SAP Package SINF

Informix Porting

Technical Information

Package SINF
Short Text Informix Porting
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SINF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SINF contains 1 function groups.

SDBI2 Informix DB Administration II

Database Tables

The package SINF contains 5 database tables.

DD02INF Table Parameters for INFORMIX, Version 6
INFREQ4US Parallel Upd. Stat. Request Table (sapdbainf <-> child4us)
TAINF Current INFORMIX Database Spaces
TGINF Assignment of INFORMIX Storage Params to Table Categories
TSINF Value Table for Domain INFDBSNAME


The package SINF contains 9 structures.

DBPOPFREE Structure for (Free) SQL Dialog Box in RSXPLINF (ST05)
INFBARDET Onbar: Information (bar*) About Backups
INFBARRES Onbar: Information (bar*) About Database Backups (CCMS View)
INFCFGSTR8 Help Structure for Function Module REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT
INFCHUNKS INFORMIX: Structure for Chunk Information
INFDBSPS INFORMIX: Information about a 'dbspace'
INFDEVS INFORMIX: Information About a 'device' (-> 'chunks')
INFLRECOV INFORMIX: Output Structure of 'onarchive list/recovery'
INFTABS INFORMIX: (Technical) Information for a Table


The package SINF contains 7 programs.

JNTEST As transport test object only
RSATAFT0 Driver Program for ALTERCHECK Schema (RSARAFS0)
RSATAFT1 Driver Program for ALTERCHECK Schema (RSATAFS1)
RSATAFT2 Driver Program for ALTERCHECK Schema (RSATAFS1)
RSATAFT3 Driver Program for ALTERCHECK Schema (RSATAFS1)
RSXPLINF INFORMIX-Specific Module for Explain SQL