SAP Package SDBT

ABAP Dictionary: Basic Tools

Technical Information

Package SDBT
Short Text ABAP Dictionary: Basic Tools
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDBT is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDBT contains 18 function groups.

0DDD Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
DDSCGEN Generation of Schemes
DDSCHEME Scheme Handling
SDAP DD-Application Program Interface
SDBT Basic Tools ABAP Dictionary
SDD4 Object-Type-Dependent DD->DB Operations
SDDE Calculate Dependents/Navigation
SDDG DD: Graph algorithms
SDDT ABAP Dictionary Tools and Utilities
SDEX DD: official external interfaces
SDFK Function modules for foreign keys
SDIB Bridge Functions for Type Group DDOBJ
SDIE Functions for Packing and Unpacking
SDIFRUNTIME Interfaces for Type Runtime Objects
SDPW Yet another protocol writer
SDS0 Mass Accessing
SDS1 Mass Accessing
SINT Short text

Database Tables

The package SDBT contains 4 database tables.

DDPART DD: Partitioned form of TBATG
DDPATH DD: Definition of access paths
DDPROF DD: Settings for DDIC programs
DDSERVPERF DD: Performance Key Figures of Server for Par. Execution


The package SDBT contains 82 structures.

DBCHKCNTRL Control string for DB-DD table checks
DBCHKPAR DB check (HELP structure)
DBIFCHKRES Structure for results of DB check for indexes (fields)
DBIHCHKRES Structure for results of DB check for indexes (header)
DBSPFLGS Storage, Maintenance Tree: Flags
DBSPHCOND Storage: Help Structure for Condition
DBSPHFLGS Storage: Help Structure for Flags
DBSPHTREE Storage: Help Structure for Maintenance Tree
DBSPTREE Storage, maintenance tree
DBSTPCNTRL Control String for Storage Parameters
DBTABCHK Control string for DB-DD table checks
DBTFCHKRES Structure for results of DB check for table fields
DCEXIXGET Control Structure for DD_EXIX_GET
DCFIELDDAT Structure for Describing a Field with Contents
DCFIELDINL Description of a field in a field list
DCMATCHCTR Field description for proposal for matching
DCMATCHRES Match between two fields
DCMESSAGE Structure for Storing a Message
DCOBACTDET Control string for actions of search help activator
DCOBJDEP Structure for describing a dependency in DDIC
DCSQLTGET Reference structure for DD_SQLT_GET
DCTBFDGET Control structure for DD_TBFD_GET
DDACTIONS DD: Structure for display ACTION -> text
DDATCHK Field structure for screen 100 RUTATCHK
DDBT_CFLD Description of a non-elementary component of a structure
DDBT_DATA Information about a component of a complex data object
DDBT_DATD Type for packing complex data
DDBT_FDDES Type and position of contents of a field
DDBT_FLD Information about an elementary component
DDBT_STDEF Description of a structured type
DDBTCMPTIT Column information for comparison of repeat groups
DDCLASSES DD: Structure for mapping CLASS -> text
DDCON Condition for IN operator
DDCONH Storage Parameter (condition)
DDDEPDESCR Internal Description of a Dependent Object
DDFIXVALUE Description of a Fixed Value
DDGR_NAME DD: Names of DD objects for graphic algorithms
DDGR_OBJ DD: Object lists for graphic algorithms
DDGR_REL DD: Relations list for graphic algorithms
DDGR_RELIX DD: Relation over object index for graphic algorithms
DDINDEX Information for indexes
DDLOGDEF DD: Formal definition of log and trace output
DDMESS Message in non-expanded form
DDMSG DD: Structure for Messages
DDMUTEX DD: Table for implementing reciprocal exclusions
DDNAMETAB Structure for Display Nametab
DDNTFLAG Structure for Explaining Nametab Flags
DDNTHEADER Structure for Nametab Header
DDOBJCLASS Classification of ABAP Dictionary objects
DDOBJCOST DD: Relative costs per DD object type
DDOBJPOS DD: Position of an object
DDOPER Lock arguments for DD processes
DDPARTKEY DD: Global attributes of table DDPART
DDPRH_ALV Structure for DDPRH for Display with ALV Grid
DDPRID DD: Representation of a list of log IDs
DDPRLOCK DD: Lock granularity for standard output
DDPROPVAL DD: Attribute value pairs
DDRANGE Reference structure for ranges in the ABAP Dictionary
DDREFSTRUC DD: General Reference Structure in ABAP Dictionary
DDRELTAB DD Dict.: structure for relations
DDSERVERIF DD: Info for Application Server for Parallel Processing
DDSEVMAP DD: Map severity for level/STDO
DDTEMPL DD: Structure for mapping SKIND -> text
DDTIMER DD: Basic tools, timer structure
DDTYPEDESC Description of an ABAP Dictionary Type
DEL_DEPTAB DD: Structure for where-used list for deletion functions
NTTABCHK Control string for NT DD table checks
PARCONTROL DD: Control Parameter for Parallel Execution
PARCTRLINT DD: Internal Check Parameter for Parallel Execution
SCCONTROL DD: Internal Control Structure for Schema Instatiator
SCDELIM DD: structure for delimiter in schemata
SCGPARSED DD: Structure for Parsed Schemas of a Program
SCINSTLINE DD: Long Row for Instantiating Schemas
SCMDELIM DD: structure for delimiter in schemata
SCMDELIMA Schema: Basic Delimiter (Redefinable)
SCMDELIMD Schema: Derived Delimiter
SCPARSED DD: Structure for Parsed Schemas
SCPREINST DD: Intermediate Form of Schema Instantiation
SCTMPLINE DD: Temporary, Short Line for Instantiating Schemas
TASKSIZE DD: Size for Tasks
TBATG_BODY DD: Local attributes of table TBATG


