Shared Objects: Basis Components

Technical Information

Short Text Shared Objects: Basis Components
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SHARED_OBJECTS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 1 function groups.

SHMA Shared Objects Administration


The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 2 transactions.

SHMA Shared Objects: Management
SHMM Shared Objects Monitor

Database Tables

The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 6 database tables.

SHMA_ATTR_RTS Area Properties Changeable W/o Restrict. (ABAP Shared Obj,)
SHMA_ATTRIBUTES Area Attributes (ABAP Shared Objects)
SHMA_START List of Instance Names for Auto Build
SHMA_START_RTS List of Instance Names for Auto Build (Runtime Setting)
SHMM_TRC_GLOBAL Shared Memory Monitor Trace: Global Control
SHMM_TRC_VARIANT Shared Memory Monitor Trace: User Variants


The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 20 structures.

SHM_AREA_INFO Monitoring: Info Structure for Area
SHM_AREA_INFO_COMMON Monitoring: Info for Areas / Instances / Versions
SHM_AREA_INSTANCE_INFO Monitoring: Info Structure for Area
SHM_ATTACH Describes an Attach for the Multi-Attach
SHM_INFO Shared Objects: Tune Summary
SHM_INST_INFO Structure for Overview of Instances of a Shared Memory Area
SHM_LOCK_INFO Monitoring: Info Structure for Locks
SHM_PROPERTIES Area Properties (Instance)
SHM_RUNTIME_SETTINGS Subset of Area Attributes: Runtime Settings
SHM_VERSION_INFO Monitoring: Common for Areas / Instances / Versions
SHM_VERSION_STATISTICS Monitoring: Counter for Different States of a Version
SHMA_AREA_NAME_F4 Help Structure for F4 Help on Area Name
SHMA_CHG_INFO Change Information
SHMA_DELTA_ENTRY Individual Delta Entry
SHMA_DELTA_INFO Structure with Info Tables for Delta Determination
SHMA_RTS_TREE_ITEM Shared Memory Area: Data for Tree Control
SHMA_RTS_TREE_U_ITEM Shared Memory Area: Update Data for Tree Control
SHMKM_ATTRIBUTES Area Attributes (Data Transfer to Kernel Methods)
SHMM_TRC_ACTIVATION_VECTOR Shared Memory Trace: Control Struct. f. Methods to Be Traced
SHMM_TRC_TRACE_ENTRY Individual Trace Record for Shared Objects


The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 5 programs.

RSGENSHO Area Class Generation
RSSHMCAI Shared Objects: Call of Instance Constructors
RSSHMROD Display Shared Memory Rootset
SAPMSSYC System Program for ABAP Shared Objects Area Constructors

Message Classes

The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 2 message classes.

SHMA Shared Objects: Meldungen der Verwaltung
SHMM Shared Objects Monitor

Authorization Objects

The package SHARED_OBJECTS contains 2 authorization objects.

S_SHM_ADM ABAP Shared Objects: Maintenance
S_SHM_MON Shared Objects: Monitor