SAP Package SIN

Inbox Development

Technical Information

Package SIN
Short Text Inbox Development
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SIN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SIN contains 10 function groups.

SIN1 SAPBPT: Integrated inbox
SIN2 SAPBPT: Inbox - Configuration
SINA SAPbpt: Integrated Folders API
SIND Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SINE Table maintenance: Classes/folder areas
SINR Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SINW1 Workplace: List Display (ALV control)
SINWP Call Workplace
SINWPD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SINWPL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package SIN contains 3 transactions.

SBWP SAP Business Workplace
SINA SAPBPT: Maintain Standard Config.

Database Tables

The package SIN contains 18 database tables.

SIN_T_INI Workplace: Classes Involved at Workplace
SIN_T_LANG Workplace Classes: Language-dependent Descriptions
SIN_T_LINK Navigation Area of SAPBPT Workplace
TSINA SAPBPT: Configuration Table
TSINB SAPBPT: Configuration Table (Translations)
TSIND SAPBPT: Class Descriptions
TSINE SAPBPT: Valid Classes in Integrated Inbox
TSING SAPBPT: Config. - Classes Columns Belong To
TSINH SAPBPT: Assignment of valid function codes and classes
TSINI SAPBPT: Valid classes in integrated inbox
TSINK SAPBPT: General SAP configuration names
TSINL SAPBPT: General SAP configuration names (languages)
TSINN SAPBPT: Configuration Names
TSINO SAPBPT: General SAP configuration columns
TSINP SAPBPT: General SAP configuration filters
TSINR SAPBPT: Configuration names
TSINS SAPBPT: Inbox Filter Options
TSINU SAPBPT: Configuration Table User


The package SIN contains 1 views.

H_TSINI SAPbpt: Class descriptions


The package SIN contains 27 structures.

SIN_S_BEH Business Workplace: Behaviour (Connection Name <-> Handle)
SIN_S_CNT Workplace: Inbox Counter
SIN_S_COMM Workplace: Cross-class Structure for ALV Control
SIN_S_LINK Workplace: Node structure for Hierarchy
SIN_S_PR Table for Substitutions
SIN_S_REFR Workplace: Refresh
SIN_S_SELC Selection of BWP Classes
SIN_S_WPDD Workplace: Drag and Drop by Class Key
SIN_S_WPK Workplace: Key of a Node from Organizational Area
SIN2S01 SAPoffice: Configurations - Editor
SINCLOBJID SAPbpt: ID of an object from a class API2
SINCLSEL Class selection
SINCOUNT Structure for counter for entries
SINENTLST2 SAPbpt: Structure of packing list for API2
SINEX SAPBPT: Excluded Functions for PF Status
SINLEG SAPbpt: Structure for displaying key
SINLI SAPbpt: Structure max. length
SINLIX SAPoffice: Structure for Document Content from Binary Type
SINOBJATTR SAPoffice: Possible attributes of API2
SINOBJID SAPbpt: ID of an object within the class for API2
SINS01 SAPBPT: Structure for folder viewer (free texts)
SINS02 SAPBPT: Structure for folder viewer config. (free texts)
SINSU SAPBPT: Inbox Structure Substitutes, Views
SINWPUS SAPBPT: Private Office Settings


The package SIN contains 3 programs.

RSSIN101 SAPBPT: Initialize configuration
RSSIN102 SAPBPT: Delete User Configurations
RSSINADM Maintain Standard Configurations

Search Helps

The package SIN contains 1 search helps.

H_TSINI SAPbpt: Class descriptions

Message Classes

The package SIN contains 1 message classes.

WK BPT: Meldungen integr. Eingangskorb