SAP Package SDB6

Porting: DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows

Technical Information

Package SDB6
Short Text Porting: DB2 UDB for UNIX and Windows
Parent Package BASIS

Package Contents

The package SDB6 is a normal package. It contains the following embedded packages and dictionary objects.

Database Tables

The package SDB6 contains 5 database tables.

DD02DB6 DB6: Table Parameters for DB2 Version 2
DD12DB6 DB6: Index Parameters for DB2 Universal Database Version 2
IADB6 DB6: Table Type -> Index for DB2 Universal Database
TADB6 DB6: Current DB2 UDB Tablespaces (Mapp.: Table Type->Table C
TSDB6 DB6: Table With Tablespaces Allowed for DB2 Universal Databa


The package SDB6 contains 1 structures.

DB6TS DB6: Table Parameters


The package SDB6 contains 3 programs.

SDB1FDB6 FORMs for Catalog Queries on DB2 Universal Database
SDB2FDB6 Catalog Modifications for DB2 Universal Database
SSTEXDB6 Final Assembly: Generate Statistics Script for DB2 Universal Database