Meta Data API for IDoc Adapter

Technical Information

Short Text Meta Data API for IDoc Adapter
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SIDOC_METADATA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 2 function groups.

IDX1 IDoc Adapter
IDXN Help Module for Metadata


The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 2 transactions.

IDX1 Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
IDX2 Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter

Database Tables

The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 7 database tables.

IDXEDISDEF IDoc Adapter Segment Versions for each Port
IDXEDSAPPL IDoc Adapter Fields in the Segments for each Port
IDXIDOCINB IDoc Adapter: IDoc types which must not go to the Int. Serv.
IDXIDOCSYN IDoc Adapter IDoc Syntax Description for each Port
IDXPORSM59 IDoc Adapter Destination and Partner for Status Confirmation
IDXSLOAD IDoc Adapter Administration
IDXSTRUCT IDoc Adapter: IDoc Structure Information Procurement


The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 4 structures.

EDISYN30 EDISYN Structure in Release 3.x
IDX_HELP IDoc Adapter: Help Structure for F1 Texts
LEDSAPPL Structure for List Tool Use
LISTVERSIO Structure for ALV Use


The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 6 programs.

IDX_FILL_STRUCTURE Load Selected IDoc Metadata for the IDoc Adapter
IDX_RESET_METADATA Delete the Structure Descriptions for IDoc Adapter
IDX_SELECT_IDOCTYP_WITHOUT_IS Maintain IDoc types not to be transferred to IS in XML format
IDXMETA Metadata Overview for IDoc Adapter
IDXPORT Port Maintenance for IDoc Adapter
IDXVERSIONEN Maintain Segment Versions

Search Helps

The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 3 search helps.

IDX_META_IDOCTYP IDoc Type in IDoc Metadata
IDX_META_PORTS Search Help for Ports for IDoc Metadata
IDX_PORT Ports in IDoc Adapter

Message Classes

The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 1 message classes.

IDOC_METADATA Nachrichten für Metadaten für IDoc-Adapter

Authorization Objects

The package SIDOC_METADATA contains 1 authorization objects.

S_IDOCMETA IDoc Metadata: Load and Display IDoc Metadata in XI