SAP Package SDIC

ABAP Dictionary

Technical Information

Package SDIC
Short Text ABAP Dictionary
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDIC is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDIC contains 28 function groups.

MAINT_DDPRTUVAR Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SD58 General foreign key functions
SDB1 Database catalog accesses
SDB2 Database catalog modifications
SDB3 Fct.grp. for converter schemata
SDB4 Function group for DB-specific actions
SDD0 DDIC Basis Utilities
SDD1 Create DD objects in DB
SDD2 DD: Utilities for database operations
SDD3 Dictionary interfaces
SDD8 DD foreign key interfaces
SDDB Database parameter SE14
SDDD Database Utility
SDDI Includes
SDDL Delete ABAP/4 Dictionary objects
SDDM Mapping functions
SDDR Print DD objects
SDDV DD: Objects for version control
SDEC Group for exception handling
SDFX Basic Tools for Dictionary Texts
SDIF Interfaces for the ABAP Dictionary
SDNT Function modules for nametab
SDP1 Data Dictionary logs
SDP2 Logs for Data Dictionary objects
SDSB Comparison
SDTO Official Tools of the ABAP Dictionary
SDV1 Test: Data interface for views
SPRINT_CLIF Print Classes and Interfaces


The package SDIC contains 2 transactions.

SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables)
SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables

Database Tables

The package SDIC contains 69 database tables.

BGPROT DB utility log
D010INC Where-Used Table for ABAP INCLUDEs
D010TAB Table for Use Report<->Tables
DD01L Domains
DD01T R/3 DD: domain texts
DD02L SAP Tables
DD02T R/3 DD: SAP table texts
DD06L Pool/cluster structures
DD06T R/3 DD: texts on SQL tables
DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains
DD07T DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent)
DD08T Texts on the relationship definitions
DD09L DD: Technical settings of tables
DD10L Lock table for DD activation
DD12INF Index parameter for INFORMIX
DD12L R/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, header,
DD12T Text Table for DD12L (Short Descriptions of Sec. Indexes)
DD14S R/3 DD: components of SAP objects
DD15L R/3 DD: SAP objects
DD15T R/3 DD: texts on SAP objects
DD16S R/3 DD: SQL table fields
DD17S R/3 S_SECINDEX: secondary indexes, fields
DDACL Exclusion times for ABAP/4 Dictionary actions
DDPRH R/3 DD: Log header
DDPRS R/3 DD: log lines
DDPRTUVAR User settings for printing DD objects
DDSPAR Storage clause for tables and indexes
DDSPAR1 Storage clause for tables and indexes
DDSPAR2 Storage clause for tables and indexes
DDSTORAGE Storage clause for tables and indexes
DDSTORAGE1 Storage clause for tables and indexes
DDSTORAGE2 Storage clause for tables and indexes
DDXTF Nametab Field Structure for Delayed Writing
DDXTT Nametab header structure for delayed writing
DSTCL Control Table for Distribution Program Running Parallel
GWFEODE Test with fields or DE
IAINF Current INFORMIX Database Spaces
IAORA Table type -> index storage parameters for ORACLE V6
IGINF Assignment of INFORMIX Storage Params to Table Categories
IGORA Table category -> index storage parameters for ORACLE V6
T100 Messages
T100A Message IDs for T100
T100U Last person to change messages
T100X Error Messages: Supplements
TACO1 Table for activating DD objects
TACOB Table for activating DD objects
TAORA Current ORACLE tablespaces
TAPPL R/3-DDIC: Application classes
TATAF Program for implementing ADD FIELDS
TBATG Control table for batch table conversion
TDATS R/3 DD: Control for Generating Data Interfaces
TDDAT Maintenance Areas for Tables
TDUMY Dummy table for READ VERSION
TGORA Assigning ORACLE Storage Parameters to Table Categories
TGTB Control table for table converter
TMAGE Table for mass activator
TPIND Index parameters for DB2
TPOTB Table parameters for ORACLE
TPROT Table contains all DD tables to be logged
TPTAB Table parameters for DB2
TPTSP Tablespace parameters for DB2
TRESE Reserved Names
TRJOB Job ID for Coordinating Batch-ABAP/UNIX for Transports
TSORA Table of valid ORACLE tablespaces
TSRCG List of tables from which source coding is generated
TSYNC Synchronization table for Dictionary - Processes
TXBUF DDTMP: Tables with Authorization, but without Buffering
UTCMP Verification Table for Decider in DD_DECIDE
VSYNC Control Table for Distribution Program Running Parallel


The package SDIC contains 7 views.

