SAP Package SGOS

Generic Object Services

Technical Information

Package SGOS
Short Text Generic Object Services
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SGOS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Embedded Packages

The package SGOS contains 1 embedded packages.

SGOS_OBL Generic Service: Relations

Function Groups

The package SGOS contains 8 function groups.

SGOSHIST GOS: Object History
SGOSITS SGOS: Functions in ITS Environment
SGOSSUB SGOS: Subscribe/Unsubscribe
SGOSSUBV Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SGOSWP SGOS: Business Workplace
SGSCUST Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SGSCUST2 SGOS Customizing Customer
SWUG Generic Services


The package SGOS contains 5 transactions.

SGOS Customizing Generic Object Services
SGOS_OBJ_DISP Default Method of Object
SGOSHI Object History
SGOSM Definition of Generic Services
SOHI Object History

Database Tables

The package SGOS contains 9 database tables.

SGOSATTR SGOS: Attribute of Generic Services
SGOSCUST Client Dependent Maintenance of Generic Object Services
SGOSH System table INDX
SGOSHIST Generic Object Services: Object History
SGOSSTXT SGOS: Texts for Generic Services
SGOSSUB Settings for Subscribe/Unsubscribe
SGOSTOJTTR Remote BOR: Basic Data Texts
SRGBTBREL Relationships in GOS Environment


The package SGOS contains 10 structures.

SGOS_ATTR SGOS: Attribute of a Generic Service
SGOS_HIST SGOS: Object History (Display for Example in Bus. Workplace)
SGOS_ITXT SGOS: Description of a Generic Service (Text/Icon)
SGOS_MODL SGOS: Entry of a Service in the Toolbox Model
SGOS_MSRV SGOS: Multi-Function Service Function
SGOS_MVOBJ SGOS: Mapping Between Model, View and Object
SGOS_OBJ Object Instance with Default Attribute
SGOS_SELS SGOS: Selection Criteria for Service Selection
SGOS_TREE SGOS: View of Generic Services (cl_gui_simple_tree)
SGOS_URLOB Structure for Miniapp


The package SGOS contains 6 programs.

GOS_DOCU_SHOW Calls the KEN Documentation for the Generic Object Services
MSGOSHIST Object history as transaction
RSGOSRE01 Reorganisation of Documents From the Generic Object Services
RSSGOSOBJDLI Maintain object types for distribution lists
SGOS_OBJ_DISPLAY Default method of an object

Search Helps

The package SGOS contains 2 search helps.

HGOSSERV SGOS: Description of a Generic Service
SGOSSUBSH Search Help for Object Type and Event

Message Classes

The package SGOS contains 1 message classes.

SGOS_MSG SGOS: Generische Objektdienste