SAP Package SICN

Incremental Conversion and Tools

Technical Information

Package SICN
Short Text Incremental Conversion and Tools
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SICN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SICN contains 5 function groups.

SDB6 DD: Advanced Conversion Tool
SDB8 Statistics for conversions
SDB9 Monitor for incremental conversion
SDBM Incremental Migration
SDOO DD: OO Specials


The package SICN contains 4 transactions.

IC37 SM37 for Incremental Conversion Jobs
ICNV Incremental Conversion
IMIG Incremental Migration
SPAR Determine Storage Parameters

Database Tables

The package SICN contains 25 database tables.

DDALIAS DD: Second name for accessing tables
DDCDIM DD: Conversion, number of table lines
DDCNVEXIT DD: External conversion methods
DDCNVSTAT DD: Statistical Data for Conversion
DDCNVTABL DD: Contains incr. conv. tables depend. on release/component
DDCNVTIMES DD: Exclusion times for conversion
DDCNVUSR DD: Exception table of converter
DDCPRO DD: Conversion projects
DDCPROT DD: Text on conversion projects
DDCPROTAB DD: Table for conversion projects
DDCQUEUE DD: Queue for CNV Operations
DDCSTA DD: Conversion, number of table lines
DDCSTAT DD: Statistics table for conversions
DDICNVCTRL Control String for Transaction ICNV
DDICNVDIST Distribution of data records of base tables
DDICNVLST Contains information on converter exits
DDSTATHIST DD: Statistical Data for Conversion
ICNV30L Nametabs for Incremental Conversion
ICNV31L Nametab for Incremental Conversion
ICNVCANDY DD: Contains incr. conv. tables depend. on release/component
TICNV DD: Status of Incremental Conversions
TICNVDB4 AS/400: Defined Trigger for Tables
UPG_DD12L ICNV: Secondary Indexes - Header
UPG_DD17S ICNV: Secondary Indexes - Fields


The package SICN contains 43 structures.

ABORTSTR SPAM: Termination message
CNVPROCPAR DD: Parameters for conversion process
CNVSTATES Collection of conversion states
DCRTOBDEF DD: Origin of the runtime object at conversion
DCTMPCRE DD: Control structure for creating temporary tables
DCTRIGCRE Control structure for creating logging triggers
DCUNITGET Control structure for DD_TABL_UNI_GET
DDCCOND Conditions for Status Switch during Conversion
DDCCURRSTA DD: Conversion, statistics, intermediate values
DDCNODE DD: Nodes in Status Graphs of Conversion
DDCNVBODY DD: Definition of conversion steps - local attribute
DDCNVCTRL DD: Structure for parameters of ICNV
DDCNVDEFS DD: Definition of Conversion Steps
DDCNVKEY Definition of Conversion Scenario - Key
DDCNVREF DD: Reference structure for conversion requirements
DDCNVRESS DD: Structure for results of FB DD_ICNV_UPGRADE
DDCNVUPGR DD: Control structure for ICNV steps during upgrade
DDCPROGRES DD: Conversion, statistics, intermediate values
DDCPYSTAT DD: Statistics data for table copy
DDCSCANSTA DD: Conversion, scan history
DDCURSOR DD: Reference structure for cursor area
DDCVERTIC Link of Status Graph of Conversion Program
DDDBOPERA Virtual table of outstanding DB operations
DDICNVCHE DD: Condition variables for incremental conversion
DDICNVENQ DD: Structure to lock the ICNV
DDICNVFLDS Structure for Incremental Conversion Fields
DDICNVMON DD: Structure for ICNV monitor
DDICNVPREP DD: Control Structure for ICNV in Upgrade
DDICNVPROS Process information for incremental conversion
DDICNVREF Reference structure for interfaces of ICNV
DDICNVRES DD: Results of ICNV Checks in Upgrade
DDICNVUPGR DD: ICNV Control for Upgrade Phase PREPARE
DDIM_X030L Nametab Header, Database Structure DDNTT for IMIG Before 5.0
DDIM_X031L Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF for IMIG < 5.0
DDIMIGRFC Structure for RFC Check at Incremental Migration
DDIREL Relation Source and Target Tables in the ICNV
DDTCCT DD: Cluster Tables -> Table Clsuter - Assignment
DDTRKORR DD: Structure for Transport Requests
IFRAME Frame for Nametabs of Incremental Conversion
ITABPROG Progress Per Table
TICNVKEY Key for table TICNV


The package SICN contains 35 programs.

ICNVDADA DD: Definition of the conversion steps for ADABAS
ICNVDDB2 DD: Definition of conversion steps for Informix
ICNVDDB4 DD: Definition of the conversion steps for DB2/400
ICNVDDB6 DD: Definition of conversion steps for DB6
ICNVDINF DD: Definition of conversion steps for Informix
ICNVDMSS DD: Definition of the conversion steps for Microsoft SQL Server
ICNVDORA DD: Definition of the conversion steps for Oracle
ICNVUPGV Verification program for ICNV in upgrade
RADBTSIG DD: Interprocess communications
RADBTSTA DD: Universal status management
RADCLMIG Incremental Migration: Final Clean-Up
RADCVSTA DD: Progress computation in ICNV
RADICGET DD: Writes objects to convert and their environment to object lis
RADICNTC DD: Generates ICNV30/31L entries
RADILOOP DD: General incremental conversion process
RADIMOVE DD: Universal conversion
RADINCNV DD: Check program for incremental table conversion
RADINMIG DD: Entries for incremental migration
RADISTE0 DD: Standard pool of elementary conversion steps
RADISTEL DD: Pool of elementary conversion steps for ICNV without modifications
RADISTEP DD: Definition of conversions
RADISTEU DD: Standard pool of elementary conversion steps in the upgrade
RADISTOR DD: Storage parameter in ICNV (display and maintenance)
RADISYNC DD: Routines for process synchronization in the ICNV
RADITFIL DD: Fills DDCNVTABL out of transport order with ICNV candidates
RADITOOL DD: Subprogram for incremental conversion
RADIVERI ABAP Dictionary: Check for Incremental Conversion (Destroys Test Data)
RADLKMIG IMIG: Limit Key Determination
RADPIMIG Incremental Migration: Prepare Export
RADPPMIG Incremental Migration: Prepare Test Export
RADPRMIG IMIG: Prepare Remainder Export
RADTROWS DD: Calculation of number of table lines per project
RCNV0001 DD: Convert EDIDD to structure and copy old data
RCNV0002 DD: Convert CDHDR and CDPOS
RFMHN_CL Repair of table RFMHN and MHND

Message Classes

The package SICN contains 2 message classes.

IU Inkrementelle Umsetzung
IV Elementarschritte der inkrementellen Umsetzung