D020V View for screens and screen texts
DD12V Indexes with text
DD20V Matchcode objects with texts
H_TAPPL Help view for application classes
H_TPARA Help view for parameter ID table (with short text)
V_BRG Table view for TBRG
V_DDART DD: View on data class and texts


The package SDIC contains 147 structures.

CONTROL Control structure for controlling the DD09L activator
DATASETNMB Number of Data Records per DB Area (non-database-specific)
DB2INDSTOR Index parameter for DB2/MVS
DB2TABSTOR Table parameters for DB2/MVS
DB4IS Index Parameters for DB2/400
DB4TS DB2/400 Table Parameters that are Currently not Used
DB6INDSTOR Index Parameters for DB2 Universal Database Version 2
DB6TABSTOR Table Parameters for DB2 Version 2
DBDOMAIN Definition of a database domain
DBFIELD Field description for database tables
DBFLDNAM Only name of a DB table field
DBFTYPE DB fields with type and type string
DBINDEX DB index name and unique flag
DBINDFLD Fields of a DB index
DBNTAB Table Containing Data about Nametab Database Differences
DBOBJECT Name of a Database Object (Table, Index, View)
DCAPPENDS Appends for a table
DCINSPCHK Control Structure for Code Inspector
DCOBJBEZ Name of a DDIC object
DCOBJDEF Name of a DDIC object with status
DCOBJIF Interface for DDIC objects
DCOPCONTRL Interface Structure for RADBTDDO
DCTABLPART Control string for treating the components of a table
DCTABLTEXT Control string for treating the text components of a table
DD02ORA Test
DD03MI Index structure for view DD03M
DD03P Structure
DD03V Table fields view
DD05V View on foreign key fields
DD09V Interface: Technical Settings Table/View
DD12ORA Test
DD14V R/3 DD: view on SAP object structure
DD15V R/3 DD: view on SAP objects
DD17V Secondary index fields with language key
DDBOOK Output control table manual
DDCOMTOTAB Comment on the Table Rows
DDDBUTMREQ Interface for mass processing requests
DDDBUTREFS DD: Database utility reference fields
DDDEPTAB DD: Dependencies Sorted By Dependent Objects
DDERR_O Return code structure in consistency layer of the DD
DDEXCLASS DD: Contains Possible Classes for Include/Subtype Extension
DDFIELD DB-relevant description of DD table fields
DDFLDNAM Name of a DD table field
DDIDELCHK Control String for Check Whether Fields May Be Deleted
DDIKEYCHK Control String for Checking the Key
DDILTYCHK Control String for Checking Long Fields
DDINNUCHK Control String for Checking NOT NULL Flags
DDIPCLCHK Control String for Table Type Test with Pool/Cluster
DDIPOOCHK Control String for Additional Tests for Pooled Table
DDIREFCHK Control String for Checking Reference Fields
DDISAACHK Control String for Checking Fields for SAA Standard
DDISAHCHK Control String for Checking Header for SAA Standard
DDITANCHK Control String for Table Name Tests (Except SAA)
DDITEHCHK Control String for Checking DD02L <-> DD09L/Header Checks
DDITESCHK Control String for Checking DD02L <-> DD09L/Field Checks
DDIVAHCHK Control String for Checking the Fixed Values (Header)
DDIVALCHK Control String for Checking the Fixed Values (Fields)
DDKONTEXT Context of DD Maintenance
DDLCH Logical Channel Info from the R/3 Repos. - Standard Version
DDLREF Log Reference in Dictionary - Standard Output
DDNTHIST DD: history nametabs in time interval
DDOBJKEY DD: Key of DD Objects (Type Name)
DDPAR R/3 Dict: table of internal parameters
DDPARLIST Control structure for outputting parameter values
DDPCH Physical Channel Info from the R3/Repos. - Standard Version
DDPRMASQUE DD: Mask for overlaying a log line
DDPRT Structure of ABAP/4 Dictionary logs
DDPRT_FRM Format Definitions for Printing Dictionary Objects
