SAP Package SIM1

Customizing tools from Release 4.0

Technical Information

Package SIM1
Short Text Customizing tools from Release 4.0
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SIM1 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SIM1 contains 2 function groups.

SCI3 Functions for Displaying IMG
SIC1 Interfaces for LiveModel

Database Tables

The package SIM1 contains 8 database tables.

CUSADP40 Default project and other standard settings in Customizing
TCUS_XREF4 Cross reference for objects in IMG projects
TCUSGENINF General information display: Assignment of structures
TCUSGLOB40 Global settings for Rel. 4.0 Customizing
TCUSP40 Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSP40T Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSPXREF4 Relevant projects for where-used list
TCUSR40 Assignment of view to project


The package SIM1 contains 10 structures.

CUSAH_IC Transfer of activity attributes to IC
CUSAL_IC Transfer of country assignment of activities to IC
CUSAT_IC Transfer of activity texts to IC
OBJH_IC Transfer of object attributes to IC
OBJSUB_IC Transfer of subobject attributes to IC
OBJSUBT_IC Transfer of subobjects to IC
SCI1SCR Fields for screens in group SAPLSCI1
SIM1_TYPES Structure for interface parameters
TCUSP40HLP Structure for possible entries help for TCUSP40
VVARIANTS View variants and their parent view