SAP Package SDBA

DBA: Database-Independent Code

Technical Information

Package SDBA
Short Text DBA: Database-Independent Code
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDBA is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Function Groups

The package SDBA contains 4 function groups.

SDBA DB-Independent DBA Function Modules
SDBS DB Statistics and DBSTATC Maintenance
SRZL Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)
SSHO All DB-independent functions


The package SDBA contains 10 transactions.

DB12 DBA Backup Logs
DB13 DBA Planning Calendar
DB13C Central DBA Planning Calendar
DB14 Display DBA Operation Logs
DB16 Display DB Check Results
DB17 Configure DB Check
DB20 Update DB Statistics
DB21 Configure DB Statistics
DB24 Administrative Database Operations
DBCO Database Connection Maintenance

Database Tables

The package SDBA contains 22 database tables.

DBABARL Data Backup - Data Recovery
DBACUST Tool-Specific Settings for DB24
DBAERR Look-Up Table for Database Operation Errors
DBAEXTL Memory Space Changes
DBAFID Look-Up Table for Database Operations
DBAFIZ General information (n:1)
DBAGRP Lookup Table Operation Group Tables
DBAML Job / Job Step Utility View
DBAOBJL Object Status
DBAOPTL DB Optimization - Table Statistics
DBAPHAL Object Status
DBARCL Sub-operations
DBAREOL Reorganization
DBATID Lookup Table for Database Tasks
DBATL Central Task / Job Information
DBATRIAL Look-Up Tables for Database Sub-Operations
DBSTATC Configuration of Statistics Creation
DBSTATS Control for Application Monitor and CBO: Setup
DBTMPORA DB Optimizer Control (Statistics Creation)
SDBAC DBA Action Table
SDBAP DBA Planning Table
SDBAR DBA Resource Table


The package SDBA contains 1 views.



The package SDBA contains 27 structures.

SDBA_LIST General Structure for DBA List Output
SDBA_TLIST General Structure for DBA List Output
SDBABI Internal Table for DBA Scheduling
SDBADS Shadow Structure for SDBAD Table
SDBAFIELDS Structure for Database-Independent Fields
SDBAHI Internal Table for Results of DBA Scheduling
SDBAHS Shadow Structure for Table SDBAH
SDBAILIST INTTAB for a List with Long Lines of Text
SDBAIVQ INTTAB for query which volumes are needed for backup
SDBALG Structure for Log File Parameters
SDBALIST General Structure for DBA List Output
SDBASI Internal Table for SAP Systems with DBA Scheduling
SDBAVW Structure for XDB Log Viewer
SDBCUST Tool-Specific Settings for DB24
SXDBDTL Structure to Select All Details for a DBAML Key
SXDBENV Settings for Displaying SDB Tables
SXDBINCO Description of Inconsistent XDB Entries
SXDBMD XDB: Main Data Structure
SXDBOB Structure for Mapping XDB Object Level
SXDBOBJ Structure for Selecting All Objects of a DBAML Key
SXDBPH Structure for Mapping XDB Phase Level
SXDBPHL Structure to Select All Phases of a DBAOBJL Key
SXDBSU Structure to Map the XDB Step Utility Level
SXDBTJ Structure to Map the Task Job Level of the XDB Interface
SXDBTJSM Combined Task XDB Information
TAB_LIST Table List
TABSDETTC Structure of DB-Statistics data for CCMS-Arch Link


The package SDBA contains 18 programs.

RSDBA_COLLECT_DAILY Database independent frame for 'Database' daily collecting...
RSDBA_COLLECT_HOURLY Database independent frame for 'Database' hourly collecting...
RSDBA850 DBA Backup Logs
RSDBAADM Central DBA Planning Calendar
RSDBACBO Maintenance Transaction for Cost-Based Optimizer
RSDBACHECK1 Display DB Check Results
RSDBACHECK2 Configure DB Check
RSDBAJOB Report Scheduled as a Background Job to Start a DBA Action
RSDBAMON DB independent frame :DB tree for monitoring infrastructure
RSDBASHX Display DBA Operation Logs
RSDBCHKCONF Configure DB Check: Oracle
RSSQDADM Database Administration and Backup Planning for Adabas
RSXDB_24 CCMS: Central Logging of All DBA Actions Using XDB-IF
SAPMSTRD Output the number of tuples of table according to statistics

Search Helps

The package SDBA contains 2 search helps.

SDBCUST_F4 Change Tool-Specific Settings
SDBCUST_F4S Collective Search Help for DBAERR

Message Classes

The package SDBA contains 2 message classes.

DR Für Entwicklungsklassen SDBA und DB-abhängige SDBO, SDBI...
Q2 Nachrichten zur Entwicklungsklasse SDBO und SDBA