SAP Package SF


Technical Information

Package SF
Short Text SAPfind
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SF contains 21 function groups.

DSY1 Hypertext: Empty group
DSYB Hypertext: Link management
DSYC Hypertext: Call EDM texts
DSYD Hypertext: History and markers
DSYE Hypertext: Dispatcher
DSYG Hypertext: graphics modules
DSYH Hypertext: Screens for books
DSYI Hypertext: Books
DSYJ Generated Code for SM31 Maintenance
DSYK Hypertext: Utilities
DSYL Hypertext: Links to reporting and CATT
DSYM Menu Folder as Structure
DSYO SAPfind - DSYS, classification maint.
DSYP Hypertext: Books - New Functions
DSYS Hypertext: Books
DSYZ Hypertext: Empty group
S_DOKU_HIERARCHY IMG Maintenance Tool (Documentation)
SFSO1 Module for Release notes
SHIE General hierarchy maintenance functions
SMEN Functions for the dynamic menu


The package SF contains 13 transactions.

SDOCU Maintain Documentation Structure
SO70 Hypertext: Display/Maint. Structure
SO71 Test plan management
SO72 Maintain Hypertext Module
SO73 Import graphic into SAPfind
SO81 SAPfind: Free Text Indexing (Test)
SO82 SAPfind: Free Text Retrieval Batch
SO85 SAPfind: txt_seq_search
SO86 SAPfind: Txt_seq_search_1
SO90 SAPfind: shell folders service prog.
SO91 SAPfind SO: SAPoffice Marketing Info
TCO Start a TR in Parameter TCX

Database Tables

The package SF contains 67 database tables.

DOKCR List of links between documentation objects
DSYAA No longer used from 3.0 onwards
DSYAD Structures: Display Structure Without Text
DSYADEF Last position in structure display
DSYAH Structures: Header Data
DSYAI Structures: Structure Short Text
DSYAM Structures: Modifications Catalog
DSYAMRK SO70 bookmarks table
DSYAS Structures: Maintenance Structure Without Text
DSYAT Structures: Texts for Maintenance Structure
DSYAV Structures: Directory of Views on Books
DSYAW Structures: Short text for views on a book
DSYAX Structures: Parameters for Views on a Book
DSYBA Project Document Type Directory
DSYBB Project Document Types
DSYCR List of Links Between Documentation Modules
DSYDL Title of display version of the outline
DSYDS Display version of the outline (w/o module title)
DSYGH DSYS: Parent-Child Table - Title
DSYGI DSYS: Grouping Administration
DSYGL DSYS Parent-child Table - Grouping Lines
DSYLI List of available link types
DSYLT List of link type names
DSYOH Hypertext: Version Management Structure
DSYOI DSYS Grouping - Aspect, Status, Version, Processed by
DSYOL SAPfind - DSYS, Module Key
DSYOT SAPfind DSYS: Chapter Title
DSYSH DSYS: Header Entries
DSYSI DSYS Modules: Master Language/Version
DSYSL DSYS: Text Lines
DSYST DSYS: Title Entries
DSYSX Where-used list
DSYXN SAPfind - DSYS: XREF Module -> Module
DSYXO SAPfind - DSYS: XREF Module -> Grouping
SFDG DSYS: Postscript File Lines
SFHH SAPfind: Header Data
SFHI SAPfind: Administration, Source Language, Versions
SFHIM SAPfind: Master Lang. and Version
SFHOT SAPfind: Active Structures
SFHX Hypertext: Do not use this table
SFREAC Assign Release notes to application components
SFRETREE Structure ID for complete release information list
SMENF Activity in Company: Entity Table
SMENFT Activity in Company: Text Table
TCUSP Customizing: Implementation project profile
TCUSS Customizing: Implementation project - name
TDCLD Hypertext: control table
TDCLT Hypertext: text on control table
TDOKUIMG Node Table for General Structure Storage
TDOKUIMGR General Structure Storage References
TDOKUIMGT General Structure Storage Node Names
TDSGH Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSGL Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSIU SAPfind - IMG Users
TDSOB Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSOF Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSOT Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYH Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYI Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYL Hypertext: Do not use this table
TDSYT Hypertext: Do not use this table
TIMGIR IMG and activity text IR link table
TNODERELN Node Table for General Structure Storage
TNODERELNR General Structure Storage References
TNODERELNT General Structure Storage Node Names
TSFGH Hypertext: Do not use this table
TSFGL Hypertext: Do not use this table


The package SF contains 3 views.

