SAP Package SEDX

Program editor: ABAP text elements

Technical Information

Package SEDX
Short Text Program editor: ABAP text elements
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEDX is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SEDX contains 3 function groups.

S38T Modification modules text pool
SETXP ABAP Text Pool Maintenance
STEX ABAP Text Element Functions


The package SEDX contains 3 transactions.

SE32 ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE32_OLD ABAP Text Element Maintenance
SE32_WB99 ABAP Text Element Maintenance


The package SEDX contains 4 structures.

REPTNAVI ABAP Text elements: Navigation structure
S010T Dummy structure for lock object ABAP/4 text elements
TEXTPOOLT ABAP text pool definition with language key


The package SEDX contains 11 programs.

RS_TEXTPOOL_EMPTY_ENTRY_DELETE Deletes all empty texts that do not exist in the master language
RSAGLSET Compare selection texts
RSAGLSYM Compare text symbols Text pool <=> program load
RSCORTXP List of Inconsistent Texts from Text Pool
RSDELTXI Delete Superfluous Text Elements for Includes
RSTEXTELEMENTE Report Transaction for Text Element Maintenance
RSTXLGCH Compare Different Text Lengths in Text Pool - Language Check
RSVRSTBA Display Versions of ABAP Text Elements with Recover Version
RSVRSTCO Compare Versions: Text Elements
RSVRSTSH Display versions of ABAP text elements
SAPMSTEX Maintain ABAP Text Elements

Message Classes

The package SEDX contains 1 message classes.

DS Meldungen bei der Pflege der Textelemente zu ABAP-Programmen