DDPRT_I Interface for ABAP/4 Dictionary logger
DDPRTENQ Control string: print lock objects
DDPRTGEN Interface: general print options
DDPRTLIST Input list for printing DD objects
DDPRTMC Control string: print option for matchcodes
DDPRTPARA Parameter for print editing
DDPRTSHLP Control string: print options for search helps
DDPRTTAB Control string: print options for tables
DDPRTVIEW Control string: print options for views
DDPRTXT R/3 DD: Log texts
DDREFTAB ABAP/4 D: Dependencies Sorted by Referenced Objects
DDSCR DD Interface: View of Field Attributes in the Nametab
DDSUX031L Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF
DDSYM10TAB Symbol table (CHAR10)
DDTABNAME Only table name
DDTBFDCHK Control String for Table Checks (Fields)
DDTBFKCHK Control String for Foreign Key Checks in Table Activator
DDTBHDCHK Control String for Table Checks (Header)
DDTBIXCHK Control String for the Index Checks
DDTEXTDATA Data cluster as text
DDUDMPAR Parameters for attribute maintenance / partial objects
DDUDT DD: Include for user, date, time
DDVACTION Structure for Distribution Actions
DECIDEINFO INFO string for function module DD_DECIDE
DIP02 Selection Parameters for SAP Tables
DMAGE Dependent tables for an ABAP/4 Dictionary object
DNTAB DD interface: nametab definition for GET_NAMETAB
FIELDSTRUC DB-relevant description of DD table fields
GMESS Generic message, reference structure
IDD02N Only table name
IDD03N Only field name
INFINDSTOR Index parameter for INFORMIX
INFIS Index Parameter for INFORMIX
INFTABSTOR Table Parameters for INFORMIX, Version 6
INFTS Table Parameters for INFORMIX, Version 6
LOGVERZ Structure for the logical directories
MAGE ABAP/4 Dictionary objects for mass generation
MESSID T100 message key without language field
ORAINDSTOR Index Parameters for ORACLE
ORAIS Table Parameters for ORACLE, Version 8
ORATABPAR Table Parameters for ORACLE, Version 8, Internal Represent.
ORATABSTI Table Parameters for ORACLE, Version 8, Internal Represent.
ORATABSTOR Table Parameters for ORACLE, Version 8
ORATS Table Parameters for ORACLE, Version 8
PARS Transfer parameters for conversion program
POPUPTEXT Texts for general popup
RSD01 R/3 DD: local fields for AD01
RSD02 R/3 DD: local fields for tables
RSD03 R/3 DD: local fields for table fields
RSD08 R/3 DD: local fields for AD08
RSD27 Local Fields for SAPMSD27
RSD28 Local Fields for SAPMSD28 (View Selection Conditions)
RSD33 R/3 DD: local fields for AD33
RSDAG Dynpro fields for SAPMSMSG
RSDC8 R/3 DD: local fields for AD08
RSDD7 Screen Structure for SE08 - Quantity Statistics
RSDEO Lock object structure for ABAP/4 Dictionary objects
RSDFS Description of the structure of the field DD05S-FORSTRING
RSDMG Internal structure of RDDMASG0
RSDOC R/3 DD: local fields for AD01
RSDOV R/3 DD: local fields for AD01
RSDSG Internal table for source generation of RDDSRCG0
RSDTB Help fields for tables manual
RSGTB Work fields for table utility screen
RSGTB1 Status Texts
RSRD1 Local structure for SAPMSRD1
RSRD2 Local structure for SAPMSRD2
RSRDD R/3 DD: local fields for data elements
RSTAZ Dynpro Fields for General Table Display
RSX02DB Non-DB-specific part of all DD02 tables
RSX12DB Non-DB-specific part of all DD12 tables
SPRWR Reference fields for logger PR_...
STORAGEPAR Fields for storage parameters in storage clauses
STORAGESRC Source hierarchy for storage structure
T100I Screen fields for message transaction
TTRANS Control String for Checks for Changing POOL/CLUSTER->TRANSP
X030L Nametab Header, Database Structure DDNTT
X031L Nametab Structure, Database Structure DDNTF


