SAP Package SECF

Secure Store & Forward (SSF) Support

Technical Information

Package SECF
Short Text Secure Store & Forward (SSF) Support
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SECF is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SECF contains 9 function groups.

SSFA Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SSFC SSF: Certificate management
SSFG Secure Store & Forward (SFF) Functions
SSFH Secure Store & Forward (SSF) Help Actns
SSFM SSF PSE Management
SSFP PSE Maintenance Provider (RFC-Enabled)
SSFS SAPSign Control
SSFT Secure Store & Forward Application Supp.
SSFZ Deprecated SSF Functions


The package SECF contains 3 transactions.

O07C Obsolete transaction
SSFA SSF: Set Application Parameters

Database Tables

The package SECF contains 6 database tables.

SSF_PSE_D SSF: Storage for Personal Security Environment Data
SSF_PSE_H SSF: Personel Security Environment
SSFAPPLIC SSF Applications: Options Used
SSFAPPLICT SSF Applications: Long Text
SSFARGS Application-Dependent Parameters for SSF Functions (SSFG)
TC70 Digital signature: SSF information about the user


The package SECF contains 2 views.

HSSFARGS SSF Applications with Description
VSSFARGS Application-Specific SSF Parameters


The package SECF contains 7 structures.

SSFBIN SSF Binary data
SSFCERTLIN SSF Certificate (ASN.1 Encoded)
SSFIDLIN SSF signer/recipient information in a line
SSFINFO SSF signer/recipient information
SSFPARMS SSF function module parameter fields
SSFSIGNER Signer information
SSFTXT100 SSF Text Data (100 Characters per Line)


The package SECF contains 10 programs.

SSF_ALERT_CERTEXPIRE Check and Warn About Certificates that Expire in Near Future
SSF01 SSF Test Program
SSF02 SSF Test Program
SSFALRTEXP Check and Warn About Certificates that Expire in Near Future
SSFPSEMAINT SSF: PSE Maintenance on Application Server
SSFSDEMO Mini-Online Store (Digital Signature)
SSFTEST SSF (Secure Store & Forward) test program
SSO2ADM Administration of Logon Ticket for Single Sign-On (SSO)
SSO2GETPARAM Collect the SSF Parameters from the Kernel

Search Helps

The package SECF contains 3 search helps.

SSFH_SSFENCRALG Search Help For SSF Hash Algorithms
SSFH_SSFHASHALG Search Help For SSF Hash Algorithms
SSFH_SSFTOOLKIT Search Help for SSF Security Products

Message Classes

The package SECF contains 1 message classes.

1S Nachrichten für SSF ('Secure Store & Forward')