SAP Package SHFG

Ergonomics: Sample Transactions, Check Reports and so on

Technical Information

Package SHFG
Short Text Ergonomics: Sample Transactions, Check Reports and so on
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SHFG is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SHFG contains 2 function groups.

EXAMPLE_ENTRY_SCREEN Style Guide Transaction
SERG Ergonomics: Online Style Guide


The package SHFG contains 4 transactions.

BIBS Examples of User Interface Design
BIBU Test Transaction User Interface
LIBS List layout
STYLE_GUIDE Style Guide Transaction

Database Tables

The package SHFG contains 4 database tables.

BIBS_RPST Table for maintaining action code and the repository object
BIBS_SCR Table for maintaining the screens, the action code and desc
TQSTQ1 Table of Questions for Online Questionnaires
TQSTQS Table of Data for Online Questionnaires


The package SHFG contains 52 programs.

ERGP2000 Demo: All Colors
ERGP2010 Header Information Design
ERGP2020 One-Line Table
ERGP2030 One-Line Table with Toolbar
ERGP2040 One-Line Table - ALV Grid Control Standard Call
ERGP2050 One-Line Table with Threshold Values
ERGP2060 One-Line Table with Total
ERGP2070 One-Line Table with Total and Subtotal
ERGP2075 One-Line List
ERGP2080 One-Line List with Button Bar
ERGP2085 One-Line List - ALV Standard Call
ERGP2090 One-Line List with Top of Page
ERGP2092 Design of the header information (top of page)
ERGP2100 Simple single-line list
ERGP2105 Simple One-Line List with Fixed Key Columns
ERGP2110 Single-line list with totals line and threshold values
ERGP2120 One-Line List with Threshold Values
ERGP2123 One-Line List with Total
ERGP2127 One-Line List with Total and Subtotal
ERGP2130 Single-line list with several totals lines and heading levels
ERGP2140 Single-line list with hierarchical headings
ERGP2150 Single-line list with inserted lines
ERGP2200 Two-Line List
ERGP2210 Two-Line List
ERGP2250 Three-Line List
ERGP2260 Three-Line List
ERGP2300 Hierarchical Sequential List (one line)
ERGP2305 Hierarchical Sequential List (one line, variant)
ERGP2310 Hierarchical Sequential List with Defined Key Columns
ERGP2350 Hierarchical Sequential List (multiple lines)
ERGP2355 Hierarchical Sequential List (multiple lines, variant)
ERGP2500 Matrix List
ERGP2505 Matrix List (variant with multi-level line titles)
ERGP2530 Matrix List With Defined Line Titles
ERGP2600 Hierarchical List
ERGP2620 Hierarchy tree
ERGP2700 Bar and column chart
ERGP2710 Column Chart With Defined Area
ERGP2800 List of Symbols in Lists
ERGP2805 xxxxx Combinations of Symbols with Background Colors and Lines
ERGP2810 List of Symbols in Lists with their Applications
ERGP2820 Typical Uses of List Symbols
ERGP2830 Example of Symbols in Lists: List of Features
ERGP2832 Example of Symbols in Lists: Values and Numbers
ERGP2850 List of Icons in Lists
ERGP2855 List of Printable Icons in Lists
ERGP2860 List of Printable Icons with their Uses
ERGP2880 Example of icons in lists: List of features
ERGP2900 Demo: All Colors
GUILSTCN Collection of Ideas for Table and List Design
SAPMBIBS Examples of User Interface Design (Ergonomics)

Message Classes

The package SHFG contains 1 message classes.

QQ Nachrichten für Befragungstransaktion