SAP Package SDUM

DM: Data Modeler (new) and SIMO (old)

Technical Information

Package SDUM
Short Text DM: Data Modeler (new) and SIMO (old)
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDUM is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDUM contains 42 function groups.

SDOS R/3 documentation spec.
SDU0 EDM Prelim. FMs for SDUM and SIMO
SDU1 EDM Standard Routines
SDU2 EDM Interfaces: Object Accesses
SDU3 EDM Interface to Docu and Hypertext
SDU4 EDM Edit Entity Type
SDU5 EDM Edit Data Model
SDU6 EDM Edit Clusters
SDU7 EDM Edit Relationships
SDU8 EDM Edit Specialization
SDU9 EDM Edit Specialization Category
SDUA EDM internal Data Modeler check routines
SDUC EDM Edit Entity Type Alias
SDUD UDM Start module outgoing relationship
SDUE EDM Edit DM-Entity Assignment
SDUF EDM Consistency Checks
SDUG EDM Graphics Modules
SDUH EDM Hierarchy Structure and Display
SDUI EDM Specialization Start Modules
SDUJ EDM Spec. Category Initial Module
SDUK EDM main module relationship
SDUL Interfaces to the ABAP/4 Dictionary
SDUM Maintain EDM display options
SDUN EDM Object Selection FMs
SDUO EDM Dictionary Assignments
SDUP EDM Edit Positions
SDUQ DM: Consistency checks (new)
SDUR EDM graphics modules
SDUS EDM Selection Modules
SDUT EDM Maintain Attributes new temporary
SDUU EDM interface to ADW
SDUV EDM Objects for Version Management
SDUW EDM Print Functions
SDUX DM interface VISIO test version
SDUY EDM Function modules for list display
SDUZ EDM General Modules for EDM/EFM
SIDM Data Modeler: Repository Interfaces
SIM1 Select in tables
SIM3 SIMO update
SIM5 Information model for general routines
SIM6 IM docu functions with entity variables
SIM7 Special hypertext functions for EDM


The package SDUM contains 1 transactions.

SD11 Data Modeler

Database Tables

The package SDUM contains 49 database tables.

DM02L DM Entity Type
DM02S DM Entity Type Definition Variant
DM02T DM Entity Type Short Text
DM03S DM Attribute
DM25L DM View-Entity Type Assignment
DM26L DM Table-Entity Type Assignment
DM40L DM Data Model
DM40T DM Data Model Short Text
DM41S DM Data Model Hierarchy
DM42S DM Relationship
DM42T DM Relationship Short Text
DM43T DM Entity Type Aliases
DM45L DM Specialization Category
DM45T DM Short text for specialization type
DM46S DM Specialization
DM48L DM Area
DM48T DM Area Short Text
DM50S DM ADW Position
DM50T DM ADW Text on Entity Type
DM99L DM User Settings
TDM01 Data Model Conversion Log
TDM02 Assignment of Entities to SAP Tables
TDM03 Entity Short/Long Name
TDM04 Entity Type
TDM05 Data Model Short/Long Name
TDM06 Data Model
TDM07 Assignment of Entities to Data Models
TDM08 Relationships Between Entities
TDM09 Entity Attributes
TDM10 Assignment Synonyms-Entity
TDM11 Assignment Entity - Alias Name
TDM12 Attribute Short/Long Name
TDM13 Attributes of entity types, assignment of data elements
TDM14 Customizing attributes of entity types
TDM19 Specialization category
TDM20 Specialization
TDM21 Entity Specialization Category
TDM22 Entity Specialization Category Text
TDM23 Assign Specialization Category to Target Entity
TDM25 Assign Entities to Data Element
TDM26 Specialization Category: Short/Long Name
TDM27 EDM Cluster: Short/Long Name
TDM28 EDM Clusters
TDM29 EDM Cluster Assignment: Data Model-Entity Type
TDM30 User Directory
TDM31 Check Table for Owner
TDM99 User Authorization for EDM Tool
TDMFC ADW Data with Incorrect Code
TDMV1 EDM varchart positions


The package SDUM contains 15 views.

DM02V DM: Entity type with short text
DM03V DM attribute with data element
DM40V DM data model with short description
DM42O DM: relationship with target entity type
DM42P DM Relationship with source entity type
DM42V DM Relationship with short text
DM42VTC DM interface to VISIO - edges
DM45V DM Specialization Category with Short Text
DM46O DM Specialization with Target Entity Type
DM46P DM Specialization with Source Entity Type
DM48V DM Area with Short Text
H_DM02L Help view entity types
H_DM42S DM help view for a relationship
H_DM45L DM help view for a specialization category
H_VORMZ Phase in the Procedure Model


The package SDUM contains 83 structures.

