SLS_SSUTST PAW - Structure Subtest
SLS_STEST PAW - Structure Test
SLS_STNAME PAW - Subtest IDs & Names
SLS_STTY PAW - Structur for Test Type (id, short, text)
SLS_TCOMP PAW - Test Composition
SLS_TESTID PAW - Internal Test ID - Structure
SLS_TRES PAW - Structure to hold all needed details for test-results
SLS_TSTATS PAW - Structure to hold statistical evaluation details
SLS_TSTRIO PAW - Test Structure with Names
SLS_TTRCTL PAW - Test Type - Results Release Control Details
SLS_TTYID PAW - List of IDs of Test-Types
SLS_UNAMES PAW - Structure to hold system user names
SLS_UPROF PAW - User Authorization Profiles Overview
SLS_ZAPAD PAW - customer fields to table PAD25
SLSPAD25 PAW - Customer fields to table PAD25


The package SIWL contains 35 programs.

SAPMSL02 PAW - Entrance Menue
SAPMSL311 PAW - Test Type Definition
SAPMSL32 PAW - Test Catalog Definition
SAPMSL932 PAW - Maintenance Lookup Definitions
SAPMSL96 PAW - Results - Release Control
SLSPAWC1 PAW - Displaying Comments
SLSPAWD1 PAW - Download Booking Data
SLSPAWD2 PAW Download Test Catalog
SLSPAWDEL PAW - Report to delete results according of partid / testid / eventid
SLSPAWIS PAW - Item statistical Information
SLSPAWL2 PAW - Display test catalog
SLSPAWL3 PAW - Display Settings
SLSPAWL4 PAW - Tests occured at Locations
SLSPAWM0 PAW - Enjoy Desktop Startup Program
SLSPAWM1 PAW - Enjoy Desktop
SLSPAWP1 PAW - Certificate Printing Information
SLSPAWR1 PAW - Test Results Overview
SLSPAWR1_1 PAW - Test Results Overview
SLSPAWR2 PAW - Descriptive statistics
SLSPAWR5 PAW - Test Results Overview (Classic)
SLSPAWR6 PAW - Test Structure Display
SLSPAWR7 PAW - Participant Results
SLSPAWR8 PAW - Test result answer details
SLSPAWR9 PAW - Item Results Overview
SLSPAWT1 PAW - Assign Qualifications
SLSPAWT2 PAW - Qualification Transfer Log
SLSPAWT5 PAW - Batch Qualification Generation
SLSPAWT6 PAW - Batch Qualification Transfer Protocol
SLSPAWT8 PAW - Generate Initial Customizing Data
SLSPAWV1 PAW - Authorizations: location profile maintenance
SLSPAWV2 PAW - Authorizations: test type profil maintenance
SLSPAWV3 PAW - Authorizations: test info-object profile maintenance
SLSPAWV4 PAW - Authorizations: user profile maintenance
SLSPAWV5 PAW - Authorizations Overview
SLSPAWZ9 PAW - General Report Template

Search Helps

The package SIWL contains 29 search helps.

SH_EVENT PAW - Search Help Event
SH_EVENT_EXT PAW - Search Help Event - Extended
SH_EVLOCID PAW - Search Help for Location ID on Table SLS_QLOG
SH_LAISO PAW - Search help for Laiso
SH_LOC PAW - Search help for sls_loc
SH_LOC1 PAW - search help for SLS_LOC
SH_LOC2 PAW - Location
SH_LOC3 PAW - location contact
SH_LOC4 PAW - search help for SLS_LOC
SH_LOCT PAW - Search help for sls_loct
SH_LOOKU_LUNAME PAW - search help for luname
SH_LTESTS PAW - Search Help for table SLS_TEST
SH_PARTIC PAW - Search Help Participant
SH_PARTICM PAW - Search Help for Multiple Participant Selection
SH_PARTICX PAW - Search Help for Participant Selection
SH_PU PAW - Performance Unit
SH_TEST PAW - Search Help for Test
SH_TESTG PAW - Search Help for sls_test over guid
SH_TSTRU PAW - Search help TSTRU
SH_TTYIO PAW - Search help for sls_ttype and sls_ttyio
SH_TTYPE PAW - Search help for sls_ttype
SH_TTYPE2 PAW - Search help for sls_ttype 2
SH_TTYPET PAW - Search help for sls_ttypet
SH_TTYQUT PAW - Search help for sls_ttypet
SH_USR01 PAW - System User Search Help
SLS_SAVRID_SH SLS - Search help for Save ID

Message Classes

The package SIWL contains 1 message classes.

SLS PAW - Message class

Authorization Objects

The package SIWL contains 2 authorization objects.

PAW_LOCID PAW - Location
PAW_PRINT PAW - Authorization object to print Certificates