SAP Package SEXP

Transport Control (Repository Switch Export)

Technical Information

Package SEXP
Short Text Transport Control (Repository Switch Export)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEXP is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SEXP contains 4 function groups.

S1EM EM: Function Group 1 Final Assembly
S2EM EM: Final assembly merge tools
SEXP EM: Analysis Tools
SUGE Repository Switch: Export Tool Interface


The package SEXP contains 2 transactions.

COFI Command file creation
SRT0 Repository Switch: PUTTB Handling

Database Tables

The package SEXP contains 21 database tables.

CLEANUP_STATUS Bereinigungsstatus der Tasks
EXP_VERS Export Information for Delivery Systems
GTODIR Exchange: List of Objects Delivered to Customers
HPDDICCHK Tabelle zum Speichern von Tabellenänderungen
LTODIR Object List for Switch
MERGECLIL Command File Input for Merger
MERGECLIL_CHK Commandfile-Input für Merger - Ausnahmen
MERGEDIR Merge - Control table
MERGEH Request List of the Transport Merger (Header)
MERGEMAPS Header Information for Merge Maps
MERGENEGL Merger Exclusion Objects
MERGENEGLX Ausschlussobjekte Merger Zentrale Pflegetabelle
MERGEOBJ Collection Table of Problem Objects
MERGETA Transports Included in the Merger
PUTTB_SHD_IDX Clustertabelle zur Pflege der PUTTB_SHD
PUTTBC Austauschtabellen je SAP-Release und Komponente
PUTTBCEXCP Ausnahmen bei Konsistenzprüfung der PUTTB (Report PUTTBCHK)
PUTTBEXCPT PUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK)
PUTTBH Historie der PUTTB-Generierung (aus PUTTBC)
PUTTBSHMNT Pflegetabelle für PUTTB_SHD (Repository Switch Upgrade)
TTODIR Object List for Switch


The package SEXP contains 6 structures.

ANONYMUNDO RFC Structure for Undoing Anonymization
COMP_CP PUTTBC-Handling: Komponenten für Kopieren
MERGEPARAM Parameter description for function group S2EM
PTBSHD_INC Steuertabelle für den Schattenimport während des Upgrades
PUTTB_SHD_KEY Struktur zur Pflege der PUTTB_SHD, Keys
PUTTB_SHD_MNT Struktur zur Pflege der PUTTB_SHD, Daten


The package SEXP contains 69 programs.

MNLSTABU Report for Transporting MNLS-TABUS
PUTTBCHK Consistency check of table PUTTB (Substitution tables)
RDDBASVI EM: Additional Views for the Basis Put (DDBASETAB)
RDDCHKGN Repository Switch: Check Background Job
RDDCPNTB Fill the Exchange Nametabs (DDYTT, DDYTF)
RDDCRDEV RS Export: Determine the R3TR DEVC Entries
RDDCRMUL Swap: Create the multiplex table list
RDDCRTAB Exchange: generate database scripts to create new tables
RDDDTELR Determine Basis Tables with Data and Environment
RDDFFDPC Repository Switch: Invalidate Intermediary ABAP Loads
RDDFI4TB Generate Substitution Table TBDIR from TADIR According to TODIR
RDDFITOD Repository Switch: Fill Object List for a Release
RDDFITSP Fill TSPDD Using an Upgrade Log: FDSAVPRT
RDDFUGRP Make all FUGRs/Reports for tool_import + adj_import Downwardly Compat.
RDDGNVT1 Make FUGRs/reports for tool_import + adj_import downwardly compatible
RDDGT2TO Switch: Fill GTODIR with a Delta Release Version
RDDLDTC2 EM: Create report list for load generation RSGENLDS
RDDMKTOD Switch: Generate TODIR from a GTODIR
RDDMODPT Insert transparent base view in PUTTB
RDDMOTOD Repository Switch: Fill Object List for a Release
RDDMV4TB Generate Exchange TADIR
RDDMVCUA Generate Exchange TADIR
RDDMVFTX Repository Switch: Generate New Empty Clone Table DDFTX
RDDMVNTB Filling the Exchange Nametabs (DDYTT, DDYTF)
RDDMVTRE Generate Exchange TADIR
RDDPREPI Substitution procedure: Prepare Tool Import, TABU Import, BASDD Import
RDDPTGTO Switch: Fill table GTODIR
RDDPUT40 Merger
RDDPUT41 Problemanalyse Merger
RDDPUT42 Analyse inaktive Objekte beim Merge
RDDPUT43 EM: Vergleich zweier Systeme über die importierten Transporte
RDDPUT44 Erstellung Upgrade Commandfiles
RDDPUT45 Abgleich inaktiver Objekt-Info verchiedener Systeme
RDDPUT46 Get and Save Merge Information from Remote System
RDDPUT47 Search for missing deletes in weekly merges
RDDPUT48 EM: Initialisierung einer Merge Konfiguration
RDDPUTJ1 EM: Generate Keys for Additional Language
RDDPUTJ2 EM: Remove Problem Documentation from Transport Requests
RDDPUTJ5 EM: Change Lock Flag for 4.6A Basis Upgrade
RDDPUTJ6 EM: GTODIR - Manipulation
RDDPUTJ8 EM: Determine Object Function for a Transport Request
RDDPUTJ9 EM: Determine Namespace Violations TRESC
RDDPUTJA EM: Check Tool for RS Export
RDDPUTJE EM: Enter Export Version in Table EXP_VERS
RDDPUTJH EM: Determine Generic TABU Transports in Upgrade Object Lists
RDDPUTJI EM: Generate Deletion Requests for > 2.2D Objects in 3.0
RDDPUTJJ EM: Delete Substitution Command Files Before Export (Performance)
RDDPUTJR EM: Check Whether Tascon Can Access Standard Log Directory
RDDPUTJV EM: Clean Up DD30T with DD30L
RDDPUTJW EM: Consistency Check TODIR
RDDPUTJX EM: Use Command File to Clean Up Function Group Test Modules
RDDPUTPR Read Log for Merged PUT Command File
RDDPUTU2 Remote Data Use
RDDPUTU4 Remote Data Use
RDDPUTU5 Minor Deletions
RDDPUTU6 Create and Fill a Piece List for Weekly Delta
RDDPUTU9 Application Tool for Dowloading the Table TCP0C
RDDRELIN Consistency Check for Table RELEASEMAP for (G)TODIR
RDDSHLPC Determine Basis Tables with Data and Environment
RDDSTCAT Substitution: Set Table Category for Substitution Tables
RDDTKMO1 Graphical Frontend for TASCON
RDDTKMON Graphical Frontend for TASCON
RDDTO2GT Switch: Fill GTODIR with a Delta Release Version
RDDTODCK EM: Remove Problem Documentation from Transport Requests
RDDVINTG Repository Switch: Generate New Empty Clone Table DDFTX
RS324CUA Convert 3.1 GUI to 4.0
RS423CUA Generate Substitution Table TBDIR from TADIR according to TODIR
TH_E071U Update Table E071

Search Helps

The package SEXP contains 3 search helps.

SH_PUTTBC_CMPREL Search help for PUTTBC - Component Release
SH_PUTTBC_COMPON Search help for PUTTBC - Component