D000YY DM Screen Fields for Many Screens, Set in YY Routines
D300F1 DM Screen fields for fgr SDU1, screen 300
D500FM DM Screen Fields for FGr SDUM, Screen 500
D502F8 DM: Screen Fields for No. 502 for SAPLSDU8
DIO02 R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIO04 R/3 SDIN: Help Table for Output Statement
DIP04 Selection Parameters for Data Elements
DM02H EDM Help Structure for List Output
DM02I DM Entity types interface for check FMs
DM02VTC DM interface to VISIO - entity types
DM25I DM View-Entity Type Assignment + Short Text
DM26C DM Auxiliary Structure DM261 for Compare Program
DM26I DM Table-Entity Type Assignment + Short Text
DM40H EDM List Output Auxiliary Structure
DM40I EDM Models with Positions
DM40VTC DM interface to VISIO - data models (outline)
DM41STC DM interface to VISIO - hierarchy
DM42I EDM Relationships and Interface Long Name
DM45I EDM Internal Structure for Specialization Categories
DM46G Interface for Generalizations
DM46I EDM Interface for Specialization and Long Name
DMCTL Information Model Control Flags
DMFCTR DM Interface to Function Module SDU_FCTR...
DMHELPF EDM Help Fields for Screens
DMINF EDM Information Model Interface
DMNODE EDM Assign Node ID to DM41S Node
DMUSR Include Structure for FSTUSER and LSTUSER
IMCTL Information Model-Control
IMINF Information Model: Interface
LIST_TAB Structure for List Output
MSU60 Select Options for EDM Attribute Display
RPY_ENTIDS Data Modeler: Entity type IDs for repository interfaces
RPY_MODIDS Data Modeler: Data model IDs for repository interfaces
RPYDMAL Data Modeler: Alias for Repository API
RPYDMAT Data Modeler: Attribute for Repository API
RPYDMDM Data Modeler: Data Model for Repository API
RPYDMEI Data Modeler: Entity Type ID for Repository API
RPYDMEN Data Modeler: Entity Type for Repository API
RPYDMFD Data Modeler: Formatted Documentation for Repository API
RPYDMGF Data Modeler: General Fields for Repository API
RPYDMHI Data Modeler: Hierarchy for Repository API
RPYDMMI Data Modeler: Data Model ID for Repository API
RPYDMRL Data Modeler: Relationship for Repository API
RPYDMSC Data Modeler: Specialization Type for Repository API
RPYDMSD Data Modeler: SAPscript Documentation for Repository API
RPYDMSP Data Modeler: Specialization for Repository API
RPYDMTV Data Modeler: Assigned Table/View for Repository API
RSUD1 Work Fields for EDM Transactions
RSUD2 Work Fields for EDM Transactions
RSUD25 EDM Attribute Fields for Entity type from View Information
RSUD3 Internal Screen Fields (SAPMUD00, 0100)
RSUD4 Screen fields for SAPLSDU7, screen 502
RSUD9 Internal Screen Fields
RSUDA EDM Interface Attribute Fields from DM03S, DD27P, DD03P
RSUDCCHECK EDM Consistency Checks: Report RUDCC001 Selection Screen
RSUDCHECKS DM List of Consistency Checks (new)
RSUDDMOID DM Data Model ID (for internal tables)
RSUDENTID DM entity type ID (for internal tables)
RSUDF Internal Fields: EDM Print Layout Set
RSUDN Long Name: EDM Objects
RSUDO Lock object structure for EDM objects
RSUDOBJID DM Data Model ID/Entity Type ID (for internal tables)
RSUDTEXT60 DM short text for DM objects (for internal tables)
RSUDU DM Internal Fields + Dynpro Fields for ADW Export
RUDY9 Internal Screen Fields
RUFOR Internal Fields: EDM Print Layout Set
TDM04S Entity interface
TDM06S Data Model Interface
XDM02V Version Management: Delta for DM02V
XDM03S Version Management: Delta for DM03S
XDM25L Version Management: Delta for DM25L
XDM26L Version Management: Delta for DM26L
XDM40V Version Management: Delta for DM40V
XDM41S Version Management: Delta for DM41S
XDM42S Version Management: Delta for DM42S
XDM42V Version Management: Delta for DM42V
XDM43T Version Management: Delta for DM43T
XDM45V Version Management: Delta for DM45V
XDM46S Version Management: Delta for DM46S
XDM48V Version Management: Delta for DM48V
XDM50S Version Management: Delta for DM50S


The package SDUM contains 77 programs.

