SAP Package SDTB

ABAP/4 Dictionary: Tables

Technical Information

Package SDTB
Short Text ABAP/4 Dictionary: Tables
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDTB is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDTB contains 12 function groups.

0DDT Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SDDC DDIC Funct. for Component Upgrade
SDIN Index Activation Program
SDMA Mass activation
SDMP Parallel Mass Activation Program
SDMX Table multiplexing
SDSG DD: Set-oriented interfaces_
SDTA Table Activation
SDTB Interface of Object Class TABL
SDTC Checks for Tables
SDTM Maintainance Technical Settings
SDTT Technical Settings Activation Program

Database Tables

The package SDTB contains 9 database tables.

DARTT DD: Data Class in Technical Settings: Texts
DCIMPDD DD: Handle actions following DD import
DD09C ABAP/4: Sytem-dependent attributes of tech. settings
DDART DD: Data Class in Technical Settings
DDBUF DD: For transferring the new buffering parameters
DGKAT DD: Size category in technical settings
TADBM Table Activation Program: Allowed Database Modifications
TSPDD Table, Old SAP Version
TSPDD2 Table, Old SAP Version


The package SDTB contains 16 views.

D010B Table use in programs
DD0102V Domain name with value table header
DD02V ABAP/4 Dictionary: Header of tables with short text
DD03K View on key fields with domain definition
DD03M Table fields with data elements, text, and domains
DD03N View on DD03L, DD01L, DD04L
DD05P View on foreign key fields
DD05Q View on foreign key fields, without taking text into account
DD06V DD: Header and Short Text for Pools/Clusters
DD08V DD: View on Foreign Key Headers and Texts
DD16V View of fields of SQL tables
DD41V View on DD04L and DD01L
DDVIEWGET DD: Get all changeable views for a basis table
V_21S23L Read Flag about the Type of Matchcode Analysis
V_DDLOGTAB DD: Logged Basis Tables of a Changeable DB/P View
V_NAMES_AI DD: Supplies TNMAP entries with stauts A,I and instances


The package SDTB contains 126 structures.

