SAP Package SDFI

Repository Interface Reference Model

Technical Information

Package SDFI
Short Text Repository Interface Reference Model
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDFI is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDFI contains 4 function groups.

RPYW Wrapper for repository API
SF23 API between LM and R/3 parts of BE
SIBM Repository Infterface for Business-Nav.
SIBU Repository API Process Models - Update


The package SDFI contains 76 structures.

BMLMCONTX Assignments of IMG to Modelling Objects
BMLMCUSAH IMG acitvity attributes
BMLMCUSAL Country Assignments to IMG Activities
BMLMDF04L Functions and Processes
BMLMDF14L Application Components
BMLMDF14LS Application Components
BMLMDF17L Any Object
BMLMDF30S Usage Relations
BMLMDF33S Assignments of IMG to Modelling Objects
BMLMDF34S Documentation Assignments
BMLMDF50O IMG Selection
BMLMDF55L Variants
BMLMFVARS Global Function Variants
BMLMGF General Fields for LM interface
BMLMGMEM Members of groups
BMLMGRAO All of/one of group type
BMLMHIER Business Configurator Hierarchy
BMLMNAMES language dependant object names
BMLMOBJH Customizing Object Attributes
BMLMOBJSUB Übergabe der Subobjektattribute an IC
BMLMREQL Requires - links
BMLMROAD ASAP Road Map Element
BMLMSCPRAT Customizing Profile Attributes
BMLMSYNCH Synchronization list
BMLMTCUSP R/3-Customizing Project
BMLMTDEVC Developement Classes
BMLMTSTC SAP transaktion codes
RPYBM0130 Functions
RPYBM0131 Functions
RPYBM0330 Events
RPYBM0331 Events
RPYBM0430 Functions/Scenarios
RPYBM1130 Scenarios
RPYBM1230 Organizational Units
RPYBM1430 Components
RPYBM1530 Comunication flows
RPYBM1631 Groups
RPYBM4030 Model information
RPYBM4031 Model information
RPYBM4130 Nodes
RPYBM4131 Nodes
RPYBM4140 Business Object Models: nodes of a model
RPYBM4230 Lines
RPYBM4231 Lines
RPYBM4330 Linepoints
RPYBM4430 Hierarchy level
RPYBM4431 Hierarchy level
RPYBM4531 Group Contents
RPYBM5231 Filters
RPYBM5331 Variant context
RPYBM5431 Variant Contents
RPYBM5531 Variants
RPYBMDC30 Development classes (for F4-Help)
RPYBMER31 Error structure of repository interface
RPYBMFL31 Action log
RPYBMFT31 Functions with function type
RPYBMFW30 Values of CICO-mode
RPYBMGF Reference Model: Fields for Repository API
RPYBMGO31 Group occurrences
RPYBMHI30 Business Navigator hierarchy
RPYBMID30 Information flows
RPYBMIF30 Information objects of an information flow
RPYBMIO30 Input/Output Assignments
RPYBMNO30 Numbers for Business Navigator Objects
RPYBMOD31 Object-ID and Devclass
RPYBMOT30 Object names
RPYBMRL30 Function Assignments
RPYBMRL31 Function Assignments
RPYBMSO30 System Organizational Unit Assignments
RPYBOM140 Business Object Models: nodes of a model
RPYBOM240 Business Object Models: List of Application Components

Message Classes

The package SDFI contains 1 message classes.

S~ Repository API Business Navigator