The package SDIC contains 90 programs.

DD_KEN_HELP_TYPES_GENERAL Show help objects from Info Repository
DD_KH_KONTEXT Display online docu (HTML Browser) for a context
DDDBGEN Tataf enhancement
RADBTDDO DD: Mass access to DD tables
RADCOPYO DD: Form for copying DD objects
RADCVBTC Report for Background Scheduling of Individual Conversions
RADDD03L Test: DD07T Activation
RADDD03Z Test: DD07T Activation
RADKERNL XPRA test for kernel tables
RD4CMPTB ABAP/4 Dictionary: Compare Program for Table Definitions
RDB00001 Test XPRA for D010SINF Index Cleaning
RDD02FR9 Read All Foreign Keys for a Table
RDD02SQ3 EXEC SQLs for ABAP Dictionary Tables
RDD06CHE Check Routines for Domain Values
RDD06KON Activate R/3 Table
RDD07CHK Check Routines for RDD01KO1 (Value Checks) Without Global Variables
RDD09CHE Check Routines for Activation Program 09
RDD12KON DB indexes
RDD17DAT ABAP Dictionary: Read/write index
RDD5PCRE Create View DD05P in the Database
RDD5QCRE Create View DD05Q in the Database
RDDBUFCR XPRA for Transfer of Buffer Info from DD02L to DD09L
RDDCLEAN Clean Up TBATG During Upgrade
RDDCRE09 Define Table DD09L in the Database
RDDDDATC TDDAT Analysis - Unassigned Authorizations
RDDDELJB Delete ABAP Dictionary Jobs
RDDDISTB 2.1 Comparator
RDDDISTR 3.0 Comparator
RDDDISTY 3.0 Comparator
RDDFIE00 DD Interface: View on Fields
RDDGENBB DD: Dispatcher for Converter and Distributor
RDDGT01 Functions for Table Activation Program and Database Utility
RDDMSGPR Print messages
RDDPRINT Print Program for ABAP Dictionary Objects
RDDPROCR Generate DD09L Entries
RDDPRSEL Create variants for printing DD objects
RDDSETFL Set LOCKFLAG from E071 for Tests of Mass Activation Program
RDDSQL01 AS400 DDIC: EXEC-SQL Accesses in External PERFORMs
RDDSRCG0 Generate Structure Description for Higher-Level Programming Language
RDDSTAT1 Statistics on ABAP/4 Dictionary Objects
RDDSTDO0 Control Program for RDDSTD01 for External PERFORMs on STDO Routines
RDDTABCP Data copier
RDDTOOLS List of Subroutines from 'Dangerous' Programs
RDDTPARA Copy the memory IDs (TPARA) to language-dependent table TPARAT
RDDU0001 Utility Routines for ABAP Dictionary
RDDXP001 XPRA for Setting Up DB View DD03M
RIFPRINT Print routines for interfaces
RSVRSDE1 Version Display for Data Elements
RSVRSDE2 Compare Versions: Data Elements
RSVRSDE3 Retrieve a Version of a Data Element
RSVRSDO1 Version Display for Domains
RSVRSDO2 Compare Versions: Domains
RSVRSDO3 Retrieve a Version of a Domain
RSVRSEN1 Display Versions: Lock Objects
RSVRSEN2 Compare Versions: Lock Objects
RSVRSEN3 Retrieve a Version of a Lock Object
RSVRSMC1 Display Versions: Matchcode Objects
RSVRSMC2 Compare Versions: Matchcode Objects
RSVRSMC3 Retrieve a Version of a Matchcode Object
RSVRSMI1 Display Versions: Matchcode IDs
RSVRSMI2 Compare Versions: Matchcode IDs
RSVRSMI3 Retrieve a Version of a Matchcode ID
RSVRSSQ1 Display Versions: Pools/Clusters
RSVRSSQ2 Compare Versions: Pools/Clusters
RSVRSSQ3 Retrieve a Version of a Table Pool/Cluster
RSVRSTB1 Version Display for Tables
RSVRSTB2 Compare Table Versions
RSVRSTB3 Retrieve a version of a table
RSVRSTT1 Display Versions: Technical Table Settings
RSVRSTT2 Compare Versions: Technical Table Settings
RSVRSTT3 Retrieve Version of Technical Table Settings
RSVRSVI1 Display Versions: Views
RSVRSVI2 Compare Versions: Views
RSVRSVI3 Retrieve a Version of a View
RSVTRXPR XPRA for Conversion of Pooled Tables (Prior. 1)
RUTUTCMP Test Program for Distributer
RWBPRINT Print routines for objects of the Workbench
SAPMS01W Fill Table T100X with Flag - Message after Authorization Check
SAPMSEDS DD_ Technical Settings Maintenance Transaction
SAPMSGTB Database Utilities for DD Tables
SDBXTEST Test of SDBx - Function Groups, Generating DDL
SINDXINF Program for Creating Database-Specific Indexes (Informix)
TESTK000 Display All Test Reports TESTKXXX
TESTK001 DD: Test
TIMESTMP Re-set Session Manager time stamp manually
XREPAPPL XPRA for Conditional Insertion of Storage Parameter Entries

Search Helps

The package SDIC contains 7 search helps.

DDPRT_VAR Search help for existing print variants
H_TAPPL Help view for application classes
H_TPARA Help view for parameter ID table (with short text)
T100AF4 Search help for T100A
T100F4 Search help for T100

Message Classes

The package SDIC contains 7 message classes.

44 Dictionary-Berechtigungsnachrichten
AD Arbeitsgebiet Data Dictionary
D0 Systemnahe Data Dictionary-Texte (z.B. Debugging)
D1 Nachrichten zu Datentypen
DA DD: Vergleicher, Verteiler, Timer, Instantiierer
DI Dictionary-Nachrichten: Bereich Indizes
GT Arbeitsgebiet DB-Utility