SAP Package SDVI

ABAP/4 Dictionary: Views, Lock Objects

Technical Information

Package SDVI
Short Text ABAP/4 Dictionary: Views, Lock Objects
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDVI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDVI contains 7 function groups.

SDEQ DD: Interfaces for Lock Objects
SDM2 Help view generation
SDM3 ENQUEUE function module generation
SDVA View Activation Program
SDVI DD: Interfaces for Views
SENA Communication with the lock server
SHVI Generated help view selection routines

Database Tables

The package SDVI contains 7 database tables.

DD25L Aggregate Header (Views, MC Objects, Lock Objects)
DD25T Short Texts for Views and Lock Objects
DD26S Base tables and foreign key relationships for a view
DD27S Fields in an Aggregate (View, MC Object, Lock Object)
DD28S Lines of a selection condition
DD29L Selection Condition for Views and MC IDs
DD29T AS400_L-SELCOND: Selection Condition Texts


The package SDVI contains 3 views.

DD092526V DD: Base tables of buffered database views
DD22V View on lock objects
DD27M DD: View on view fields with data elements, text, domains


The package SDVI contains 42 structures.

DCENACTCHK Control string for checking the lock object activation prog.
DCENACTDET Control string for the actions of the lock object act. prog.
DCENACTRES Contains results of lock object activation
DCENBTCHK Control String for Checks of Base Tables of a Lock Object
DCENFDCHK Control String for the Field Checks of Lock Objects
DCENFDNAM Control String for Name Checks of Lock Parameters
DCENFKCHK Control String for Foreign Key Checks of Lock Objects
DCENFKFOF Control String for Foreign Key Field Checks for Lock Objects
DCENGPCHK Control string for Granularity Check of Lock Objects
DCENHDCHK Control String for Header Checks for Lock Objects
DCENQGRBEG Prefix of a lock granularity
DCENQUGET Control structure for DD_ENQU_GET.
DCENQUPUT Control string for function module DD_ENQU_PUT
DCVIBTCHG DD: Changes in Table Fields
DCVIBTCHK Control String for Base Table Checks
DCVIEWACT Control String for Execution of View Activation Program
DCVIEWACTM Control (Mode) for View Activation
DCVIEWGET Control Structure for DD_GET_VIEW
DCVIEWPUT Control String for Function Module DD_VIEW_PUT
DCVIFDCHG DD: Changes in View Fields
DCVIFDCHK Control String for View Activator Field Checks
DCVIGENCTR Control String for View Activator Generation
DCVIHDCHG DD: Changes in View Header
DCVIHDCHK Control String for View Header Checks
DCVIJNCHK Control String for Join Condition Checks
DCVISCCHK Control String for Selection Condition Checks
DCVISHCHK DD: Control String for View Checks for Table Changes
DCVIVICHK DD: Control String for View Checks for Table Changes
DD25Z Assignment of superview to subview - no longer required -
DD26E Interface Structure for Base Tables of a Lock Object
DD26V V-VIEWTABLE: View of Base Tables of a View
DD27P View of Fields in an SAP Table View
DD27V V-VIEWFIELD: View of Fields in an SAP View
DD28J Internal structure for joins of views
DD28V View on a Selection Condition
DD29V V-SELCOND: View on Header for a Selection Condition
DDENA Lock argument fields
DDENQ_LIKE Ref. Fields for Parameters of the ENQUEUE Function Module
DDENQ_TABNAME DD: Name of a lock table for use in lock module
RSD25 Local Fields for SAPMSD25
RSD26 Local fields for SAPMSD26
SEQAREA Structure for controlling locks


The package SDVI contains 19 programs.

RADENACT FORMs for Activating Lock Objects
RADENALL Report for Activating All Lock Objects
RADENCHK Report for FORMs for Checking Lock Objects
RADENGEN Contains FORMs for Generating Lock Function Modules
RADENINS Report for Instantiation of Schema RADENSCH
RADENPAR REPORT for computing maximum set of parameters for a lock object
RADENXPR XPRA for Regenerating all Lock Function Modules
RADVIACT DD: View Activation Program
RADVIDEP DD internal: dependencies between DOMA/DTEL/TABL and views
RADVIMNT DDinternal: Utilities Close to Activator for View Maintenance
RADVIPAR DD internal: Parser for create view statement
RADVIUDM DD: View Activation Program. FORMs for EDM Inheritance
RADVVVT2 Version Display/Techn. Settings Comparison
RDD25KON Activate R/3 Table
RSVRSVT1 Display Versions: Technical Table Settings
RSVRSVT2 Compare Versions: Technical Table Settings
RSVRSVT3 Retrieve Version of Technical Table Settings
RUDVIINH DD: FORMs for Inheritance of Entity Views
RUNENXPR XPRA for Setting Unicode Flag

Search Helps

The package SDVI contains 3 search helps.

DD_BASTAB_FOR_VIEW Search for database tables
DD_ENQU Search for Lock Objects
DD_VIEW Search for Views

Message Classes

The package SDVI contains 1 message classes.

MC Aggregate: Views, Matchcodes, Sperrobjekte