SAP Package SE36

Logical databases

Technical Information

Package SE36
Short Text Logical databases
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SE36 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SE36 contains 2 function groups.

LDBI Logical databases (interface to DW)
LDBS Selection views


The package SE36 contains 3 transactions.

SE36 Logical Database Builder
SELVIEW Selection view maintenance
SLDB Logical Databases (Tree Structure)

Database Tables

The package SE36 contains 7 database tables.

IXDIT Index Directory Texts
IXTYP Index Types
IXTYT Index Type Texts
LDBQUAN Currency and quantity fields in logical database
RSDSQCAT Catalog of selection views
RSDSQGT Functional Group Texts in Selection Views
RSDSQOBJ Selection views


The package SE36 contains 1 views.

HV_LDBN Help view for LDBN


The package SE36 contains 16 structures.

LDB_STRUC Structure of log. databases for RS_SLDB_structure_infos
LDB_TREE Description to LDB structure for tree control
LDBNOD Log. Databases: Node name f. F4
RS38D ABAP/4: Transfer structure for Transaction ALDB
RSDSQFN Functional Group Fields
RSDSQGN Functional group IDs
RSDSQGX Function Group IDs with Texts
RSDSQTN Tables of a Dataset of Dynamic Selections
RSLDB Structure for Transaction SLDB (Logical Databases)
RSLDB_ADM Administration Information of a Logical Database
RSLDB_LD20 Structure for function group LDBI
RSLDB_LDB Logical database name
RSLDB_LDBS Selection criterion for tables (in logical databases)
RSLDB_NOD Logical nodes of the logical database
RSLDB_TABS Selection criterion for logical databases
RSLDB_WUL Transfer structure for RS_SLDB_WHERE_USED


The package SE36 contains 5 programs.

RS_SELEVIEW Program RS_SELEVIEW: Report for calling selection view maintanence
RSELVF30 Check Selection views against DataDictionary (Rel. < 4.0)
RSLDB_SCAN_DBPROG Inconsistent database programs for logical databases
RSSELVIEWFIT Adjust selection views with DDIC
SAPMSLDB Module Pool for Transaction SLDB (Logical Databases)

Search Helps

The package SE36 contains 3 search helps.

SH_LDBD Search Help for Logical Databases
SH_LDBNAME Logical database search help
SH_SELVIEW Search help for selection views

Message Classes

The package SE36 contains 1 message classes.

S3 Transaktion zur Bearbeitung logischer Datenbanken