APPCHK DD: Control string for APPEND checks
AUTHCLASS ABAP/4 Dict.: Control String for Checking Activation Type
DBINDXINFO Header information on indexes read from the DB
DBINDXLIM DB-specific limits for creating indexes
DCACTSTRUC DD: General reference structure in ABAP/4 DD (activation)
DCCHKAUTH DD: Control structure for authority check
DCDEPTYPES Dependent types (table types and structures)
DCFLDCHG Possible Changes to Fields
DCGENTAB DD: Mass activation and deletion
DCIX030L Nametab header, database structure DDNTT & exp. flag byte
DCIX031L Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF
DCMXACTION DB: result of TNMAP analysis (multiplexing)
DCMXACTRES DB: return structure for multiplex activation
DCMXVIEWS DD: Relationship multiplex table <-> global view
DCNAMEDINC DD: Control Checks for Named Includes
DCPOTRCHK ABAP/4 Dict.: check list for checks pool -> transparent
DCSQCLFDCK Tests Special Attributes of a Table Cluster
DCSQLTCHK Dictionary: Checks for Table Pools or Table Clusters
DCSQLTCTRL Control of a Table Pool/Cluster Activation/Check
DCSQLTPUT DD: Control string for DD_SQLT_PUT
DCSQLTSTRU Dictionary: Contains Types for SQLT Checks/Activation
DCSQPOFDCK Dictionary: Special Checks for a Table Pool
DCSTRTYPNW DD: Checks for newly added structured types
DCTABDGET Control Structure for DD_TABD_GET
DCTABDPUT Control String for Function Module DD_TABD_PUT
DCTABLACT ABAP/4 Dictionary: Control Structure for Activation Program
DCTABLCMP Reference Structure for Function Module DD_TABL_WA_CMP
DCTABLGET Control Structure for DD_GET_TABL
DCTABLMRS DD: Return Structure for Table Mass Activation
DCTABLPUT Control Structure for Function Module
DCTABLRES ABAP/4 Dictionary: Additional Info for Table Activation
DCTABTACT Check list for activating program for technical settings
DCTABTCHK Control String for Checks on Technical Settings
DCTABTGET Control Structure for DD_GET_TABT
DCTBACTRES DD: Contains results of table activation
DCTBDDCHK Control Structure for Table Checks (User-Specific)
DCTBEXPCHK Control string for expanding substructures
DCTBFDCHG DD: Changes in Table Fields
DCTBFDCHK Control Structure for Table Checks (Fields)
DCTBFDRES DD: Structure for Table Restrictions
DCTBFKCHK Control Structure: Foreign Key Checks in Tabl. Activ. Progr.
DCTBFKGET Control Structure for DD_GET_FORK
DCTBHDCHG DD: Changes in table header
DCTBHDCHK Control String for Table Checks (Header)
DCTBIXACT Control Structure for Controlling the Index Activ. Program
DCTBIXCHK Control String for the Index Checks
DCTBIXGET Control Structure for Function Module DD_TBIX_GET
DCTBSAPCHK Check structure for table checks (system-dependent)
DCTBSHCHK Control structure: search help checks in table activator
DCTBVICHK DD: Control String for View Checks for Table Changes
DCTBVIDEP DD: For views dependent on changed tables
DCTTACTRS ABAP/4 Dict.: return status for technical settings
DCTTSVSUM DD: Overall result of act. technical settings
DCTTTRCNV DD: Overall result for conversion via TRANSPFLAG
DCTX030L DD: Nametab header with expanded flag byte
DCTX031L DD: Nametab fields with expanded flags
DCVIDEPTAB DD: Handing of view dependencies
DD02VD Version display: table header
DD05M Interface Structure for DD_TBFK_GET
DDAPPSRC SE11: Append origin of for. keys and src. help attachments
DDAUTHCTRL Control structure for authorization checks
DDAUTHTAB ABAP/4: database actions and flag if this is permitted
DDBOOL Reference Structure for Interfaces
DDBYTE DD: X-fields for each bit of a byte
DDCHKMESS ABAP/4 Dict.: contains messages for NA checks
DDFLDSPATH DD: field information and field name with entire path
DDFLG1 Flag byte 1 of nametab for field attributes
DDFLG2 Flag byte 2 in nametab for field attributes
DDFLG3 Flag Byte 3 of Nametab for Field Attributes
DDFLG4 Flag byte 4 of nametab for field attributes?
DDFLGBYTE Table attributes in nametab header
DDFTYP DD: Structure to test fields without data elements
DDHDFLG3 DD: Header flag 3 expanded
DDHDFLG4 DD: Header flag 4 expanded
DDHDFLG5 DD: Header flag 5 expanded
DDHDFLG6 DD: Header flag 6 expanded
DDHELPSTRT Table Fields for Reference
DDLANGUFLAG Control Structure for LANGU Flag
DDLANGUFLAGWA Control Structure for LANGU Flag
DDNAMES Structure for Dictionary Checks
DDNMB DD: Data records per extent (minimum/maximum number)
DDNTSACT DD: Possible actions on nametab byte
DDNTTHISTS Nametab history: table information on DB table DDNTT_HIST
DDOCC Occurrence of Table/Field in Aggregates or as Reference
DDREF Table/Field and Associated Reference Table/Field
DDRELSTRUC DD: Relationships between DD objects
DDSQFDCHK Dictionary: Checks on Fields of a Table Pool or Cluster
DDSQHDCHK Dictionary: Header Checks for Table Pools or Clusters
DDSQTTCHK Dictionary: Tests the Technical Settings of SQLT Tables
DDSTATE Status of Objects
DDSYMTAB Symbol table (as reference structure)
DDTABTVAL DD: Control string for TABT values checks
DDTBCLASS DD: Control String for Checking TABCLASS <-> SQLTAB
DDTBFD DD: Table Name, Field Assignment
DDTTSTATE DD: Result when reading the TABT activation set
DDTYPEGET Control structure for DD_TYPEINFO_GET
DELFIELD Control String for Check Whether Fields May Be Deleted
DEPCHKS Control String for Analysis of Checks with Subs. Actions
DEPTABG0 ABAP/4 Dictionary: Dependency Table of RDDMASG0
FIELDCNT DD: Control Structure for Field Number Tests
FLDPATH DD: field information and field name with entire path
FLGEXROUT DD: Header flag EXROUT expanded
HDSAANORM Control String for Checking Header for SAA Standard
KEYCHANGEC Control String for Checking Key Changes
KEYCHECK Control String for Checking the Key
LONGTYPES Control String for Checking Long Fields
NNULLCHK Control String for Checking NOT NULL Flags
POCL_CLASS Control String for Table Type Test with Pool/Cluster
POOLCHECK Control String for Additional Tests for Pooled Table
REFERENCE Control String for Checking Reference Fields
RSD09 DD: maintain technical settings: fields on screen
SAANORM Control String for Checking Fields for SAA Standard
STRUCINFO DD: nametab field inform. and field name with entire path
TABLENAME Control Structure for Testing the Table Name (Apart fr. SAA)
TBINTCHK1 ABAP/4 Dict.: Online Activ. Progr.: Analyzing Int. Checks
TBREFCHK ABAP/4 Dict.: String with Checks of Referenced Objects
TECHNPROP Control String with Check of DD02L <-> DD09L
TESETTFD Control String for Checking DD02L <-> DD09L/Field Checks
TESETTHD Control String for Checking DD02L <-> DD09L/Header Checks
TESTRUC DD: Fields for the technical settings transaction
TNMAPACT DD: Contains necessary actions during TNMAP maintainance
VALFDCHECK Control String for Checking the Fixed Values (Fields)
VALHDCHECK Control String for Checking the Fixed Values (Header)
VALUECHECK Control String for Checking the Fixed Values


