SAP Package SHI2

Hierarchy maintenance tool - structure for IMG etc.

Technical Information

Package SHI2
Short Text Hierarchy maintenance tool - structure for IMG etc.
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SHI2 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SHI2 contains 6 function groups.

SHI12 Read data: FM not relevant for display
SHI2 Hierarchy maint.:DB - read data
SHI20 Maintain: Enhancement ID
SHI3 Hierarchy maint.: DB - save data
SHI4 Maint.: Node/structure/link type
SHI9 Structure buffering


The package SHI2 contains 3 transactions.

SHI0 Structure buffer: Node type maint.
SHI1 Structure buffer: Link type maint.
SHI2 Structure buffer: Struc. type maint.

Database Tables

The package SHI2 contains 31 database tables.

TNODE01 Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODE01R General Structure Storage References
TNODE01T General Structure Storage Node Names
TNODEE Definition of attributes of a node type
TNODEH List of valid node types
TNODERTYPE Node type: Assignable link types
TNODES Node type: Valid sub-node types
TNODET Name of valid node types
TRTYPEH List of valid link types
TRTYPET Name of valid link types
TTREE Definition table for structures
TTREE_APPL Application-defined additional structure data
TTREE_EXT Structure enhancement ID
TTREE_EXTT Table TTREE_EXT text table
TTREE_FLNK Link between old and new nodes in filter
TTREE_FLP Hierarchy tool: Link between filter, log. and phys. str.
TTREE_GEN Application-defined additional structure data
TTREE_JOB Hierarchy Tool: Background Jobs
TTREED Hierarchy Tool: Double Nodes
TTREEF User-specific list of favorites of structure maintenance
TTREEI List of Active Nodes for a Structure
TTREELOADS Generation data for structure buffering (nodes/links)
TTREELOADT Generation data for structure buffering (texts)
TTREEN List of node types to be displayed for a structure
TTREEP Parameter for view: Maintenance by application only
TTREES Read sequence for namespace identifier
TTREESRCH Generation data for structure buffering (nodes/links)
TTREET Name of a structure
TTREETYPE List of valid structure types
TTREETYPEN List of valid node types per structure type
TTREETYPET Name of valid structure types


The package SHI2 contains 2 views.

TTREE_READ Read Structures and Filters
V_TNODE01 Transport Nodes from View


The package SHI2 contains 18 structures.

HIER_ADMIN Creation data and change data for gen. hierarchy storage
HIER_DISP1 List of deactivated link types for each node type
HIER_EXUSE Enhancement ID Where-Used List Structure
HIER_IFACE Hierarchy Maintenance Tool Node Passing Interface
HIER_LINK Hierarchy Tool: Link between new and old node_key
HIER_MESS Transfer structure for messages
HIER_NODED Node table data part Include
HIER_NODEK Include Key for Structure Item Table
HIER_NODES List of nodes
HIER_NTYPE List of node types
HIER_REF List of references to nodes
HIER_REFTY List of link types
HIER_STRUC Hierarchy maintenance structure ID transfer structure
HIER_STYPE List of structure types
HIER_TEXTS Text for nodes of general structure storage
HIER_TRANS Structure text transfer to translation structure
HIER_TYPES Structure with reference fields for function modules
PNODES_TWB Hierarchy Tool: Parent nodes for test plans


The package SHI2 contains 2 programs.

RS_STREE_TRANSPORT_VIA_DEVCLA Put package structures in transport request
RSJTNODE Explicit representation of the node table TNODE01 with text

Search Helps

The package SHI2 contains 1 search helps.

S_TRTYPEH Allowed Link Type Search Help

Message Classes

The package SHI2 contains 1 message classes.

1X Nachrichten zum allgemeinen Hierarchiepflegetool