SAP Package SECC

Basis Security (Kernel Components)

Technical Information

Package SECC
Short Text Basis Security (Kernel Components)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SECC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SECC contains 4 function groups.

SABC Authorization checks at program runtime
SKRN Authority Check Kernel Hook
SMANIFEST SAP Manifest for File Integrity Protect.
SNCL SNC logon functions

Database Tables

The package SECC contains 1 database tables.

USR41_MLD Transaction Data for USR41


The package SECC contains 3 structures.

EXTID_INFO External ID description
EXTID_LINE Lines in a table with external identification
EXTID_STRG External ID as a string (Hex or base64 coded)


The package SECC contains 2 programs.

RSRFCCHK RFC destinations with logon data
SAPMSYST System Program

Message Classes

The package SECC contains 1 message classes.

SECC Nachrichten der Objekte aus Paket SECC

Authorization Objects

The package SECC contains 4 authorization objects.

S_C_FUNCT C calls in ABAP programs
S_CPIC CPIC Calls from ABAP Programs
S_DATASET Authorization for file access
S_OLE_CALL OLE calls from ABAP programs