The package SDBT contains 48 programs.

MSRUTDBCHK1 DD: ABAP Dictionary/Database Consistency Check
RADBTCMP Basic Tools: Comparing Repetition Groups
RADBTCPY DD: Universal conversion
RADBTDAC DD: ABAP Open SQL Elementary Accesses
RADBTDE2 DD: Initialization Forms for the Navigator Paths
RADBTDLT DD: Generalized Delete Operations
RADBTFRA DDinternal: Basic Tool: Definition of Frames for List Output
RADBTITB DD: Int. Tables: COPY_TABLE, APPEND_TABLE, etc. (as report)
RADBTLOG DD: Standard log
RADBTMAP DD: Map initialization
RADBTMUT DD: Semaphores
RADBTOUT DD - Standard Output, External Version
RADBTPRT Diplay of Activation Log
RADBTSEL DD: Area Access to Tables (External Version)
RADBTTMR DD-Basic Tool: TIMER, Methods for Time Measurement
RADOBDEP Determine dependencies
RADPROTA Display Logs
RADPROTB Display Logs
RADTRACH Overview of Dictionary check
RADUTPAN DD: Utility for extracting key figures from logs
RADVVDE2 Version Display/Comparison of Data Elements
RADVVDO2 Version Display/Comparison of Domains
RADVVEN2 Version Display/Comparison for Lock Objects
RADVVIX2 Version display/index comparison
RADVVMC2 Version Display/Matchcode Object Comparison
RADVVMI2 Version Display/Matchcode ID Comparison
RADVVSQ2 Version Display/Phys. Pool/Cluster Comparison
RADVVTT2 Version Display/Techn. Settings Comparison
RADVVVI2 Version Display/Comparison for Views
RDDVIEWC Compare View Definition in ABAP Dictionary and Database
RDTCMPTB DD Tool for Comparing ABAP Dictionary/Database/Nametab
RUTALLDF DD: Analysis Tool: Dictionary Structure Display / Nametab / Database
RUTBTPA1 DD: Forms for parallelization
RUTBTPA2 Application server for parallel Dictionary programs
RUTCHECK DD: General Consistency Check
RUTCHKCO DD: Package Check in DDIC
RUTDBCHK DD: ABAP Dictionary/Database Consistency Check
RUTDBDSP DD: Display Database Object
RUTNTCHK DD: Consistency Check Between ABAP Dictionary and Runtime Object
RUTNTDEF DD Analysis Tool: Display of the Runtime Version (Nametab)
RUTNTDSP DD: Display Runtime Object
RUTRECON Reconstructs the Active Nametab from the Database
RUTSPAR Storage parameters: (display and maintain)
SCHEME_TEST Schema: test instantiation
SDDBTSEL DD: Generalized selection operations (external version)

Search Helps

The package SDBT contains 10 search helps.

DD_CHECKTABLE Search for Possible Check Tables for a Domain
DD_DBTB_16 Search for Database Tables
DD_INCL_FOR_FIELD Search for a Type for Inclusion in a Structure
DD_INCL_FOR_FIELD_FLAT Search for a Type for Inclusion in a Database Table
DD_TABL_FD Search for Active Table Fields
DD_TYPE_FOR_FIELD Search for a Type for a Field
DD_TYPE_FOR_FIELD_ALL Search for a Type for a Field of a Structure
DD_TYPES_AND_CLIFS Search for Types, Classes and Interfaces
DD_TYPES_AND_IMPLEM_CLIFS Search for Types, Classes and Interfaces
DD_VIEW_16 Search for Database Tables