H_DSYLI Link Type Name
V_SYAW Directory of the views
V_TCUSQ Assign project documentation types to project


The package SF contains 36 structures.

ADDIT_DATA Structure for passing supplementary data in SO70
DOKCRL Structure for passing object link lists
DOKCRL_KEY Key for object lists with transfer structure
DSFHT Hypertext: Do not use this table
DSYA_TEXTS DSYAT translation table transfer structure
DSYAC Test plan tool: Test catalog directory
DSYAR SO70 bookmark function structure
DSYCHA Hypertext: structure for stack table
DSYCUR Hypertext: field string for current hypertext object
DSYDHD Hypertext: Header Information for Objects in Link List
DSYFBS Structure for function module interfaces
DSYH01HE1 Transfer Values to Standard F4 Help
DSYH04HE1 Pass Help Values to Standard F4 Module
DSYHIS Hypertext: structure for tracking history
DSYMAR Hypertext: structure for bookmark table
DSYSCR Hypertext: fields for the screens
DSYSI_2 Extension of the structure DSYSI for text print
DSYSOBJ Table for Transferring Module Class/Name
FRAMESTRNG FrameViewer string length
HITAB Structure for Internal Hierarchy Tables
MENTAB Structure for Transferring the Menus
RDCLP Results of Retrievals (Clipboard)
RDSCX DSYS: Table for Chapters with Table Index
RDSLK Summary of DSYS Modules, not language dependent
RDSOL Sequential Grouping
RDSOT Parent-Child-Table for Grouping incl. Title
RSAPLSCR Screen Fields for Reports RSAPLxxx
RSFST Screen Fields for Grouping Maintenance
SDSYS Screen Fields DSYS
SFHIK Text Key for SAPfind for Indexing
SFLAW_HLP Help about statutory changes
SHIESCR Screen fields for group SAPLSHIE
TSFHO Import/export table SFHO structure
TWSAL Amount of Work: Contains all Created Amounts (SAPfind)
TWSET Amount of Work: for SAPfind, Paths, Markers etc.


The package SF contains 30 programs.

RS_IS_RELEASENOTES_MODIFY Conversion Release Specification IS -> mySAP Component
RS_MIGRATE_DOKU Migration of standard structures from old to new Repository
RS_RELEASENOTES_LIST Overview List of Release Notes
RS_SFRELN_CLEANUP Release note attribute table cleanup
RSCHATTR Change the Attributes of a Structure
RSCPTOCX Conversion Report for Structures for Upgrade from Rel. 2.x -> 3.0
RSDEIRE2 Mass Indexing of RELN
RSDS2X30 Conversion Report for Structures for Upgrade from Rel. 2.x -> 3.0
RSDSATR1 Change the Structure Type
RSDSDIMG Access to IMG display: Standard IMG
RSDSDUM1 Implementation Guide - Library
RSDSDUM4 Dummy Report
RSDSDUM7 Generate a List of Existing Structures
RSDSLEGE Legend for Structure Display/Maintenance
RSDSYS01 Deactivate Function Modules that are not Required
RSDSYS03 Generate Link Lists for Modules and Structures
RSDSYS03_A Generate Link Lists for Modules and Structures (obsolete)
RSDSYS04 Hypertext: Report for Demonstrating the Link to Reports
RSDSYS05 Report for Deleting Link List from the Data Base
RSDSYS06 Hypertext: Report for Demonstrating the Link to Reports
RSDSYS10 Print MS Word IMG notes
RSDSYSPC Upload/Download of Structures to PC
RSIMGOA1 IMG: Calling Program for Comparison of TCUSV-EMPTY for Primary Tables
RSIMGOA2 IMG: Compare Field TCUSV-EMPTY. Check Whether Table Still Empty
RSINDRE2 Mass Indexing of RELN
RSMVPROJ Convert Rel. 3.0 IMG Data into a Project
RSRELNLIST List of all Release notes since 4.0
RSSCANRE Scan Report for IMG Links in Release Notes
SAPFSDS1 Hypertext: Generally Required Help Routines as External PERFORMs

Search Helps

The package SF contains 6 search helps.

H_DSYLI Link Type Name
S_SFLAW Search Help for Legal Changes (SFLAW)
SYAI Matchcode for new structure maintenance
SYAIA Entry Help for Structures
SYAW Matchcode for view directory
SYAWA Entry Help for Views on Structures

Message Classes

The package SF contains 2 message classes.

HI Messages zu allg. Hierarchiepflege
SF SAPfind: Nachrichtentexte