RADCOLOR Report to Display of All Available Colors (Including Inverse)
RDD99UDM Data Dictionary Unified Data Modeling Interface
RDDMAU91 Check Entity Views
RS_DM_CLEANUP_TDM_TABLE Delete tablecontent of TDM10 and TDM11
RSDMXP01 DM: XPRA convert attribute characteristics
RSDMXP02 DM: XPRA convert doc modules for name space extension
RSTVJR40 EDM Print Report for SIMO: Print by Path or Model
RSTVJR41 EDM - Print Translated Documentation Elements
RSTVJRES EDM Translate Short Texts
RSTVJRET Translate Enterprise Data Model long texts
RSVRSUD1 Display Versions of Data Models
RSVRSUD2 Compare Versions of Data Model
RSVRSUD3 Retrieve Versions of a Data Model
RSVRSUE1 Display Versions of Entity Types
RSVRSUE2 Compare Versions of an Entity Type
RSVRSUE3 Retrieve Versions of an Entity Type
RUDAEL01 Data Dictionary: Data Elements
RUDCC001 EDM Check the Consistency of Data Models
RUDCC101 EDM Check the Consistency of Data Models
RUDCRETR Report for Generating a Task and a Request for a Data Model
RUDDACT1 EDM Mass Activation of Text Modules
RUDDELLZ DM: Delete deletion indicator
RUDDUMS1 EDM Convert Old Documentation -> New EDM
RUDDUMS2 EDM Convert Text from Old -> New EDM (text-ID-related foreign lang.)
RUDELP01 Physically Delete EDM Tables
RUDELP04 Physically Delete/Activate Logically Deleted Clusters
RUDINF04 Paths from Kernel Entity Types to Marked Entity Types
RUDMAU01 List Report: Data Model-Entity Relationships
RUDMAU94 Create ADW Control Files
RUDMAU97 EDM List Display Entity - Cluster
RUDMDL00 Data Models
RUDMEN02 EDM - Start Report Cluster Maintenance
RUDMTRA1 Information Model Environment Analyzer
RUDMXI01 DM: Convert doc module for relationship
RUDMXI02 DM: Convert doc module for relationship - Add missing URL2
RUDOKU02 Documentation Maint.
RUDRP001 DM: Report - data model structure display
RUDSEL03 Report: Select EDM Tables by Date
RUDUSR01 DM: Interface for ADW
RUDUTI01 Entity Types List - Index to a Data Model
RUDUTI02 List and Download EDM Documentation Element
RUDUTI03 Information Model Environment Analyzer
RUDUTI04 Information Model: Create Transport Request (Table Contents)
RUDUTI05 Information Model: Create Transport Request for Docu. Objects
RUDUTI06 Change 'Created by' and 'Date' in EDM tables
RUDUTI07 Reset EDM Documentation from Vers. P->T
RUDUTI09 Delete EDM Structure Objects with a Specific Version
RUDUTI10 Compare TDM14 and TDM04
RUDUTI12 EDM Change Owner in EDM Tables TDM04, 06, 21, 28
RUDUTI13 UDM/DM Adjustment Customizing Flag Old EDM <-> new DM
RUDUTI50 EDM Pad Foreign Language Short Texts with German Short Texts
RUDUTI51 DM: Mass Activ. Prog. Docu. elements
RUDUTI52 Compare doc module English with header
RUDUTI53 DM: Change Master Language in TADIR
RUDUTI54 DM: Adjust Docu. Flag in Object Root with Docu. Element
RUDUTI55 DM: Compare doc. module with header (unreachable doc. module)
RUDVSL03 Fetch Environment: Choose Entity Types
RUDVVUD2 EDM Display/Compare Versions of Data Models
RUDVVUE2 DM Version Display/Compare Entity Types
RUSPZL00 Specialization Categories
RUSPZL13 Specialization Categories
RUSPZL14 Specialization Categories
RUTABL01 ABAP/4 Dictionary Tables
RUTAZVOR Template for Table Report RSLOCK0x
RUZDEL01 Data Model - Entity Type Assignments
RUZEAL01 Entity Type - Data Element Assignment
RUZEDL01 Entity Type - Data Model Assignments
RUZETL01 Entity Type - Tables Assignment
SAPFSIMA General Form Routines
SAPMSU05 EDM Master Transaction
SAPMSU12 Maintain Attributes
SAPMSU17 Maintain Assignment Entity Type - Table
SAPMSU71 ?...
SAPMSU90 Display Hierarchically Referred Entity Types
SAPMSU99 Generator Relationships
SAPMU91I Sort ADW Text Files into TDM.. Tables, Version 'AD'
SAPMUD00 Data Modeler

Search Helps

The package SDUM contains 4 search helps.

H_DM02L Help view entity types
H_DM42S DM help view for a relationship
H_DM45L DM help view for a specialization category
H_VORMZ Phase in the Procedure Model

Message Classes

The package SDUM contains 3 message classes.

UD UDM-Unternehmensdatenmodell
UI Data Modeler: Nachrichten für Repository-Schnittstellen