SAP Package SEDI

ABAP Editor

Technical Information

Package SEDI
Short Text ABAP Editor
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEDI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SEDI contains 14 function groups.

BREA Breakpoint handling
ED_UTILITIES Editor Utilities
EDEX Editor exits for SAP model
FRFC RFC functions for Editor
LOCAL_EDT1 Parameterized editor
S_SEARCH Find / Replace (OO Version)
S38E Editor function modules
SEDA Program parsing
SEDC Progam Parsing: Extra Function Modules
SEUR DW: Create, find & replace global
SPLIT_START Start splitscreen editor
STCL General SAP clipboard
TPYP Insert program

Database Tables

The package SEDI contains 9 database tables.

TSE00 ABAP/4 Editor applications
TSE01 ABAP/4 Editor application Fcodes
TSE02 ABAP/4 Editor user commands
TSE03 ABAP/4 Editor update functions
TSE04 ABAP/4 Editor Line Command Meanings
TSE05 ABAP/4 Editor insert commands
TSE06 ABAP/4 Pretty printer statements
TSE07 ABAP/4 Editor pretty printer block statements
TSE08 ABAP/4 Editor pretty printer special tabulator


The package SEDI contains 1 views.

H_T100A Help view for T100A


The package SEDI contains 25 structures.

BREAKLINE Breakpoint Line
EDCONT Type of Editor Container
EDITCURSOR Cursor for Editor
EDITORMODE Editor mode for dynamic editor call
EDITORSTAT Editor status for callback
EDLINECOMS Structure for editor line command table
EDLINEINDX Line index for editor
EDLINENUM Structure for editor line number table
EDMODTAB Internal modification log structure for editor
EDSTEP Structure for editor step index table
EDUSERCOMS Structure for editor user command table
NAV_STATUS Status information for navigation function module
PRK_FOUNDS List of found occurrences from global search / replace
PRK_SOURCE Structure for copying PRK source
RSEUDEBUGGER Settings Debugger
RSFNDS_WA Global find / replace: Line structure of hit table
RSOBJTB_WA Structure of the object table for find/replace
RSREPL Fields for Search and Replace
RSSOURCE Program source
RSSRCH Find / replace parameters
RSSRCH_ST Find / replace: Hit list status
RSTXP Screen fields SAPMSTXP program editor
S38E ABAP Editor


The package SEDI contains 20 programs.

RS_EDTR_START_NEW_MODE Start Editor in New Session Using Workbench Manager
RSEDDES1 Destinations for Source Systems in the Splitscreen Editor
RSEDGTAW F4 Support for Insertable Statements
RSEDGTFB F4 Support for Function Modules to be Inserted
RSEDGTID F4 Support for Message Classes
RSEDGTTB F4 Support for Tables
RSEDLCOM ABAP/4 Editor Line Commands
RSEDNAMF Select Functions of a Status
RSEDNAMT Select Field for Tables
RSEDPRNT Print ABAP Source Code
RSEDRTXT Numbered Texts Editor
RSEDSELT Generate Generic List of Tables by Generic Specification
RSEDSTAT Choose Statement to be Inserted
RSEDTHLP F4 Support for Tables
RSEDTVE1 Restore Version
RSEDTVER Restore Version
RSEDUCOM ABAP/4 Editor User Commands
TEDITCNT Test Edit Control

Search Helps

The package SEDI contains 1 search helps.

H_T100A Help view for T100A

Message Classes

The package SEDI contains 1 message classes.

ED Nachrichten des ABAP-Editors