SAP Package SEDD

DDIC Editor

Technical Information

Package SEDD
Short Text DDIC Editor
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SEDD is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SEDD contains 26 function groups.

MWTREE Visualization: Types
SD_DD_STATUS Interface Status for DDIC Objects
SD_ENTRY DD: Initial Screen
SD01 DD: Domain editing
SD06 DD: SQL Tables (Table Pool/Cluster)
SD12 Dictionary: Index Editing
SD25 DD: View processing
SD30 Dictionary: Search Help Editing
SD31 DD: Edit Type Groups
SD40 Dictionary: Types
SD41 Dictionary: Structured Types
SD50 DD: Lock Object Processing
SD51 DD: Data Element Editing
SDY1 Workbench/DD: Self-defined F4 help
SDYL DDIC Editor Internal: Lists
SDYY DD: General Functions
SED1 Internal Functions for FUGR SEDD
SED2 Internal Functions for FUGR SDxx
SED4 DD internal: DD, DB utility
SED5 Dictionary (internal): FuGr for Subscrn
SED6 Search Help Assignment Function
SED7 Classification of Enhanceability
SEDD Development Workbench: Data Dictionary
SEDD_INTERN Dictionary: Internal Functions
SEDM Modifications in ABAP Dictionary
SEDS DD: User interface


The package SEDD contains 4 transactions.

SE11 ABAP Dictionary
SE11_OLD ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance
SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display
SE12_OLD ABAP/4 Dictionary Display

Database Tables

The package SEDD contains 1 database tables.

DDTYPET ABAP/4 Dictionary: Texts for type groups


The package SEDD contains 30 structures.

COMPL_TYPE Structure for displaying complex types
CURSORPOS Position of Cursor in the DDIC Maintenance
DD01D Dynpro fields for domain
DD02D Screen Fields for Table and Structure
DD03D Dynpro fields for table fields
DD03P_D Dict.Maintenance: Attrib. of Structure Fields (like DD03P)
DD04D Dynpro fields for Data Element
DD06D Screen fields for SQL table
DD07D Screen fields for domain values
DD08D Screen Fields for Foreign Keys
DD12D Screen fields for index maintenance
DD16D Screen fields for SQL table fields
DD25D Screen fields for view
DD26D Screen fields for lock object maintenance
DD27D Screen fields for view fields
DD40D Screen Fields for Table Types
DD50D Screen Fields for Type Groups
DD51D Screen Fields for Lock Objects (Same Fields: DD25D Views)
DD52D Interface Structure for Base Tables of a Lock Object
DD53D Screen Fields for Lock Object Fields
DDENQS Lock object structure for Dictionary objects (inc. index)
DDINFO DD: Info Part of the Navigation Table for DD Objects
DESED7 Screen Fields for FUGR SED7
DEXDD03P DD03P Structure with Selection Field
MTREEITMMW Structure for Column Tree (w. INCLUDE:TREEV_ITEM and TEXT)
RSD12 R/3 DD: Local Fields for SAPMSD12 (Secondary Indexes)
RSD2X Local Fields for all Aggregate Transactions 1
RSDXX DD system table: Dynpro fields for DD transactions
RSEDD0 DD system table: Dynpro fields for popup window in DD
STYPEICON Structure for Type Icons


The package SEDD contains 7 programs.

DD_CORRECT_TYPD_TRDIR DDIC: Correct SUBC Entries for Type Groups
RDTEL_40CMDF Conversion Program for Customer Modifications to Data Elements <4.0
RS_TYPE_REPAIR_TRDIR_SUBC Corrects the TRDIR-SUBC for all type group includes to 'T'
RSDD_TYPD_RECOVER_VERSION DD: Get version of a type group
SAPMSDXX DD: Dialog Modules for DD in SEU
SAPMSRD0 ABAP Dictionary Initial Screen

Search Helps

The package SEDD contains 13 search helps.

DD_CL_IF Collective Search Help for Classes and Interfaces
DD_CLASS Search by Class
DD_DATATYPE Data type in ABAP Dictionary
DD_DOMA_DTELS Find Data Elements for Domain
DD_INTF Search by Interface
DD_PARAID DD: Parameter ID
DD_SHLP DD: F4 for Search Helps
DD_SHLP_FD DD: Search Help for Fields in Table or View
DD_SHLP_INFO ABAP Dictionary: Information System as search help
DD_SHLP_PAR ABAP Dictionary: F4 for search help parameter
DD_SHLP_PAR_SUB DD: F4 for Interface of a Search Help
DD_SHLP_VIEWFIELD DD: Search Help for Fields of a View
DD_VIEW_BASETABLES DD: Base tables ofa view

Message Classes

The package SEDD contains 2 message classes.

E2 EU Data Dictionary
TREE Nachrichtenklasse für Visualisierung Typen