OO Framework for Tree Control

Technical Information

Short Text OO Framework for Tree Control
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEU_TREE_CONTROL is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.


The package SEU_TREE_CONTROL contains 21 structures.

MTREEITM Tree Control: Structure TREEV_ITEM + TEXT Field of Length 72
MTREESNODE Tree Control: Structure TREEV_NODE + TEXT Field of Length 30
MTREESUNOD Tree Control:Structure TREEV_UNOD + Fields: U_TEXT, TEXT(30)
MTREEUITM Tree Control: Structure TREEV_UITE + TEXT field, length = 72
TREEMBITEM Tree Control: Internal
TREEMBNODE Tree Control: Internal
TREEMUITEM Tree Control: Internal
TREEMUNODE Tree Control: Internal
TREEV_CINF Tree Control: Internal in Class
TREEV_COWI Tree Control: Width Information for a Column
TREEV_HHDR Tree Control: Attributes of the Hierarchy Header
TREEV_IKEY Tree Control (CNT4): Structure Item Key Table
TREEV_ITEM Tree Control: Attributes of an Item
TREEV_LHDR Tree Control: Attributes of the List Header
TREEV_NODE Tree Control: Attributes of a Node
TREEV_UITE Structure for Updating an Item in a Tree Control
TREEV_UNOD Structure for Updating an Node in a Tree Control
TREEVBITEM Tree Control: Internal
TREEVBNODE Tree Control: Internal
TREEVUITEM Tree Control: Internal
TREEVUNODE Tree Control: Internal


The package SEU_TREE_CONTROL contains 7 programs.

SAPCOLUMN_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO Example: Column Tree Control (with Documentation)
SAPSIMPLE_TREE_CONTEXT_MEN_DEM Example: Context Menu in Simple Tree Control (with Documentation)
SAPSIMPLE_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO Example: Simple Tree Control (with Documentation)
SAPSIMPLE_TREE_DRAG_DROP_DEMO Example: Drag and Drop in Simple Tree Control (with Documentation)
SAPTLIST_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO Example: List Tree Control (with Documentation)
SAPTLIST_TREE_CONTROL_DEMO_HDR Example: List Tree Control with Header (with Documentation)
SAPTREX_NODE_STYLES Example: Node Styles in Tree Control (with Documentation)

Message Classes

The package SEU_TREE_CONTROL contains 1 message classes.