The package SDTB contains 38 programs.

RADACTAL DD: Mass activation including dependent objects of DOMA/DTEL
RADACTOK Restrictions on Activation
RADBUFTR DD: Transfer of Buffering Data from DDBUF
RADCUCNT ABAP Dictionary: Fill Unicode Nametab
RADDJOBS DD: Schedule Jobs Using TACOB and TBATG
RADIXCDB ABAP/4 Dictionary: Checking the Index Activation Program Wth Database
RADIXCHK DD: Checks of index activation program (act. kernel)
RADIXMAS ABAP/4 Dictionary: Interf. Between New Index Act. and Mass Activ. Pr.
RADIXTOL Tools for Working with Indexes
RADMASG0 Mass Activation
RADMASG0_C3 Mass Activation
RADMXMAI DD: Calls TNMAP Maintainance
RADMXSET DD: Maintain/Display Multiplex Indicator in Table Header
RADNTBMV Move nametab as ABAP
RADNTD0S DD: Fill rollname in nametab
RADNTDTS DD: Fill rollname in nametab
RADNTLANG Set Nametab Flag for Tables with One LANGU Field
RADNTTAL DD: nametabs for TTYP user - AS/400 handling
RADSGSEL DD: ABAP/4 Open SQL Accesses: Technical Settings
RADTBCFK ABAP/4 Dictionary: Table Activation Program, Foreign Key Checks
RADTBCHK Checks Table Consistency
RADTBCSH DD: Checks concerning search helps
RADTBESQ EXEC SQL for Table Activation Program
RADTBUCACT DD: Table pools with source-dependence Unicode / Non-Unicode
RADTOOLS DD: FORM Collection for Maintenance Tools and Activation Program
RADTRANS ABAP/4 Dict.: Interf. Betw. N. Table Activ. Program and Mass Activ. P.
RADTTCHK DD: Checks the Consistency of Technical Settings
RADTTUTL DD: General Utilities for the Activator of Technical Settings
RADVVTB2 Version Display/Comparison of Tables and Structures
RATTBUTL General Utilities for the Table Activation Program
RDEPINCL DD: Dependencies of CI includes and appends
RSVRSIX1 Version Display for Indexes
RSVRSIX2 Version Comparison for Indexes
RSVRSIX3 Retrieve a version of a table
RUTIMPDD Import of ABAP Dictionary objects
UNIACT30 DD: Activation of tables and views in special modes

Search Helps

The package SDTB contains 2 search helps.

DD_STRUC_NO_APPEND Search for Structures
DD_TABL Search for Tables and Structures

Message Classes

The package SDTB contains 4 message classes.

DDACT Meldungen zur Aktivierung von DD-Objekten
DT Tabellen-Aktivierung (incl. Indizes)
MX Nachrichten zum Tabellen-Multiplexing
NP Nachrichten für Einführung neuer Prüfungen in Aktivierern

Authorization Objects

The package SDTB contains 1 authorization objects.

S_DDSTCAUT Structure Changes in Support Package Systems