SAP Package SFIB

Financials: Components in Basis

Technical Information

Package SFIB
Short Text Financials: Components in Basis
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SFIB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SFIB contains 6 function groups.

0SAP Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
FCE1 Conversion exit INVDT
SCUC Conversion Exit EXCRT for Exch. Rates
SCUH Auxiliary Functions
SCUN Translation of Currency Amounts: new
SCUW MiniApp for Currency Translation


The package SFIB contains 8 transactions.

OB07 C FI Maintain table TCURV
OB08 C FI Maintain table TCURR
OBBS C FI Maintain Table TCURF
OBD6 C FI Maintain Table TCURS
ONOT Maintain Quotation Types
OPRF Maintain Quotation Prefixes
OY03 Define currencies
OY04 C Decimal Places for Currencies

Database Tables

The package SFIB contains 10 database tables.

TCURC Currency Codes
TCURF Conversion Factors
TCURN Quotations
TCURP Direct/Indirect Quotation Prefixes for Exchange Rate
TCURR Exchange Rates
TCURS Rate Spreads
TCURT Currency Code Names
TCURV Exchange rate types for currency translation
TCURW Usage of Exchange Rate Types
TCURX Decimal Places in Currencies


The package SFIB contains 8 views.

V_CURC Currencies
V_CURX Decimal Places for Currency Codes
V_TCURF Currencies: Translation Ratios
V_TCURN Maintenance View TCURN
V_TCURP Direct/Indirect Quotation Prefixes for Exchange Rate
V_TCURR Currency Exchange Rates
V_TCURS Rate Spreads
V_TCURV Currency Translation Exchange Rate Types


The package SFIB contains 2 structures.

RFCU9 FI Customizing screen and work fields (Basis systems)
SCURFIELDS Currency Conversion Help Fields


The package SFIB contains 4 programs.

RSXPRA99 XPRA Program for Entering Data in the New Field GDATU of Table TCURF
RTCURRFIX Repair TCURR if Exchange Rates with Base Currency = From Currcy Exist
RTXXBWRL Reverse TCURR, TCURF Entries with BWAER Links for Exchange Rate Types

Search Helps

The package SFIB contains 1 search helps.

H_TCURC Help View For Currency