SAP Package SEDS

Editor - splitscreen (new)

Technical Information

Package SEDS
Short Text Editor - splitscreen (new)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEDS is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SEDS contains 5 function groups.

S_WB_SPLIT_EDITOR Splitscreen Editor Initial Screen
S_WB_SPLIT_EDITOR_INITIAL Splitscreen Editor Initial Screen
S_WB_SPLITCORE Splitscreen Editor for Core Functions
SEDTCMP1 Editor: Comparison
SEDTCMP2 Editor: Splitscreen


The package SEDS contains 2 transactions.

SE39 Splitscreen Editor: (New)
SE39O Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare


The package SEDS contains 8 structures.

RSEDC Splitscreen editor: General fields
RSEDCCONT Type for Splitscreen Container
RSEDCCUS Splitscreen editor settings
RSEDCCUST EDC Customizing for splitscreen screen fields
RSEDCD400 Splitscreen Editor: Initial Screen Fields
RSEDCRESUL SED Results of source code compare
RSEDL Screen field left SAPMSEDS splitscreen editor
RSEDR Screen fields right SAPMSEDS splitscreen editor


The package SEDS contains 2 programs.

RS_WB_SPLIT_EDITOR Report Transaction for Starting Splitscreen Editor
SAPMSEDC Editor Splitscreen: Initial Screen

Message Classes

The package SEDS contains 1 message classes.

EDCMP Entwicklungsumgebung Splitscreeneditor