SAP Package SEUX

Repository Interfaces

Technical Information

Package SEUX
Short Text Repository Interfaces
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEUX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SEUX contains 5 function groups.

SIBO Business object repository interface
SIFD Dictionary/modeling interface
SIFP Interface for Program Objects
SIGS Gen. Services Repository API
STFM R/3 Workbench Objects - Transformation

Database Tables

The package SEUX contains 1 database tables.

TGLIF Internal/external assignment for fields in global interface


The package SEUX contains 83 structures.

D030S Transport structure for table (to R/2)
D100L Transport structure for domain in R/2
D101T Transport structure for domain texts (to R/2)
D101V Transport structure for domain values in R/2
D102T Dictionary: Keyword text (domain structure R/2)
D110L Transport structure for table fields in R/2
D113T Dictionary: Heading text (domain structure R/2)
DY20S Screen Conversion R/3 -> R/2: Screen Header
DY21S Screen Conversion R/3 -> R/2: Screen Field List
DY23S Screen Transport Structure R/3 -> R/2: Matchcode Sub-keys
R2PRO Transport structure for TRDIR (to R/2)
RGLIF DW interface parameter
RPY_ALIAS Data Modeler: Aliases for RPY Interfaces
RPY_AREA Structure for an area ( earlier cluster )
RPY_ATTRIB Data Modeler: Attributes for RPY Interfaces
RPY_DCCATT Screen: Container attributes (ext. display) - differences
RPY_DCFATC Screen: Single container field (ext. display) - differences
RPY_DCFLOW Screen: Flow logic (ext. display) - differences
RPY_DCHEAD Screen: Header attributes (ext. display) - differences
RPY_DDINFO Conversion R/3 -> R/2: Include for Dictionary Tables
RPY_DDKEY Conversion R/3 -> R/2: Include for Dict. Table Header Recs.
RPY_DDKEYP Conversion R/3 -> R/2: Include for Dictionary Tables
RPY_DMODEL Data model name with text
RPY_DOMA Structure for domains
RPY_DTEL Structure for data elements
RPY_DVAL Structure for domain values
RPY_DYCATT Screen: Container Attributes (External Representation)
RPY_DYFATT Screen: Attributes of an indiv. field (external represent.)
RPY_DYHEAD Dynpro: Header attributes (external representation)
RPY_ENTITY Data Modeler: Entity Type for RPY Interfaces
RPY_ESTRUC EDM assignment of entities to data models
RPY_ET_KEY Structure of key information for entity documentation
RPY_EXP Function Library: Export Parameters for R/2
RPY_FATTR Special information about field of a table/structure/ ...
RPY_FDO Function Library: Documentation Interface for R/2
RPY_FIEL Structure for field of table/view/structure: Attributes
RPY_FIEL_U Structure for field of table/view/structure: Attributes
RPY_FREF Structure for fields: Domains/data element attributes
RPY_FRHD Structure for foreign keys: Attributes
RPY_FRKF Structure for foreign keys: Field assignment
RPY_FRSC Structure for views: Lines of a selection condition
RPY_IMP Import Parameters in R/2
RPY_MAIN General information about a field of a table/viw/ ...
RPY_OBJTAB DW interface structure for grouped objects
RPY_PROG Structure for programs
RPY_RELAT Data Modeler: Relationships for RPY Interfaces
RPY_REPO INCLUDEs/reports with title
RPY_REST Structure for fields: Remaining attributes
RPY_SPECI Data Modeler: Specializations for RPY Interfaces
RPY_SPTYP Data Modeler: Specialization Types for RPY Interfaces
RPY_TABL Structure for SAP tables/structures
RPY_TBL Function Library: Table Parameters for R/2
RPY_TBTECH Structure for technical settings of a table
RPY_VARINT EDM entity definition variants
RPY_VIEWAL Data Modeler: Assigned Table View for RPY Interfaces
RPY_VIFD Structure of view: Fields
RPY_VIFD_U Structure of view: Fields
RPY_VIFR Read only information about fields of a view
RPY_VIHD Structure of a view: Attributes
RPY_VISC Lines of a selection condition
RPY_VITB Structure of a view: Basis tabs/foreign key relationships
RPYBOAT Properties attributes object type
RPYBOBS Basic data object type
RPYBOEP Properties event parameters object type
RPYBOEV Properties event object type
RPYBOEX Properties method exceptions object type
RPYBOFD Formatted Documentation for API Repository
RPYBOGF General fields BOR
RPYBOIF Properties interfaces object type
RPYBOKE Key fields for object type
RPYBOME Properties methods object type
RPYBOMP Properties method parameters object type
RPYBOOJ Object type ID
RPYBOPA Properties parameters object type
RPYBORL Relationship between business object types
RPYBOSD SAPscript documentation for Repository API
RPYBOVB Properties verbs object type
RPYGSCO Transfer structure for mass checkout
RPYGSER Error structure of repository interface
RPYGSFD Formatted documentation for Repository API
RPYGSGF General fields for repository API (gen. services)
RPYGSSD SAPscript documentation for Repository API
RTEX Transport structure R/3--> R/2 for structure TEXTPOOL


The package SEUX contains 1 programs.

SAPMSTVR Project TÜV Rheinland: Transport WB Objects R/3 -> R/2