SAP Package SFIN

Basis Development: SAPfind Information Retrieval

Technical Information

Package SFIN
Short Text Basis Development: SAPfind Information Retrieval
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SFIN is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SFIN contains 14 function groups.

SFAR SAPfind - attribute retrieval
SFBT SAPfind - document retrieval
SFCP SAPfind - classes and pointers
SFFI SAPfind - free word index
SFFR SAPfind - free word retrieval
SFIN SAPfind - special for R/3 info
SFPI SAPfind - indexing pointers
SFPR SAPfind - retrieval pointers
SFQU SAPfind - analysis of search terms
SFSC SAPfind - scanning and sequential search
SFSH SAPfind - search interface
SFSO SAPfind - search interface
SFSS SAPfind - SAPscript index and catalog
SFTT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)


The package SFIN contains 4 transactions.

SO80 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Dialog
SO95 Pregenerated Search Queries - Selec.
SO99 Put Information System
VAL_RELN Release Note approval

Database Tables

The package SFIN contains 33 database tables.

CHGRP SAPfind: character groups
DELM SAPfind: delimiter & special character
FINI Index Table for SAPfind
FINK Text Key -> Pointer (SAPfind)
FINP Pointer -> Text Key (SAPfind)
FINS SAPfind: Assignment of Texts - Keywords For Search Interface
FINT Title of the Indexed Texts (SAPfind)
FINV SAPfind: Pointer, Text Key and Title Administration
SFIA Attribute Table for SAPfind
SFIAT Attribute Text Table
SFICD Class Description Table for SAPfind
SFICL Class Table for SAPfind
SFICT SAPfind: Language-dependent Class Description
SFINO SAPfind: Pointer Administration/Assignment (annually)
SFITH SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access to FIND
SFIWN Negative Word Table (Transparent)
SFIWP Positive Word List (Transparent)
SFLAW Release Notes: Statutory Changes
SFLAWT Release notes: Texts for law changes
SFRECOU Country assignment for release notes
SFREIM Links: Release Notes - IMG
SFRELN SAPfind: Attributes of the Release Notes
SFSYSP SAPfind: system profile parameter attributes
TFIA Attribute Table for SAPfind
TFIAT Attribute Text Table
TFIC Class Table for SAPfind
TFICT SAPfind: Language-dependent Class Description
TFIT SAPfind: Terms for CUA access in FIND (search interfaces)
TFITH SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access to FIND
TFITT SAPfind: Terms for CUA Access - Language-Specific Texts
TRSLT Indexing Results Display
TSFST Storage for Search Terms
TSHCL List of Shell Classes


The package SFIN contains 18 structures.

ATRES Attribute_restriction_table
ATVAL Attribute_value_table
FIST SEARCHTERM entry - interface
FTAB Internal table for selected sessions
KEYS Delivery Table for Textkeys per Class
PDSYS Text Key for DSYS Indexing
PSCR Key for Indexing SAPscript Texts
PSHL Text key for indexed objects in SAPfile
PTAB Internal Pointer Table
RSFBB SAPfind: Screen Table for Diverse Transactions
RSFIN SAPfind: screen - table
RSFSD Structures for Shell Screens
RSFSH Structure Table for Shells
RSFSO SAPfind: Screen Structures with SAPoffice Domains
SCANT Display of a Scanned SAPscript Text
SFIID Log. ID for Pointer Access
SFLAN Language table (for T002 from 3.0C on)
WORDT Word Table


The package SFIN contains 56 programs.

RSDEIDS1 DSYS: Mass Deindexing
RSDEIDS4 DSYS: Book Deindexer
RSDEIIN2 DSYS: Mass Deindexing
RSFILLIN Filling Blank Lines in RELN Texts
RSFSOF00 FORM Routines for SO90 and SHOW Modules for SOMI/OFIC
RSINDDS1 DSYS: Individual Indexing
RSINDDS2 DSYS: Mass Indexing
RSINDDS4 DSYS Book Indexer
RSINDDS6 Delete Complete DSYS Index (Entries in FINK/P/T,SFINO,FINI)
RSINDELE Deleting an INFO or RELN Text (or De-indexing)
RSINDIN0 Conversion: Info System Texts IN + ID -> IN
RSINDIN2 DSYS: Mass Indexing
RSINDIN6 Mass Indexing of RELN
RSINDRE6 Mass Indexing of RELN
RSINDRE7 Mass Indexing RELN, German Only
RSINDRE8 Mass Indexing RELN (English only)
RSINDSO6 Mass Indexing of SAPoffice Objects (Client-specific)
RSINDTX0 Test Retrieval of SAPscript Standard Texts
RSINDTX1 Mass Indexing of SAPscript Standard Texts
RSINDTX2 Mass Indexing of SAPscript Standard Texts
RSINDTX5 Mass Indexing of SAPscript Standard Texts in Different Clients
RSINDTX6 Mass Indexing of SAPscript Standard Texts in Different Clients
RSINDTX7 Mass Indexing of SAPscript Standard Texts in the New Client
RSRELNPR Report for Printing Release Notes as a Book
RSREPR00 Print Release Notes as a Book
RSREPRIN Print Release Notes as a Book
RSREPRTA Print Release Notes as a Book
RSSFREDD Delete Contents of Table SFREIM
RSSFREPC Upload and Download Contents of Table SFREIM (PC)
RSSHINFO INFO Search Interface
RSSHRELN Release Notes Search Interface
RSSHSYSP Retrieval via System Profile Parameters
RSSRVIX0 Pointer for Fully Qualified or Generic Word Forms
RSTBOE01 SO85 - Sequ. Search via a SAPscript Text (Test)
RSTBOE43 Deleting
RSTBOE55 Report for Filling FINV from FINP, FINK, and FINT
RSTBOE76 Negative word count in table SFIWN
RSTBOE77 Negative word count in table SFIWN
RSTGRE13 Test: Entering, changing and indexing texts
RSTRANSF Transfer SO Objects to Hypertext
RSTRANSZ Maintain the Functions to be Excluded from Search Interface INFO
RSTSF010 Filling blank lines in RELN texts
RSTSF011 Conversion of IN Docu Objects (Separation of Key Words & Attributes)
RSTSF014 Deleting all Indexes in an Information Class
RSTSF040 Delete Old Release Notes
RSTSF041 Delete Old Release Notes
RSTSF050 Create a Hypertext Book from the Release Notes
RSTSF055 Print or Download Release Notes
RSTSF056 Release Notes for 2.1 to print and DOWNLOAD
RSTSF060 Machine Translation of a Release Note Book
RSTSF066 Mass Indexing of the Document Data Base
RSTSF100 Report for Attributing the System Profile Parameters
RSTSHSRV Transaction SO90 - Maintaining Indexed Sessions with Search Interface
VAL_RELN Release Note approval