SAP Package SI18N

I18N Funktionality

Technical Information

Package SI18N
Short Text I18N Funktionality
Parent Package -

Package Contents

The package SI18N is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SI18N contains 1 function groups.

REPAST I18N:REPAST, Function group


The package SI18N contains 2 transactions.

I18N Internationalization
REPAST I18N:repast transaction

Database Tables

The package SI18N contains 12 database tables.

BIDT_T_ALL table for testing bidi flags
BIDT_T_CHBIDI bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_CHLTR bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_DECLTR bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_DECN bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_INTLTR bidi flags tests
BIDT_T_INTN bidi flags tests
RPDEVICETYPECONF I18N:Repast, device type configration table
RPPRINTERCONF I18N:repast, print configration table
RPPRINTFONTCONF I18N:repast, printer fonts configration
RPPRINTOPTCONF I18n:repast, printer printing option configration
TISLCAL Islamic Calendar customizing


The package SI18N contains 9 structures.

BIDT_S_ALL structure for bidi flags test
BIDT_S_FLAT flat structure for testing bidi flags
BIDT_S_FLAT_FK flat structure for testing bidi flags
I18NSNAMEFLAGS I18n: Dataelement name and flags
I18NSODLEN I18n: Data length select-option
I18NSODTYP I18n: Datatype select-option
I18NSOSERTYP Search type
RPSPRINTOPTCONF I18N:repast, print option setting structure
TISLCAL_EXT Islamic Calendar customizing


The package SI18N contains 7 programs.

I18N_ABAPLIST_UC_BLOCK Unicode characters (U+0000-FFFF) by Unicode Block
I18N_AL_TEST_BIDI_FLAGS Testing bidi flags in ABAP list, with user input.
I18N_ALV_TEST_BIDI_FLAGS bidi flags testing with ALV grid
I18N_DYNPROS_TEST_BIDI_FLAGS testing bidi flags with Dynpros controls
I18N_TABLE_FILL program for filling tables for bidi flags testing

Message Classes

The package SI18N contains 1 message classes.

I18N Message class for SI18N